Vietnam Weather November: Temperature & Best Places to Visit

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November is a high season month for international tourists coming to Vietnam because of its pleasant weather. This article will give you some information about Vietnam's weather in November.

Vietnam weather and temperature in November

Vietnam's weather in November has such a low humidity level that it is expected to have rainfall of 57mm over eight days and five hours of sunshine each day in the North. In addition, the UV levels will be high so don’t forget to use your sunscreen. After 5 pm, you will be safe from sunburn. On the other hand, as November is the time of winter in Vietnam, the average temperature is quite low, only around 23°C and it is cool throughout the country. With less rain and comfortable weather, it seems like November is the best time to visit Vietnam.

Although the weather is quite nice throughout the country this month, Vietnam's climate is different from region to region as it always is. Let's figure out the details as below!

Weather in North

In Hanoi and other provinces of North Vietnam, it is quite cold with an average temperature of 15°C - 18°C in November. Usually, in late of this month, the temperature would drop to welcome the severely cold winter with extremely strong monsoons in December. At this time, while Hanoi's temperature doesn’t decrease so much (normally kept at 13°C - 15°C), in some mountainous areas, the temperature is even below 10°C. Although it’s quite cold, there’s almost no rain in November, which means you can travel around this region and enjoy outdoor activities confidently without worrying about getting wet.


Weather in Central

As Central Vietnam is long (about 2000km and accounts for half of the length of the country), the weather is totally different between North Central and South Central in November. The North Central area has almost the same weather as the Northern with the temperature in November being quite low. In fact, it is usually only 2-3°C higher than in the North. On the other hand, the South Central area owns the weather just like Southern as November is the end of the rainy season here and opening the most beautiful period for a beach vacation: the dry season with less rain, cool weather, and warm seawater. 


Weather in South

In South Vietnam, although November is the final month of the rainy season, the average rainfall is only about 117 mm which is much lesser than the previous month. You can expect around 6 - 7 hours of sunshine per day. The average temperature in the South during November is from 23°C to 31°C which is quite cool, especially since this time is just near the beginning of the dry season here, it is very suitable for outdoor activities and travelling. 

Vietnam weather in November


Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Nice weather with cool temperature and less rain, suitable for travelling.
  • Sudden rain may happen in Central and South Vietnam as November’s the final month of the rainy season here.
  • High service prices as November’s the peak season time for international tourists in Vietnam.


Best Places to Travel in Vietnam’s November

Beaches and islands in South Vietnam

November marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of an amazing dry season for a beach vacation in South Vietnam. Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Vung Tau, Phu Quoc Island, etc. there is a wide range of beautiful beaches here for you to choose from and all of them can be the highlight for your trip to Vietnam. Less rain and warm sunshine, the weather of November in Vietnam is absolutely perfect for a wonderful holiday on the most beautiful beaches in the world.


Bai Tu Long Bay - less touristy destination in peak season time 

There is no doubt that November is also the perfect time to experience the overnight cruise in Bai Tu Long Bay. While its brothers Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay are packed with a huge number of tourists in this peak season time, this small area stays far away and keeps its quiet atmosphere. 

Bai Tu Long Bay has the same gorgeous beauty as the famous Halong Bay and trendy Lan Ha Bay, but as it is not so popular (usually, only the locals know about it), it still maintains its wild beauty which is almost not affected by tourism activities. If you seek a peaceful vacation, don’t forget to have at least one night on a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise and enjoy this less touristy area.

Bai Tu Long Bay

Bai Tu Long Bay


North Vietnam’s mountainous area - best place for cloud hunting

November is also the time for cloud hunting in North Vietnam’s mountainous areas. Ta Xua, Y Ti, Fansipan, etc. there are many high spots that you can conquer and dive in the cloud sea. Before November, the weather was too hot to see the clouds; after November, it was too cold and the weather conditions would cause some difficulties for cloud hunting. Therefore, for the best cloud hunting experience, you have to come to North Vietnam no later or sooner than November.

For more information, please read November - Time for Cloud Hunting in Vietnam.


Ha Giang - It’s time for Buckwheat Flower Festival

Coming to Vietnam in November, do not forget to join the Buckwheat Flower Festival in Ha Giang. It is the time that buckwheat blooms in the high mountains over this far away province. In a short month, this kind of flower changes its colours from pink, purple to dark red. The vast flower field with different stunning colours is an ideal place to let your hair down and take photos. There are also many places for you to choose from here such as Hoang Su Phi, Xin Man, Sung La, Lung Cu, and Pho Bang. Do not forget to take photos with beautiful views here before leaving.

Buckwheat Flower Festival Vietnam weather November

Buckwheat Flower is changing colors in Ha Giang


Mekong Delta with crowded Ok Om Bok Festival

Thanks to the nice weather, November is not only a good time to visit the Mekong Delta, but also the time to join the most famous Khmer traditional event here: Ok Om Bok Festival. The festival is widely held throughout the Mekong Delta area, especially in Tra Vinh Province and Soc Trang Province where there are a high number of Khmer people living. 

During the festival, locals would dedicate offerings to the Moon God and feed young rice to each other as a thank to the god for abundant crops. In addition, some interesting activities are held during the festival such as boat racing and releasing sky lanterns. Ok Om Bok is held on the full moon day of the 10th month in the Khmer calendar which is usually in the international calendar’s November so you must be in Vietnam at the right time to enjoy it.

 Weather in November Ok Om Bok

Ok Om Bok in the Mekong Delta


Travel tips in Vietnam November

  • Prepare suitable clothes: autumn-winter items for North Vietnam and spring-summer ones for South and Central Vietnam.
  • Bring along flu medicine as you may catch a cold while travelling in North Vietnam in November.
  • Have a good camera or smartphone as Vietnam in November is gorgeous and you won’t want to miss any beautiful scenery.
  • Hunt best Vietnam tours deals and book flights, hotels, and cruises 2-3 months before arrival as November is the peak season for tourism in Vietnam, and everything may be quite expensive and sold out.

Vietnam weather in November is an ideal time for travellers to enjoy favourable climates. However, if you would like to visit northern Vietnam this time, remember to prepare warm clothes, raincoats, and umbrellas in case it rains. Moreover, you should bring the necessary medicines in case of catching a cold or having fever because it is the time of early winter.

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