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The Opening of Van Don Airport – Save Travel Time, Enjoy More

May 09, 2023 - 1832 views

Looking to explore the stunning Halong Bay? Good news! The Van Don airport is set to open at the end of December 2016, making it easier than ever to reach this beautiful destination.

A New Choice for Transportation

For years, tourists who want to explore the new Wonder of the World have been having to catch a flight to Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) and sometimes Cat Bi International Airport (Hai Phong) then travel by car to reach the port and enjoy the cruise in the Bay. However, the opening of the Van Don Airport will give many travelers a better choice of transportation to reach their cruise.

Van Don International Airport (VDO) is Vietnam's premier privately operated airport catering to both domestic and international flights to and from Quang Ninh province. Its establishment has greatly reduced the traffic congestion at Noi Bai and Cat Bi international airports, making reaching the Halong Bay tourism hub easier. Opting for a flight directly to Van Don International Airport is, in fact, the fastest and most comfortable way to commence your holiday in Halong Bay and Halong city center.

Van Don Airport newly opened

Van Don Airport - a newbie in Vietnam's Aviation


The Advantages of Van Don Airport

Obviously, Noi Bai Airport with its international scale owns the highest number of domestic and international flights in the North of Vietnam, and Cat Bi International Airport is near the ports for cruising such as Got Ferry Port and Tuan Chau Port. But Van Don Airport still has its own advantages. Despite its scale being smaller than the above two airports and staying further from the ports than Cat Bi International Airport, Van Don still can assert its position.

Distance to Van Don Airport

City Distance Distance
Halong city 53 km 57 minutes
Tuan Chau Island 72 km 1 hour 6 minutes
Hai Phong city 98 km 1 hour 35 minutes
Cat Ba Island 109 km 1 hour 45 minutes
Hanoi 203 km 2 hours 50 minutes


Why Van Don Airport is a Considerable Choice for Tourists

  • Van Don International Airport has been sanctioned as a 4E-grade airport in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and as a level II military airport.
  • The airport complex spans a vast area of 345 hectares, with an overall investment capital of USD $32 million.
  • The terminal occupies an area of approximately 27,000 square meters and has separate sections for arrivals and departures.
  • There are 31 check-in counters and seven parking bays designated for Boeing 787 and Airbus 350.
  • The runway is furnished with an ILS Cat II flight guidance system, which enables aircraft to land safely even in adverse weather conditions.

So what makes Van Don Airport becomes a considerable choice for tourists? First of all, it is new and the airfare will be cheap. While Noi Bai is so far and Cat Bi has been used for decades and has to upgrade many times, Van Don is newly built and stays nearer to the ports than Noi Bai. Besides, as it has a smaller scale and owns high support from the head of Quang Ninh province and many huge investors, the airfare for flights from and to here will be competitively low.

Van Don Airport from above

Van Don Airport from above

In addition, Van Don Airport is a part of the Quang Ninh Province tourism development plan; therefore, it will be surrounded by a wide range of tourism services. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, casinos, etc. are promised to be fully available to serve the tourists here very soon. Along with the services, people cannot ignore tourist attractions and sightseeing activities around the Van Don area. According to the head pilot of a testing flight at Van Don Airport, the view from above here is so wonderful with the majestic picture from the blue sea, green mountains, and forests. And please, do not misunderstand that from Van Don, you only can enjoy the cruise on the Bay, Van Don is also the door to many lovely wild islands in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Modern Van Don Airport

Modern Van Don Airport


Flight Information

At present, there is only one flight route available at Van Don Airport: Ho Chi Minh City – Van Don (and return) and each way has one flight per day and in the afternoon. Despite the deficient number of flights, it directly benefits the vast number of tourists who arrive in Ho Chi Minh City and finish their Southern trip here, and then want to travel to Ha Long Bay right after that, and it's actually the common travel plan of many travelers. Each flight will have 184 seats and it is not a small number, the Cat Bi International Airport’s pressure will be decreased a little as it is packed with tourists at the moment.

Van Don International Airport offers both domestic and international flights and is serviced by major airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, Dong Hai Airlines, Qingdao Airlines, and VietJet Air.

  • Domestic flight routes include Van Don to Ho Chi Minh City and Van Don to Danang City
  • International routes include Van Don to Korea, Japan, and China. 

However, it is important to note that as of now, there are no regular international flights to Van Don International Airport and all international flights are operated as charter flights.


Book a Flight Now

If you want a convenient travel route, land, or take off at a large new modern airport with only a few tourists, try to book a flight from or to Van Don Airport right away! The air ticket is being sold through travel agencies at the moment with the promotional price and the very first official flight is on 30th December 2018. Don’t hesitate, just book and enjoy the service of Vietnam Airlines – the 4-star Vietnam National Airlines.

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