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Sapa Foot Massage

September 30, 2020 - 590 views

What do you need after a long trekking day in Sapa? Are your feet tired? Foot massage seems like the perfect solution for your feet.

Sapa trekking is a must-do for most of the tourists when come and visit this small mountainous town. However, to enjoy the wonderful trip through golden terrace fields and rustic local ethnic hill tribes, your feet and legs have to work hard for many hours. As to take care of them after a long tiring trekking tour, a foot massage in Sapa cannot be missed, and hereby all you need to know about this amazing relaxed activity.

Overview of Foot Massage in Sapa

As to serve trekking tourists, there are many spa & massage centers opened in Sapa town center which provide not only the foot massage service but foot sauna, foot bath, body massage, sauna, herbal sauna, and Red Dao herbal bath. Besides the spa & massage centers, many hotels and restaurants in the town also have massage services at reasonable prices. Therefore, it is so easy to find a place to enjoy foot massage in Sapa.

Inside a foot massage in Sapa

Inside a foot massage in Sapa

On the other hand, while you can find a shop to try the foot massage easily in Sapa, the service quality among these centers is not the same as most of them are not professional centers, only opened as a tourism trend in the town, thus choosing the reputable shop for the best foot massage experience is quite hard. But the good news is you don’t need to care about the price of foot massage in anywhere in Sapa as the price range is not so wide, usually from US $4 (80,000 VND) to US $11 (250,000) depended on the duration of services (from 15 minutes to 60 minutes). You can also buy combo like foot bath + foot sauna + foot massage to give your feet a full treatment after a long day, it may cost about US $9 (200,000 VND) or a little more.

Functions of Sapa foot massage and foot bath

  • Warm-up the body, treat osteoarthritis pain, and increase blood circulation.
  • Remove toxins in the body through the pores.
  • Ease rheumatism, good for digestion, and strengthen vitality.
  • Help to sleep well and increase the body's resistance

Where to try foot massage?

  • Dao’s Center

Address: No.26 Dong Loi St., Sapa Town

Price: From US $4 (80,000 VND)

  • Sapa Green Hotel – Green Spa

Address: No.1 Hoang Lien St, Sapa Town

Price: From US $10 (200,000 VND)

  • Eden Massage & Spa

Address: No.8 Thac Bac St., Sapa Town

Price: From US $11 (250,000 VND)

  • Anh Thu Massage

Address: No.7 Thac Bac St, Sapa Town

Price: From US $11 (250,000 VND)

  • Black Rose Massage

Address: No.24A Cau May St., Sapa Town

Price: From US $6 (120,000 VND)

Tips and experience

  • Check and confirm the price & services carefully with the service staff before enjoying your foot massage.
  • Book before you come if you want to experience the foot massage in some popular spa & massage center like Sapa Green Hotel or Dao’s Center.
  • Avoid to experience if you have health issues such as Diabetes, Arthritis, Clogged Arteries, Pregnancy.
  • Don’t let your kids try foot massage, it may affect the development of them.
  • Only try the foot bath after eating about 1 hour and only experience in 15 – 20 minutes for the best of your health.

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