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Phu Quoc weather in September: Temperature & Things to do

December 21, 2022 - 1165 views

September is considered one of the ideal times for traveling to many places in Phu Quoc in general. This is the end of the rainy season, and you not only admire the natural scenery with many beautiful scenes but also enjoy the specialties of this land. For more information about Phu Quoc weather in September, keep reading the below article.

Phu Quoc weather in September overview

September is still in the rainy season so the weather of Phu Quoc this time is cool with high humidity of about 85%. The amount of rain is large with an average of 257mm of precipitation and 17 rainy days. The temperature is about 25°C - 30°C.

Traveling this time you can enjoy an interesting experience like a farmer at a pepper garden, cultivate, and fertilize pepper plant. Besides, you can enjoy the unique beauty of the island, be immersed in a peaceful space. Moreover, the services and hotel room rates are also lower than in other months.

Min Temperature        25°C     Precipitation     257mm
Max Temperature        30°C    Rainy Days      17 days
Humidity           85%   Sunshine Hours           8 hours


Phu Quoc weather in September


Things to do and events in Phu Quoc in September

Visit Phu Quoc pepper farm

September is the pepper harvest season in Phu Quoc, so you will have the opportunity to become a real farmer, take care of pepper trees, harvest, and enjoy pepper yourself. There are many pepper farms in Phu Quoc that you can visit such as  Ganh Gio hamlet, Suoi Da hamlet, Suoi May hamlet, and Khu Tuong hamlet. The most famous Phu Quoc pepper farm is Khu Tuong on the North Island. They plant two main pepper breeds which are Ha Tien and Phu Quoc. Ha Tien breed having large pepper leaves and the Phu Quoc breed having small pepper leaves. Visiting the farm, do not forget to take unique photos with the pepper trees, and bring some pepper home to your friends.

Phu Quoc pepper garden

Phu Quoc pepper garden


Enjoy delicious specialty

Visiting Phu Quoc in September, do not miss your chance to taste delicious seafood here. There are many dishes in Phu Quoc made from seafood that you should not miss such as Raw herring salad, Echinus, Shrimp Noodle, Grilled Trachuru, Slipper lobster, Ham Ninh Flower Crab, Fried squid with fish sauce, Snails …Besides, melaleuca mushroom is a must-try in Phu Quoc in September. This mushroom has a beautiful color, a characteristic bitter taste, but a sweet and cool taste. When in Phu Quoc in September, you can enjoy stir-fried mushrooms, mushroom soup, or mushroom porridge. Imagine on a rainy day that you can enjoy seafood melaleuca mushroom soup, nothing is better than that.

Taste Phu Quoc street food at the Night Market

Taste Phu Quoc street food at the Night Market


Visit Phu Quoc prison

When on Phu Quoc island in September, do not miss Phu Quoc Prison or Coconut Tree Prison, which is one of the most important historical destinations in Vietnam. The prison represents a dark time in the country’s history. The prison was built by the French then used by Americans during Vietnam-America War. It was used to confine and torture more than 40,000 North Vietnamese soldiers. Now you can find many pieces of evidence of the crimes against human rights of USA troops.

Some brutal punishments in Phu Quoc Prison

Some brutal punishments in Phu Quoc Prison


Tips for traveling in Phu Quoc in September

  • Phu Quoc in September is still in the rainy season, so do not forget to check the weather forecast regularly to arrange a reasonable schedule.
  • You had better bring bug spray, mosquitoes because, after the rain, the wet weather is a great condition for insects to develop.
  • Prepare an umbrella and a raincoat in case it rains

In general, visiting Phu Quoc in September, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the island, get the advantage of the low price in the off-peak season. It is highly recommended to book the Phu Quoc tour in advance to get the best price. 

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