Vietnam dry season and interesting tourist attractions

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If you are a person who likes to travel and explore many places in the country and the world. Let's find out what is interesting in the dry season in Vietnam.

The dry season means hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable weather. But summer is also the time that young people look forward to most of the year, a time of fun, relaxation after school, and stressful work. So, how hot the dry season in Vietnam is and what interesting places to visit in Vietnam, let's find out together.

How is the dry season in Vietnam?

The dry season is a general term used to describe the weather in tropical regions. The weather in the tropics is mainly the tropical rain belt, stretching from the tropics to the southern tropics on an annual basis. 

The tropical rain belt is located in the southern hemisphere from October to March, during which the Northern Hemisphere experiences a dry season with very little rainfall. From April to September, the tropical rain belt is located in the Northern Hemisphere and the southern tropics through the dry season.

The dry season in Vietnam is very hot, creating impacts on the lives of people. However, the dry season also gives people the feeling and atmosphere that the rainy season cannot do. Those are days of swimming, playing in the water park, watching the blooming flower gardens ...

In Vietnam, the dry season takes place at different times between regions. The North and North Central Coast has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Therefore, the dry season in the North lasts about 3 months, from April to the end of June.

The South has a climate with two distinct seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The rainy season lasts from May to November and the dry season lasts from December to April next year.

It can be said that urban areas are most seriously affected by hot and sunny weather in the dry season. Hot weather adversely affects human, animal, and plant health. The risk of fire on hot days is also higher. The strong development of urbanization reduces the area and the green pond. High build density also contributes to increased heat base. This weather state makes the human body more easily tired.

The dry season with severe heat affects human health/

Therefore, on hot days, people should refrain from working outdoors at noon. In case of being forced to go out, it is necessary to equip anti-heat measures to ensure your health such as drinking enough water to avoid dehydration, wearing a jacket, using a mask ... Not going out. outside at noon. Children should not leave the car alone in the sun, even for a short time.

When you encounter physical exhaustion or fainting from the heat, you should take the patient to a cool place, give water, cool the skin in inappropriate ways.

Long-term temperatures also cause drought and saltwater intrusion in the southern region. Drought has a major impact on the environment, economy, socio-politics, and human health. Drought is a cause of poverty, disease, and even war due to water conflicts.

Drought impacts the environment such as destroying plants, animals, and wildlife populations, reducing air and water quality, increasing the risk of forest fires, and soil erosion. These effects can be persistent and irreversible.

Drought impacts on socio-economic conditions such as reducing crop productivity, reducing cultivated areas, reducing crop productivity, mainly food crops. Increasing agricultural production costs, reducing agricultural labor income. Increasing costs and food prices. Reduce the total value of livestock products …

Vietnam dry season

The dry season is a general term used to describe the weather in tropical regions

Interesting tourist destination in the dry season

Although the dry season gives people significant effects, it is undeniable that the dry season in Vietnam has many interesting things if traveling at this time. Here are some suggestions for great dry season travel destinations.

If you visit Saigon in the dry season, then there are many interesting entertainment destinations to choose from. You will be spoiled for joining many exciting and exciting games at outdoor amusement parks such as Suoi Tien, Dam Sen, ... 

Check-in many beautiful places favored by Saigon's "virtual life" Anh Sao Bridge, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Nguyen Van Binh Book Street, West Bui Vien Street, ... Here you can enjoy taking pictures of wonderful and super memories with your family, friends under the warm yellow sunlight, brilliant of Saigon.

You can also go swimming at the beautiful beaches of the country such as Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Cua Lo Beach, ... Come to Halong Bay, with majestic natural scenery, Halong Bay always attracts a lot of visitors to visit and resort, especially the summer travel.

You can go swimming at the beautiful beaches of the country /

Binh Thuan is not too far from Saigon, Phan Thiet - Mui Ne will be a great alternative. It is famous as the miniature "desert" of Vietnam, participating in the delight of sand games to dispel fatigue, creating more memories with close friends. Especially in Mui Ne - Phan Thiet, because the seawater this season is clear and cool, the white sand stretches along with the endless green coconut palms, a highlight that always attracts tourists every summer.

Experience the feeling of sand sliding in Mui Ne sand dunes/

However, when traveling in the dry season, you need to prepare all the things needed for your trip, most convenient and fun. In addition to clothes, medicine, money, and identification. Here are things you should not forget when traveling in the summer.

The first is the sunscreen. The weather in summer is usually very hot. Hot sun makes skin ruined quickly. Sunscreen is an indispensable item in your luggage in travel luggage, it helps you more confident when your skin is protected from bright sunlight.

Vietnam dry season

You can go swimming or sunbath at the beautiful beaches of the country

The second is sun shades such as hats, umbrellas, or sunglasses ... These items will help protect our skin, eyes from the sun. We should drink water and rest regularly to gain strength, avoid activity that leads to heatstroke.

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