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Refresh on Beautiful Beaches Vacation in Vietnam

August 26, 2022 - 4259 views

One of the Far East’s most fabled destinations, Vietnam is renowned for the metropolitan rivals of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City – but is also increasingly equipped with luxury beach resorts. Let's enjoy your wonderful Vietnam Beach Vacation.

The best beaches in Vietnam can be found all along its coastline, and since Vietnam owns more than 3400km of coastline, we would say there are plenty of choices for wonderful beach vacations to choose from! You will find infinite stretches of warm blue waters, fine sandy beaches, hidden coves, lovely lagoons, and tropical islands that are ringed with even more beaches.

Although Vietnam has a temperamental climate that inundates the country with plenty of rain that does not mean that there are not beautiful beaches to enjoy. You just need to know when to go!

Vietnam's idyllic tropical beaches have long been a favorite amongst locals and intrepid travelers. While there are plenty of well-appointed resorts, adventurers can find welcoming budget bungalows and even some unassuming beach towns still untouched by developers.

1. Vietnam Beach Vacation on Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Phu Quoc Island

Located off the west coast of the Mekong Delta, Phu Quoc Island is home to some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful beaches. Phu Quoc Island is known as “Pearl Island” which is the biggest island in Vietnam. The diverse topography is made up of national forest land, pepper plantations, and sprawling white-sand beaches. The island still maintains some of its untouched charm with dirt roads, quiet shores, and limited tourist services. The most developed beach area is along Long Beach with large resorts and great budget options.

Ideal Beach on Phu Quoc Island - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Ideal Beach on Phu Quoc Island

Bai Sao on the south of the island might be tricky to get to – ask an ever-friendly local – but the isolation of this tropical treat is exactly what makes it worth the trip. Add to the island’s blindingly beautiful beaches some of its stonking seafood – with Phu Quoc’s famous fermented fish sauce – and you will have a seriously scrumptious beach break. Phu Quoc can be reached by air or by ferry.

2. Beach Vacation in Nha Trang Vietnam

Nha Trang - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Nha Trang

Located in Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang is known as the premier beach capital of Vietnam thanks to its endless days of sunshine. This international beach destination has clean, clear water, and excellent diving conditions, and it has a great reputation for having some truly spectacular party boat cruises. 

During the summer, Nha Trang gets quite crowded with tourists who come for stunning views, beautiful new resorts, and superb seafood. Nha Trang is also the gateway to a number of island getaways within the area, with trips to its outlying islands being some of the most popular activities with visitors. Boat trips are perhaps the number one tourist activity in Nha Trang. Most of them offer a full day of scenic viewing along with home-cooked meals and loads of ice-cold beer.

On the Beach - Vietnam Beach Vacation

On the Beach

Overlooking the harbor in Nha Trang, you will find the Cham temples. The temples are popular sightseeing attractions, so they are very crowded. The view of the harbor with its blue water and colorful fishing boats more than makes up for the hustle-bustle atmosphere of the temples.

Nha Trang’s other claim to fame is being the number one spot in Vietnam for diving. There are numerous dive shops in the area where you can become PADI-certified. Snorkeling and diving trips are reasonably priced and come highly recommended by most divers who have been to the area. There are diving packages for both novice and experienced divers.

3. Halong Bay Vietnam Vacation

Halong Bay - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Halong Bay

Halong Bay is best known for its towering limestone outcroppings rising out of the sea, stunning sunsets, and authentic junk boat tours. It is not a place that one would naturally think of when looking for a beach vacation in Vietnam, but you will probably be surprised to learn that Halong Bay has several small beaches that will simply blow your mind away. 


Dining on the beach at Lan Ha Bay - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Dining on the beach at Lan Ha Bay

Saying that decent beaches are far from plentiful. But nestled in the surrounding Cat Ba National Park and a half-hour boat ride from its main, eponymous island is little Lan Ha Bay. More than 130 bijou beaches dust the island, most of them too tiny to be weighed down by an official name. So take a kayak and paddle your way from one nameless speck of sand to the next, and claim each one as your own.

4. Beach vacation at Con Dao Island Vietnam

Con Dao Island - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Con Dao Island

One of the most mysterious islands in the world, it is absolutely Con Dao which used to be “Hell on the Earth” and has been turning into a paradise nowadays. The islands have been protected from tourism because of their remote location, and because of this, you will find some of the most pristine beachfront properties in all of Vietnam. Going to the island, you may discover historic sites, enjoy delicious seafood, and relax on white-sand beaches. It is famous for crystal clear blue beaches and its marine creature. If you are keen on exploring “Hell on the Earth” and relaxing in Paradise, Con Dao Island should be the best choice for your journey.

