Tien Ong Cave

Although was discovered quite late compared to other beautiful caves in Halong Bay, Tien Ong Cave still retains the pristine beauty that marks the traces of time and is also the cradle of the ancient Halong people and attracts thousands of visitors each year to visit.

Stalactite Blocks In Tien Ong Cave

Stalactite Blocks In Tien Ong Cave


Before delving into the details of this magnificent cave, let’s have a glimpse of this stunning Cave!

  • Tien Ong Cave was put into operation for tourism quite late in 1938 by Swedish archaeologist J. Anderson
  • A stalactite block in a cave looks like a man fairy, so local people call it "Tien Ong" (fairy in Vietnamese) 
  • It is as known as the cradle of the ancient Halong people 8000 - 10.000 years ago
  • Tien Ong Cave has almost the opposite structure to other caves with the largemouth, and the insight is quite narrow



Tien Ong Cave, known as God Cave, is located on Cai Tai island, belonging to the Hang Trai island cluster, right behind the Cua Van fishing village on Ha Long Bay. This wonderful cave is about 20 km to the south of Halong City and about 5-7 km from Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong) to the east. 

Besides attracting tourists with its majestic scenery, Tien Ong Cave also has much valuable time record traces of ancient human history.


What to see?

Coming to Tien Ong Cave, you witness not only the amazing natural beauty of nature but also the mark of time and get more knowledge about the history of the ancient Halong.

Things to do in Tien Ong Cave

Admire the Magnificent Natural Scenery 

The entrance of Tien Ong cave is very wide (70m), and the cave floor is about 5m high from the water level. Outside the cave, there are many falling stalactites - geological tectonic traces of nature. 

The cave is quite a slope inside, about 50m deep. According to a survey of Ha Long Bay Management, Tien Ong Cave is about 1,000m2 wide. In the middle of the cave, the stalagmites dropped from the top and grew from the bottom up to form a wall, dividing the cave into two spaces.

Witness ancient human’s the mark of time

Besides the purely natural beauty, the cave is also said to be the cradle of the ancient Vietnamese. Many traces of human habitation from ancient times have been found here, and it was discovered to date back to 10,000 BC - 8,000 BC.

The Mark Of Time In Tien Ong Cave

The Mark Of Time In Tien Ong Cave

Inside the cave, visitors can see remnants of prehistoric life, such as freshwater snail shells, mountain or rough rock snails, and bone tools. Tien Ong cave is an indispensable address for scientists as well as tourists who want to learn about the history of the residence of ancient Ha Long people on Ha Long Bay.

How to get there?

The best way to get to Tien Ong Cave is by joining a Halong Cruise to visit. If you want to visit the cave, book a Halong Bay tour by route 3. This route is usually a route for high-class travelers, so most of them only have overnight cruises (2 days 1 night, or 3 days 2 nights) sightseeing in their itinerary. 

Tien Ong Cave is located on the tourist route along with Cua Van Floating Cultural Center, Cua Van Floating Village, and Ba Ham Lake. So you can consider some Halong Cruises below, which visit Tien Ong Cave:

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Extra Tips

  • Don't forget to get photos of an interesting cave
  • If you have a guide, keep track of when they transfer shifts with other guides and try to hang around with them
  • The path inside the cave is quite slippery, so you should wear sneakers instead of high heels
  • You should bring a light coat because the temperature inside the cave is lower than outside

After this "glimpse of Tien Ong Cave'' above, you will enjoy your trip to this magnificent cave and explore various wonderful hidden things in the mark of Halong ancient people. Contact us for more detail of Halong's tour for the BEST DEAL with our Local Travel Consultants!

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