Top 5 Places to Enjoy Nightlife in Yangon

January 15, 2024 - 1499 views

As an exciting destination for dynamic travelers, Yangon promises to take you back to the modern vibe after immersing in the laid-back time of ancient temples in Myanmar. Let's dress up and go out to try at least one of these 5 nightlife activities in Yangon. 

Different from Bagan – like a classic, quiet and introverted girl in the countryside, Yangon is an extremely energetic girl living in the hustle and bustle city. Yangon will take you back the modern vibe after a long day traveling back in the old time of ancient temples in Bagan. So, are you curious about a night date with this active Yangon girl? Let's dress up to the nines and go out tonight! Here are top 5 places to enjoy your nightlife in Yangon.

1. Shwedagon Pagoda at sunset

The first place you definitely need to come at twilight is Shwedagon Pagoda. When the sunset light slowly fades and golden stupas gradually glow in front of you, it will be a perfect combination between the romance of dusk and the delicacy of 2500-year-old gilded stupas. Also, you can explore hundreds of structures made up of the grounds of the Shwedagon Pagoda with the unique culture, tradition and crafts at the pagoda. Following Buddhist tradition, visiting the pagoda with the clockwise direction on barefoot will be good advice for your short night trip in Yangon.

Sweet sunset with floating clouds over dreamy Shwedagon Pagoda

Sweet sunset with floating clouds over dreamy Shwedagon Pagoda

  • Entrance Fee: 10,000 Kyats
  • Location: Shwedagon Pagoda, Ar Zar Ni, Road Pha Yar Gyi Ward, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)

2. Cultural Complex at Karaweik Palace Yangon

An iconic landmark lied on the Karaweik Lake in the central of Yangon, Karaweik Palace is famous for traditional Pann Sel Myo and Karaweik mythical bird design. It created a unique attraction that no place can miss at night as all Myanmar's cultural and artistic features converge here. From The unique Kanari, Kanera performance, Elephant Dance, Go Kyi Kyaw Dance, traditional puppet shown by skilled dancers on a traditional costume to a great variety authentic a la carte of Myanmar cuisine.

Spending an amazing night here with an international buffet dinner, you can enjoy the best authentic, diverse cultural experience in a palatial setting too. For anyone who is really into the Burmese cuisine and culture, visiting Karaweik Palace is definitely a must try to enjoy the nightlife in Yangon.

Magnificent highlight on Kan Daw Gyi Lake - Karaweik Palace

Magnificent highlight on Kan Daw Gyi Lake - Karaweik Palace

  • Open Time: International Buffet with Culture Show (6:00 PM – 8:30 PM)

                    Myanmar Authentic À La Carte (11:00 AM – 8.30 PM)

  • Location: Karaweik Palace, Kandawgyi Compound, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, Yangon, Myanmar

3. The Chinatown in Yangon

The local night market is always a wonderful spot in the travel list of each traveler and Chinatown on 19th street is one of the authentic places featured for Myanmar culture. This is an ideal place for night entertainment in Yangon. This vibrant street has many market stalls with plenty of special Myanmar dishes such as a long-standing store old Chinese bakeries, the 3rd generation soup houses, bao buns, springs rolls, barbecued skewers, Myanmar beer, and other more. Besides, there are a variety of clothes, household appliances, handicrafts, delicate handmade souvenirs in the night market that you can buy at a cheap price here. Apart from purchasing various items, visiting Chinatown in Yangon is also the best way to enjoy nightlife and get an insight into local life here.

Lively local night market in Chinatown

Lively local night market in Chinatown

  • Location: 19th Street, Yangon is the main center of the city's Chinatown.

4. Little India Restaurant

Another heavenly destination especially for vegetarians to explore the nightlife in Myanmar is Little India Restaurant. Situated on Anawrahta Road in downtown Yangon, this restaurant is home to a large number of Indians and has a great impact on Yangon culture. When coming across the road, you will have to stop by and try the best crunchtastic and lightly spiced samosas here. Moreover, dosa with flat thin layered rice batter made from rice and the sheetmelling mouth-watering biryani with the medley kind of spices to create the featured sauce for only Indian food. Besides, many kinds of snacks, dry apricot, and other spices are all seen in abundance in this area. Let’s seek the unique taste of Indian cuisine to enjoy the nightlife in Yangon.

  • Location: Near the Sule Pagoda. It's blend together with the China Town, starting at 15th Street and heading to the East.

5. Night clubs in Yangon

If you still feel quite boring after experiencing all the above nightlife activities suggestions, these last places will never let you down. Dress up and head out to party in many dancing nightclubs with contemporary DJ music and if you are lucky, you can have the chance to see the celebrities. Clubs in Yangon also have plenty enough space with tables and chairs for seating to let off a little steam and feel the beat. Here’s a list of the best clubs in Yangon to immerse in the amazing crowded nights.

Pioneer night club in Yangon

Pioneer night club in Yangon

  • Pioneer Club: 330, Ahlon Road, Yangon
  • Fuse Club: 4th floor, Myanmar Plaza 1 Sat Mhu Road, Myanmar
  • Penthouse: Parkside One Building, 271, 273, 8th Floor, Bagaya St, Yangon
  • The Vibe: KanYeikThar Street, Yangon

With all these exciting places for your night entertainment, your trip to Yangon will be definitely a memorable one. Don’t forget to go to our website to find some Yangon tours in advance to get the best deals with BestPrice Travel.

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