5. Vietnam beach vacation in Mui Ne Beach

Any time of year, Mui Ne Bay in Southern Vietnam boasts hot, sunny weather, stunning landscape, and miles of fine white sand beaches. This beautiful resort area is famous for its gorgeous beach and sand dunes; world-class windsurfing and kite surfing.

Mui Ne Beach - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne, being in such close proximity to Ho Chi Minh City, attracts a lot of attention from residents looking to escape the city for a weekend of fun in the sun. Local attractions include a golf course designed by Nick Faldo, fishing villages, remote sand dunes, and fresh seafood.

Mui Ne is easily accessible by bus from Phan Thiet, while the bus from Ho Chi Minh City takes about three hours.

6. Enjoy Lang Co Beach Vacation Vietnam

Local fisherwomen at Lang Co Beach - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Local fisherwomen at Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach in Hue, since June of 2009, has become an official member of the “World’s most beautiful bays” club. Lang Co Beach is a sweeping expanse of sand good for dipping your toes and taking a rest. Lang Co is attached to a number of beautiful names by admiring tourists, some of which are “Beautiful lady of the fishing village”, “Greater beauty than picture”, and so forth. You will soon discover the names’ derivation once you have come here. Seen from above, Lang Co Beach looks like a picture of beautiful pristine nature. As you may know, Lang Co is famous for its magnificent natural landscapes surrounded by mountains, tropical jungles, and the boundless blue sea with waves coming to the immaculate sand.

7. Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An Vietnam Vacation

Cua Dai Beach - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai offers an unrivaled seaside escape from the ancient streets of Hoi An. This 3 km stretch of fine white powdery sands positioned just north-east of Hoi An to make Cua Dai Beach the perfect place to easily find your own patch of paradise. The water is very clear with tropically blue waves that are gentle enough for swimming and floating around. There are even changing huts on the beach along with a few bungalows here and there.

There are also plenty of great seafood restaurants located around the coast so it's worth staying for dinner and enjoying fresh dishes served up from the vendors lining the beachfront. Cham Island can be spotted in distance on a clear day with its willow trees providing shade to enjoy the view. It is nice to arrive at the beach at sunrise and watch the fishing boats cast away for the day selling their catch later to the restaurants and hawkers lining the beach.

There are a few water sports set up at the beach along with plenty of deckchairs, parasols, and even a lovely line of trees giving shade, so you do not need to worry about spending too long in the sun without being able to cool off. 

8. My Khe Beach is the best place for your vacation in Vietnam

My Khe Beach - Vietnam Beach Vacation

My Khe Beach

Just south of the city of Danang, My Khe beach, known as China Beach to foreigners, has a busy ex-pat scene and was the former recreation base for the US military during the war. Almost 50 years on and free from the shadows of one of Vietnam’s darkest periods, My Khe Beach is a place for glistening green waves and postcard-perfect soft sands. If you want to do a tad more than top up your tan, bring your board – the waves here pull surfers from around the world. The white sands are framed by natural pines and coconut palms, the perfect backdrop for a morning tai chi class or just lounging on the beach. If you love surfing, My Khe is your ideal choice, especially from September to December. The beach was the site of Vietnam’s first international surfing competition in 1992. There are also plenty of other activities to do in the area. Day trips from China Beach include Marble Mountain, My Son, and Hoi An.

9. Non Nuoc Beach, Danang

Non Nuoc Beach - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Non Nuoc Beach

Stretching to the foot of the majestic Marble Mountains and touching the shade of an age-old forest is Non-Nuoc Beach, one of the most stunning in the Danang coastline. It is a stretch of gently sloping sand where you can spend all day and night, safely sleeping beneath the jade branches of the native shrubbery once the sunsets. Amongst Non-Nuoc’s claims to fame is its rare seaweeds. Perhaps you can make a nice facemask while you are there.

10. Coto Island Vietnam 

Another little known is Co To Island that belongs to Quang Ninh province. As the truth, Co To is compared to heaven on the Earth. It is a hidden charm for visitors by pristine beaches with white sand and blue water. If you want to bring a surprise to your lover, a honeymoon in Co To will create your perfect plan. Do not miss enjoying a barbecue on the beach and see the sunset with a cocktail. 

Co To Island - Vietnam Beach Vacation

Co To Island

It will be taken tens of hours to reveal to you more about beaches in Vietnam which own their different beauty. Ending with those top 10 beaches above, it can be enough to inspire your thought about Vietnam. I hope you enjoy those little-known things that a local who has spent her time traveling in Vietnam shares.


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