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Top 8 Ninh Binh Caves Must-visit 2024

January 02, 2024 - 3429 views

Ninh Binh Province has had its reputation for tourism and culture. The landscapes are in harmony with the color in nature given by the Creation. Above all, many sanctuaries offer abundant Ninh Binh grottoes which make it unique and exotic from the others. If you are an avid traveler, don’t miss following the top 8 must-see Ninh Binh caves.

Top 8 Ninh Binh Caves must-visit

Nowhere may you feel the magic and rustic as in Ninh Binh or even its raw beauty can beyond your wildest dreams. The charming land provides an array of Ninh Binh caves with fanciful stalactites, emerald lakes, and many more exotic things. In other words, these destinations also bring great benefits to various fields. Each and every grotto exudes its value and promisingly brings a smile to tourists’ faces.

1. Mua Cave

Being one of the Trang An Word Heritage Sites, Mua Cave deserves its reputation and legend. It is the terrain that makes Mua Cave become more attractive and astonishing. This tourism destination is well located on Ngoa Long Mountain, which is a verdant long one. Seen from afar, Ngoa Long Mountain resembles a big dragon reigning in the dark green forest.

These rocky mountains are covered in lush green vegetation all year round, hence the atmosphere is always pure and mild. The temperate climate and vast forests provide a rich habitat for a variety of wildlife fauna and floral. Plants and animals co-exist under the same roof of Mua Cave to create an abundant ecosystem catching tons of customer’s eyes. 

Mua Cave Viewpoint in Ninh Binh

Mua Cave View Point in Ninh Binh

A wide range of weird creatures and plants, such as birds, parrots, or orchids place a high value on both economy and tourism. Mua Cave is a masterpiece from the God Creator which is a breath-taking mixture of natural hues. Bluish clouds, aquamarine lakes, bottle-green vegetations, or even whitish flowering plants also contribute to the imposing, but poetic wild picture.

The top of Ngoa Long Mountain will be the number one position for visitors to behold landscapes around the destination. Standing on the highest point of Ninh Binh Cave, tourists have a nice chance to experience little subtle things on which they focus once in a blue moon. The tourist attraction is a stone’s throw away from Hanoi City to contemplate such tranquil and charming scenery.

Dragon Statue on top of Mua Cave

Dragon Statue on top of Mua Cave

Mua Cave is a home to someone who yearns to escape from the overcrowding or stress from their works. Two places of interest that you shouldn’t miss are rice paddy and lotus pond. Rice paddy is extremely vivid in the harvest time making visitors can not resist taking out their cameras to snaps cool photos. The yellow rice paddy which stretches widely to the root of the mountain is in a harmony with the green color of grass. While the lotus pond is filled with gentle pink petals swaying in the breeze. If you drop in this site, then you may feel as if you went astray in a dreamy land. The lotus momentary scenery helps us know how to value and treasure our life. Tourists setting their foot here rush taking photos, recording moments because lotus seasons only take place shortly.


2. Tam Coc Bich Dong

Tam Coc destination attracts a lot of domestic and foreign tourists in four seasons. Despite years by years, this one still keeps its raw beauty as if it was not untouched by anyone. It takes an ample opportunity for mingling in the rustic and pristine landscape. Vast apricot rice fields are akin to large splendid carpets standing out in the mountainous areas.

Visitors not only take a chance to explore its glamorous beauty but also listen to mighty historical stories dating back centuries on the boat trip along the Ngo Dong River. A great number of people in the country call at this Ninh Binh Cave after their therapy to recover and relax. Immediately, the bird’s songs and fragrances of lotus flowers and wild plants can dispel any stress and nervousness. 

Tam Coc in Ninh Binh

Tam Coc in Ninh Binh

If you are an art and nature lover, you might think that nowhere will you find as perfect as in this destination to create your works. Besides, the grottos offer an extravagant collection of exotic stalactites above falling down. The mysterious colors of stalactites mix well with natural hues to create a “lovingly poetic cave”.


3. Buddha Cave

If you set foot in Ninh Binh Province, don’t miss exploring Ninh Binh Caves in general and Buddha Cave in specific. Buddha Cave, a two-meter wide cave, is well-known for its hidden beauty, which has caught millions of hearts from visitors in domestic as well foreign countries.

