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Vietnam Festivals - Spiritual Cultural of Vietnam

July 12, 2023 - 7265 views

Traditional festivals have become a necessary part of Vietnamese lives for many centuries. The cultural value is greatly boosted during the festive time.

Traditional festivals have long been considered the spiritual culture of Vietnam that have been created, maintained, developed over many generations. It has become a necessary part of people’s lives for many centuries. Festival is an event that expresses the traditional treasure of Vietnamese people as “When drinking water, think of its source”.  It is also the place to honor the holy figures named as “gods” – the real persons in national history or legendary persons who dedicated their lives to the nation.

People in Vietnam love holidays and festivals. Life in Vietnam is a succession of major and minor festivals – there is seldom a day when the festival calendar is blank! The cultural value is greatly boosted during the festive time. Traditionally, there stands a wide range of exciting festivals and events, ranging from the simple to the complex and more meaningful operation. While some are to show respect to the national heroes and builders, others aim to entertain the whole community and commemorate some wonderful events. The process of Festival

In general, every festival includes the following three steps: preparation, the festive day, the ending of the festival.

The first one is preparation. In this process, people assign all work for each group. And before the festival coming; they check worshipping objects, attires, decoration, cleaning of the worshipping place, and statues.

Festival may last some days, many activities take place including a procession, incense offering, and rejoicing games. It attracts many social classes who want to mix with the atmosphere of the festival.

At the end of the festival, the organization says thanks to all people and closes the worshipping place. Here are some of the most attractive festivals in Vietnam.

1. Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year)

Tet Nguyen Dan or Lunar New Year is the biggest and most important festival in Vietnam. According to Vietnamese customs, Tet is a family-oriented celebration. That is the reason why people always try to return to their hometown to meet their parents, siblings, and relatives no matter how far away they live and work. Even those who have passed away are "invited" to enjoy Tet with the living. During the Tet Holiday, people give others good wishes, healthy, luck for New Years. Children are given lucky money, called “ Li Xi” by adults.

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Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Lunar New Year in Vietnam

2. Mid- Autumn Festival

Tet Trung Thu or Mid-Autumn Moon Festival is an ancient festival that revolves around children. It is said that originally, the festival came about as a way for parents to take care and do something special for their children after harvest season. It is held under the full moon, which represents the fullness and prosperity of life. Children are given Trung Thu cake on that day or parents can help children make their lanterns and costumes. If you want to know the atmosphere of the Mid – Autumn festival, do not forget to visit Ma Street to see the colorful lanterns on this day.

Festival becomes proud in the subconscious of Vietnamese people. Do not miss joining any festival when you visit our country, you will see the spiritual life and custom of Vietnamese people.

Mid Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

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3. Hung King Temple Festival

The Hung Kings Temple Festival (Hung Kings' Commemoration Day) is held annually on March 10 of the lunar calendar to commemorate the 18 Hung Kings who founded Vietnam in Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province where King Hung’s Temple stands. It becomes a traditional festival in the nation. This is time for Vietnamese people to turn their hearts to their ancestors. On this anniversary, they held a palanquin procession and incense-offering.

Hung King Temple Festival

Hung King Temple Festival

In addition, nearly every province or region and even village celebrate their own festivals or celebrations. The locals very respectfully belong to their traditions. If you visit Vietnam in one of these days, it will be a great opportunity to understand more about Vietnamese culture, customs, and traditions.

Plan your Vietnam Tour to join one of our famous festivals and learn more about local culture.


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