Rafting in Vietnam: Wonderful Adventure Experience [Never Miss]

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This is not the first time I heard about whitewater rafting, however, it is a quite new sport game in Vietnam. If you are fond of challenging yourself and desiring to challenge your friends, follow my guideline for a whitewater rafting Vietnam trip.

Nha Trang and Da Lat are the best places for whitewater rafting in Vietnam. They both are located in the southern middle of Vietnam and very famous for their beautiful landscape. Check out my article for further information. Firstly, we discuss the reasons why we should do rafting here.

Reasons to do whitewater rafting in Vietnam

Alluring and wonderful sceneries for river rafting

Vietnam is like a charming girl, who is always smiling and welcoming the guests from all over the world and, as the local people said that is a hidden beauty, you must explore it when the chance is in your hand. Rafting tour in Vietnam will make the guests pass through the challenging rivers and you will be able to do it by enjoying the scenery along the way and visit the local restaurant as well as the farms there.


Beautiful weather for a Vietnam rafting trip

Our country is a tropical nation, which makes a result as it rains a lot. Therefore, a great number of rapids are created, challenging you to pass and overcoming your limitations. After rain, it is very sunny and hot and it’s time for us to pack our back and go. Besides, the winter is only in the north of Vietnam, which lasts for 3 months only, there are 2 seasons in the south, which are hot and hotter season.

Beautiful weather for rafting in Vietnam

Beautiful weather for rafting in Vietnam


Warm, friendly, professional tour guide and services

Whitewater rafting needs an experienced tour guide who can manage, support and watch for your group and deal with the unexpected things in your Vietnam rafting trip. With a smile as always, the Vietnamese tour guides are good at swimming and well trained to be willing to help you at any time. Surely, you will learn new skills and get a lot of knowledge of locals and Vietnam rafting through their story along the trip. Let’s be a good student to study new things or tell other people how to do it if you know it well.


Big exercises, ultimate experiences and unforgettable memories in your Vietnam river rafting journey

The rapids will be continuous in your trip with different levels from Class 1 to Class 4, requiring your teamwork and your little own skills. What’s next! It is totally funny, satisfactory and enjoyable after you and your friends achieve your success in passing all the levels of rapids. What’s more! It is an optional choice of jumping from the top of a rock cliff (6 – 11 m high). What a challenge! You are not compulsory to do it but are you sure if you will have the second chance in your lifetime to finish this epic mission!

Amazing experience for rafting in Vietnam

Amazing experience for rafting in Vietnam


I list the difficulty levels from class 1 to class 6 below for your further information. The rapids of rafting in Vietnam range from class 1 to 4.

  • Class 1: Very small rough areas, might require slight manoeuvring. (Skill level: Very basic)
  • Class 2: Some rough water, maybe some rocks, might require some manoeuvring. (Skill level: Basic paddling skill)
  • Class 3: Small waves, maybe a small drop, but no considerable danger. May require significant manoeuvring. (Skill level: Some experience in rafting)
  • Class 4: Whitewater, medium waves, maybe rocks, maybe a considerable drop, sharp manoeuvres may be needed. (Skill level: Exceptional rafting experience)
  • Class 5: Whitewater, large waves, large volume, the possibility of large rocks and hazards, the possibility of a large drop, requires precise manoeuvring. (Skill level: Full mastery of rafting)
  • Class 6: considered to be so dangerous that they are effectively unnavigable on a reliably safe basis. Rafters can expect to encounter substantial whitewater, huge waves, huge rocks and hazards, and/or substantial drops that will impart severe impacts beyond the structural capacities and impact ratings of almost all rafting equipment. Traversing a Class 6 rapid has a dramatically increased likelihood of ending in serious injury or death compared to lesser classes. (Skill level: Full mastery of rafting, and even then it may not be safe).

