South Vietnam Weather: Complete Guide

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Vietnam is a special country with 2000+ miles of coastline and three different weather systems. If you are considering a trip to the south and wondering when is the best time to visit, let's see detail about South Vietnam Weather in this article.

South Vietnam Weather Overview

The Vietnam weather in the South is characterized by tropical sub-equatorial climates with high temperature. The annual average temperature in South Vietnam is between 25°C and 35°C, the temperature difference between day and night is low. All year-round, the temperature of this region is high and the climate in this region has little change. The good point for tourists is that the South Vietnam weather is rarely affected by severe climatic phenomenon such as storms, northeast monsoon, flood...

There are two distinct seasons, rainy season focuses on from May to October with the average precipitation is about 2,335 mm and 189 days per year. But in general, the rain will normally be heavy and quick, and mostly be in the afternoon. The dry season will start from November to April next year. This is the ideal time to go to the South Vietnam area. Tourism in the southern provinces each season has its own characteristics and beauty, attracting the hearts of people.

South Vietnam Weather


Dry season

Lasting from November to April, the dry season is regarded as the best time to visit South Vietnam when the sun shines almost all day, the sky is blue, the colours are brilliant, the air is clear, the heat is dry, humidity is low, and temperatures in the mornings and evenings drop to pleasantly mild (even chilly) levels. With the relatively high temperature in Southern (up to 39°C) but low level of humidity, it is highly recommended that visit the region in late December, you can experience the atmosphere of the Christmas and New Year in Ho Chi Minh City.  The Lunar New Year or Tet (falling in early February) is also a good occasion for experiencing the spirit of the city during these special days.

Travelling this time, you can enjoy a delicious bowl of Hu Tieu on a small boat in Cai Rang floating market without worrying about any sudden rain. May to August is the harvest season of the fruit gardens of the Southwest area. Imagine you are walking in the orchard, enjoy freely "home-grown plants, fresh fruits directly taken from the tree" and immerse yourself in nature. It will be an indescribable feeling.

Dry season in south vietnam

Dry season in south vietnam


Rainy season

I can say that any time is a good time to visit South Vietnam. When most travellers tend to book their holidays out of the South rainy season, there are some good reasons to ‘get wet’ from downpours. You may relieve yourself from the scorching heat in the country where the rain can be a sight of absolute bliss. Even though you are not a rain lover, you can still find the ‘magic’ in the most arduous situations of this season. From enjoying the best landscapes with only a few visitors to finding the lowest accommodation prices, or some great deals of tour combos, you should take at least one trip while it’s raining and consider Vietnam as your destination of choice. Take a closer look at the rainy season in southern Vietnam and fun things to do while travelling.

A lot of foreigners when newly arrived in Ho Chi Minh city wonder why so many citizens here own a kayak or sup with paddles inside their houses, they must haven’t experienced the Vietnam rainy season. According to Ho Chi Minh city’s topography, the average elevation is 19 metres (62 ft) above sea level. This close distance to the sea explains why during this season, the heavy rain can easily cause floods all over the city, and our Vietnamese people enjoy that. We go out happily for rain bathing, swimming and kayaking. This can be a once in a lifetime moment that you should never miss. You see, the rainy season is also a good time to go to Vietnam. And don’t forget to bring raincoats and an umbrella with you, that’s necessary. 

Rainy season in south Vietnam

Rainy season in south Vietnam


South Vietnam Weather by month 

January: the average temperature is much warmer, at around 26°C, and the average humidity is around 60%, making it suitable for a beach vacation and for those who are looking for sunshine.

February: offers a great condition with a clear, sunny sky and warm seawater. The average temperature in Southern coastal cities in February is around 27°C and the humidity remains low, from around 48-69% keep it dry and comfy for outdoor activities.

March: the climate is in its best condition for the whole year. The temperature rises up to 36°C but does not get scared by the number. The low humidity, long hours of golden sunshine and occasional breeze all make great reasons to visit.

April: While winter is over in the North and Central area, South Vietnam soaks up the sunshine. The beach towns and coastal cities remain at their best. Vung Tau, for example, has an average temperature of 26°C - 30°C. Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta get higher temperatures, at an average of 31°C, and the heat won't reach a peak until a couple of months later.

May: If you consider a trip to the southern part of Vietnam, you cannot find a better time of the year than early-mid May. With a temperature range in the mid-30° Celsius, May is at a steady pace with April and June and you can tell little difference between these months. What’s best about May weather is the consistently low humidity of 60-70%: you won’t sweat as much as in the North and Central areas, the rain comes and goes in a flash.

June: the start of South Vietnam rainy season, the rain takes over more all over the South, and reaches a whopping average of 25 rain days as you make your landing in Saigon. Humidity is high, the average temperature is around 33°C, so expect to be sweaty if not getting wet by the rain.

July: one of those months that you can either hate or love it though the former seems more widely agreed on. The temperature stays in the low 30 and the humidity of 81% on average, the actual feel is the exact same. You can confidently walk outside any time of the day, just make sure to bring a poncho or umbrella to avoid getting wet. The rain can get more severe towards the end of the month when it gets to 35mm of precipitation on an average day.

August: peak rainy season, cooling down the heat at an average temperature of 27°C. Nevertheless, rains come and go very quickly, and will already disappear by the time you start contemplating going out. Regarding humidity, August is one of the warmest and rainiest months, the average humidity varies around 80%.

September: comfortable and consistent temperature of under 30°C but with 25 rain days. The good news is that the rain does not persist, and the next thing you know the sun is out and bright again before you even take out your umbrella.

October: If you want to avoid the rain almost entirely, head to South Vietnam in October as the entire region sees a dry and sunny season settling in. Accompanying it is the high UV level, so do prepare yourself with sunblock products like sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats to make the most out of your beach travel.

Oct is best time to enjoy nightlife in Saigon

Oct is best time to enjoy nightlife in Saigon


November: is the dry season of the South and beyond, with little rain and balmy weather, it’s perfect for outdoor trips. Stretches of stunning beaches in Mui Ne, Phu Quoc Island, Ho Tram, and Long Hai with plenty of sunshine are the top picks for beach lovers.

December: enters the most beautiful time of the year. The region is embraced with warm weather ranging between 23°C - 31°C. December is also in the middle of the dry season so there is very little rain if any. Bright days full of sunshine are galore so visitors can freely roam the region.


Generally, this is the most favourable weather region all over the country. No matter when you visit South Vietnam, we are sure that everything about this region will satisfy you, and give you unforgettable memories. The natural beauty, food, culture and people’s hospitality of the South Vietnam area keeps attracting more and more interest and love from people all over the world. Will you come and discover it yourself? Let's look at our South Vietnam tours and find the best one for you.

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