Calling at this Buddha Cave, tourists will get a bite at the cherry to mingle themselves in a quiet and tranquil space for relaxation and enjoyment. It also reflects a “secluded life” with no stress, no tension, no competition, but free and easy.

Bai DInh Pagoda

Buddhist  Pagoda


4. Galaxy Grotto

Galaxy Grotto provides visitors a fanciful beauty to behold and enjoy. It is tricky to describe how glamorous the grotto is. The sparkling stalactites look like millions of magnificent lights falling down from the sky to highlight the dark grotto. If you drop in here in the summertime, don’t worry because the temperature in the grotto is pleasantly cool.

Galaxy Grotto - Cave in Ninh Binh

Galaxy Grotto in Ninh Binh

Galaxy is the home to a ton of bats and the rare others, making the tourist attraction different from some places. Archaeologists found an array of vestiges of Vietnamese people in the past along with their living tools. Besides animal bones, pieces of brocade were excavated to prove the development ago.


5. Mermaid Cave

Mermaid Cave in which a mermaid statue was placed is a natural grotto. All settings are simple and natural except the mermaid statue. The best time to visit Mermail Cave is on calendar months including March, April, and May. Although it is still a dry season, the temperature is really comfortable and mild for all visitors to wander.

Mermaid Cave

Mermaid Cave in Ninh Binh

Unlike the other lush and green landscapes, tourists will use boats made of bamboo. An array of bamboo boat side by side creates a line bobbing up and down on the river. This fanciful splendid Ninh Binh Cave also offers a lot of naturally colorful fish to contemplate. Seeing them swimming gently for while, you will find how perfect and excellent our life.


6. Am Tien Cave

If you desire to mingle in the charming and simple scenery, then drop in Am Tien Cave. Am Tien Cave has been highly appreciated owning the unique beauty that someone may not find out in other destinations. Viewed from above by Flycam App, this site looks like an emerald pearl in the verdant mountain area.

The tourist attraction is attached to many glorious pages of history from the beginning of the country. Many tourists are into strolling around the cave and enjoying the antique ambiance. Am Tien Cave is suggestive of meditation because of its quietness and tranquility.

Am Tien CaveAm Tien Cave in Ninh Binh

Primrose mosses and dark green vegetations give ranges of rocky mountains a thriving thick coat. There is a turquoise lake fascinating a ton of tourists circled by mountains. The water is clear and pure enough for you to see the world of colorful algae at the bottom.

The landscape is adorned with charm and mystery thanks to these ever-green algae. Following a way paved with smooth brick, visitors will take a chance to wallow in the fresh ambiance of big trees. Taking a walk along the way for the feeling towards a paradise on earth.


7. Ma Tien Cave

Ma Tien Cave situated on Ma Tien Mountain provides stunning scenery to behold. The sanctuary is considered a useful destination for outdoor activities including going camping, hunting, sailboarding, and many more.

Each and every setting of the sanctuary exudes simplicity, but enough subtlety. Blocks of unevenly humungous rocks are loaded with a curiosity that hastens visitors to pull over. A great number of tourists indulge in snapping photos with mossy blocks.

Ma Tien Cave

The entrance to Ma Tien Cave

If you are busy working on weekdays, then spend your weekends exploring interesting things here to relax and refresh. Besides outside activities, you can enjoy your solitude in the deep forest with lush plants and vegetation as well.


8. Trang An Grottoes

Trang An offers a breath-taking view with emerald green lakes, rivers, pure streams, twisty mountains, above all grottoes. Anyone setting their foot here got surprised by the huge amounts of grottoes. Each and every grotto owns its unique name and beauty instead.

Trang An Grottoes - Caves in Ninh Binh

Boating through Trang An Grottoes

Strikingly, when you go inside these grottoes, sparkling stalactites are in front of your eyes. Instead of reaching on foot as in the other grottoes, you will travel by wooden boat to explore the biological diversity. Bobbing in boats along the poetic river, you will feel explicitly the coolness diffusing from the inside of grottoes. The curious and uncultivated things here will give you a sense of triumph after your trip.


Ninh Binh Caves has become partly “the soul” of Ninh Binh Province in specific and Vietnam in general. Not only do they provide pristine landscapes but also the value of biodiversity. Moreover, grottoes help tourists date back to the ancient and glorious stories of the past. Eager to come and visit one of these caves, join BestPrice Travel small group tours to Ninh Binh, and received more than just travel memories. 

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