Best places to do rafting in Vietnam

1. Rafting in Da Lat

Da Lat is not coastal but it attracts tourists in its own way as a City of flowers and 4 seasons in a day. Many people compared it to Sapa for its beauty and pure atmosphere. Da Lat is on the Lam Vien highland and it is famous for both its beauty and places for adventure games.

If you are a game lover, you should not miss the rainy season in Da Lat (April to September), which is the right time for whitewater rafting. Almost all the tours of river rafting in Da Lat will lead you to conquer Da Don River (Da means river while Don is big in the local language), where you meet 11 rapids, which are from Class 2 to 4! Besides, 6 m and 11 m high rock cliffs are waiting for you. You are not required to be a professional player, just to be yourself, you are able to pass all the challenges.

After finishing the rafting trip, you will experience exploring the local village to understand the life of locals and have unforgettable dishes. Traditional Silk Factory, Minority Village, Elephant Waterfall, Coffee plantations, weasel coffee farm. Remember these beauties for your next trip.

Rafting in Da Lat

Rafting in Da Lat

The highlight of whitewater rafting in Da Lat

  • Take control of 11 difficult rapids
  • Explore and achieve the panorama view of a beautiful mountain
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of peaceful local villages and try the special cuisine
  • Make great teamwork, make new friends and overcome your own limits


2. Rafting Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city and capital of Khanh Hoa Province, on the south-central coast of Vietnam. It is well known for both its beautiful beaches, food and warming people and a place for whitewater rafting because of its typically tropical wet and dry climate. It heavily rains from September to December and on these months, the rainy days are from 14 – 16 days for each, which is the perfect time for your rafting here.

Your rafting trip will begin at the starting point at Cai River, passing 6 rapids and a small fall in 8 km. You have a chance to enjoy BBQ on the riverbank and visit the local garden for fresh local fruits. Let’s blend with nature and forget your business at work.

Rafting in Nha Trang

Rafting in Nha Trang


The highlight of whitewater rafting in Nha Trang

  • Go rafting 8 km along the river
  • Enjoy tropical fruits
  • Enjoy BBQ lunch on the riverside with beers
  • Make great teamwork, make new friends and overcome your own limits

River rafting tour in Vietnam

Booking a whitewater rafting tour with a travel agency ensures your safety and a professional itinerary with an experienced tour guide. Let’s have a look at the possible options for rafting trips in Nha Trang and Da Lat.

Whitewater rafting Da Lat itinerary

7:30: Pick you up at your hotel and move to the starting point.

9:00: Arrive starting point, listen about safety, brief instruction and paddling techniques. After some training processes, you start river rafting.

12:30: Stop for a lunch with beer, relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere then drive back to Da Lat.

14:30: Visit local places to explore more about the life of people who live here such as Traditional Silk Factory, Minority Village, Elephant Waterfall, Coffee plantations, weasel coffee farm. After finishing this short trip, we drive back to Da Lat.

16:30 Drop off at your hotel.


Whitewater rafting itinerary for Nha Trang

9:00: Pick you up at your hotel and move to the starting point.

10.00: Arrive starting point, listen to a brief introduction and start river rafting.

11.00: Visit the fruit garden.

12.00: Stop for a BBQ lunch with beer and relaxing.

13.30: Continue rafting along the river.

15.00: Return to the Nha Trang city.

16.00 Drop off at your hotel.

Useful tips for your river rafting Vietnam trip

  • You should check the weather because a river rafting tour in Vietnam only works well for rainy reasons.
  • You should listen carefully to what the tour guide told you. He is local and he knows what is best for your trip.
  • You should prepare your energy and your team. Knowing how to swim is required to join this wonderful activity
  • You should prepare swimming suits/ shorts, a hat, sunscreen, water-proof shoes and a camera and a set of dry clothes for a comfortable trip.
  • You should book your Vietnam rafting trip with a travel agency for the best services and a safe and unforgettable trip.

I hope my information helps you somehow to enjoy a beautiful whitewater rafting trip in Vietnam. Check with me for more information and reserve your trip with BestPrice Travel for your great deals today.

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