Best Attractions in Sapa

Sapa is lucky to have so many magnificent landscapes and favorable natural circumstances from the Motherland, making it a delightful gift for nature lovers. Sapa is Northwestern Vietnam's tourism hub, drawing incoming and outbound visitors.

As a result, many tourists may not know what to prioritize while deciding on Sapa sights. If you really care about our country, you should rely on our top places to visit above. 

1. Sapa Town Center 

Sapa town center is usually the first place welcoming you to Sapa. Because most hotels gather here with various types for your accommodation, the common itinerary in Sapa will have a starting point in the Sapa town center, then move to surrounding attractions. 

In the Sapa town center, you will have a closer look at locals' daily lives with a special traditional culture. You can visit Sapa's ancient church, an interesting highlight of this town built by the French in the 20th century and still preserved well now. 

Sapa town center

Sapa town center

2. Fansipan Mountain 

Fansipan Mountain is the main attraction of Sapa and travelers can't miss it. The highest peak in Vietnam and Indochina is Fansipan with a height of 3.143 meters high. 

Explore this peak in different ways. If you like adventure tourism, climb or trek to Fansipan mountain with several trips from specialist service providers or with your own group of experienced trekkers/climbers.

Cable cars are an easy way to appreciate this peak's stunning views. After stepping off the cable car, hike 600 feet to the summit, touch the landmark, and enter a cloudy wonderland.

Fansipan Peak

Fansipan Peak

3. Cat Cat Village

Eco-tourists love the Cat Cat community that tourism exploits this town systematically. It is unique because of its beautiful environment and quiet local life. The 19th-century Hmong community retains its charm and traditions. The villagers' honest features, dwellings, clothing, and agricultural activities reflect this historic beauty. 

Cat Cat Village

Cat Cat Village

4. Ta Phin Village

Besides Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village is another choice for those who love to explore the traditional culture of locals in Sapa. But while Cat Cat village is the habitat of the Hmong ethnic, Ta Phin is the one of Dao Do ethnic. That’s why there are some differences between them in structure, costume, festival, etc.

Arrive here; you will be impressed by many beautiful terraced fields surrounding ancient houses. 

Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin Village

5. Y Linh Ho Pass 

Y Linh Ho village is one of the three villages along Muong Hoa road. Y Linh Ho pass is the way to transfer from the Sapa town center to this beautiful village. 

On the way to Y Linh Ho Village

On the way to Y Linh Ho Village

6. Tram Ton Pass

Tram Ton pass is the highest road in Vietnam. It’s bendy and dangerous but also a place where you can enjoy marvelous landscapes like heaven. If you are interested in adventure tourism, driving on Tram Ton pass to the heaven gate is an activity you can’t miss on your Sapa trip.

Tram Ton Pass

Tram Ton Pass

7. Love Waterfall

Gold stream, Love waterfall flows over a steep mountain that is 100 meters in height. The flow of this waterfall looks like a conical hat with a vital ecosystem surrounding it, making it romantic and beautiful. 

Love Waterfall Sapa

Love Waterfall

8. Silver Waterfall

The silver waterfall has an imposing beauty with a height of 200 meters. The pure water of the Muong Hoa stream falling over a steep mountain makes this waterfall look like silver flowing from the mountain bed. It also explains the unique name of this waterfall.

Silver waterfall

Silver Waterfall Sapa

9. Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa valley is located in the Hau Thao commune. It’s a famous attraction with beautiful landscapes like heaven and has archaeological value with ancient rocky mountains. In this valley, you can enjoy almost all the special natural landscapes in Sapa with peaceful villages, terraced fields, mountains, hills, and at the same time the simple daily life of locals.

10. Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha market is not just a place for purchasing. The locals come here with beautiful clothes to go out or date after a hard-working week. Besides exploring traditional cultures in this market, you also can buy some useful products made by the skillful hands of the local workmen here. 

Bac Ha market

Bac Ha Market


Thanks to marvelous natural landscapes and the special traditional culture of ethnic minorities, Sapa is very appealing and worth being your next destination. Scroll down to get more details about other must-visit Sapa attractions.