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November – Time for Cloud Hunting in Vietnam

July 12, 2023 - 1053 views

If you come to Vietnam in November and have a little adventure in your blood, don’t forget to have a cloud hunting trip in the North of this land.

Actually, you can find the cloud sea throughout the winter in Northern Vietnam. However, in early winter, November is the perfect time for cloud hunting in the North of Vietnam. At this time, it’s cloudy but not too cold and rarely has rain (sometimes only a little drizzle). As to see the cloud, people have to get to a high place (should be higher than the cloud or at the same height); therefore, the weather condition affects a lot on the cloud hunting experience. November weather promises the best cloud hunting trip when the temperature is really cool (about 20 – 25oC) and the road is not slippery.

There are many places in Vietnam that can give you the best cloud hunting experience, just check some below for your consideration!

Top 6 places for cloud hunting in Vietnam

Fansipan – Sapa

It is said that Sapa is the best place for cloud huntingCome to Sapa in winter and you can see all the town is in the middle of the cloud sea. November is the perfect time to visit Sapa and get to Fansipan Peak and see the cloud under your feet. Fansipan is also the easiest peak to reach and hunt the cloud here as there’s the cable car which takes you nearer to the top of the mountain, all you have to do is wearing warm clothes then taking a few more steps to reach the peak from the cable car station and having some stunning pictures here.

Fansipan Cloud Hunting

Fansipan Peak in cloud hunting season

Y Ty – Lao Cai

Staying at the height of about 2000 m over the sea level and more than 70 km far from Sapa Town, Y Ty is absolutely one of the best places for cloud hunting. Different from Fansipan – Sapa, Y Ty still keeps its wild beauty with soft cloud scarfs among majestic dark-green mountains which makes it become a must-visit place in your cloud hunting journey.           

Y Ty in cloud sea     

Y Ty in the cloud sea

Ta Xua – Son La

In the Vietnam backpacker community, Ta Xua obviously is the most popular name. Staying in Son La which is more than 200 km far from Hanoi, Ta Xua is the target of many cloud hunters in Vietnam. The cloud hunting journey in Ta Xua is truly an adventure that not many people can do it. Although this is the lowest place among the 10 highest peaks in Vietnam, however, to reach the top of Ta Xua, people have to hike throughout the route from the bottom to the top, and with the height at 2875m, the trekking for cloud hunting is really challenging. As the trekking route at Ta Xua is quite hard, therefore the best time for cloud hunting at Ta Xua and explore the “dragon’s back” here is quite late – from late November when it rarely rains and the road is totally dry.

The "Dragon's back" at Ta Xua Peak in cloud hunting season

The "Dragon's back" at Ta Xua Peak

Ma Pi Leng – Ha Giang

Different from most of the other cloud hunting sites in Vietnam, Ma Pi Leng isn’t a top of any mountain, it’s a very famous pass in Ha Giang – Northern Vietnam with not only the majestic scenery but also a historic story behind it. Staying at the height of about 1500 m over the sea level and being about 20 km long, Ma Pi Leng Pass gives you the best view of the cloud sea in the North of Vietnam. Besides, another advantage of hunting cloud in Ma Pi Leng is that it is the connection between Dong Van and Meo Vac which means from Ma Pi Leng, you can pay a visit easily to all the most popular tourist attractions in Ha Giang. 

Sin Ho – Lai Chau

While other cloud hunting places allow you to see the sea of clouds from above, coming to Sin Ho – Lai Chau, you will be in the middle of the cloud. The cloud hunting season in Sin Ho starts quite soon, you can see the cloud in Sin Ho since the middle of Autumn (about in late September); however, from November, when it has less rain and the weather becomes dryer.

Ta Chi Nhu – Yen Bai

Being one of the 10 highest mountains in Vietnam, Ta Chi Nhu is also a challenge for cloud hunters. To get to the top of Ta Chi Nhu for cloud hunting, normally it takes about 6-8 trekking hours on the mountainous road (and maybe longer if you are a newbie in trekking or not in good health condition); however, your efforts will be rewarded by the majestic “cloud forest” at Ta Xua Peak. Besides, if you come to Ta Xua in November, you absolutely can have the chance to see the violet Chi Pau flower sea here and enjoy the elegant beauty of this place.

Chi Pau Flower in Ta Chi Nhu during cloud hunting season

Chi Pau Flower in Ta Chi Nhu


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