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VOGUE's 29 Must-Try Vietnamese Dishes For Visitors

December 27, 2022 - 150 views

Vietnamese cuisine is a synthesis of the mouthwatering foods on offer in these nations while still retaining its own distinctive flavor. It was influenced by its past as a French colony (as seen by the banh mi) and its neighbors in China, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. While Vietnamese food is commonly recognized for its staples, pho, and banh mi, there is much more to the cuisine than these two dishes. Here are 29 Vietnamese foods suggested by VOGUE that you should try the next time you visit a Vietnamese restaurant or travel to Vietnam in order to help you sort through the wide variety of alternatives available.

1. Banh xeo

Pronunciation guide: /bang seh-oh/ (banh xeo) 

The first is a savory crepe filled with pork, shrimp, and bean sprouts that are prepared with rice flour and turmeric powder (thus the yellow color). Take a mouthful of this crispy delicacy wrapped in lettuce, sprinkled with herbs, and dipped in fish sauce. While utilizing the same batter as banh xeo, banh khot resembles a little pancake with a single shrimp in the center. The exterior of these little medallions is fried in a unique cast-iron pan while the interior is fluffy. Banh xeo and Banh khot are the Vietnamese cuisine of Hue and Hoi An that you should try when visiting here.

Banh Xeo - VOGUE's 29 Must-Try Vietnamese Dishes For Visitors


2. Banh khot

Pronunciation guide: /bang khot/ (banh khot)

Banh Khot is very similar to Banh Xeo (Vietnamese sizzling crepes). Both are wrapped in leafy greens and dipped in a sweet chili sauce. Typically, they are topped with shrimp, drizzled with scallion oil, and dusted with a little toasted dry prawn mince. On a cast iron Banh Khot or Aebleskiver pan, it is cooked until the exterior is perfectly crispy and the inside is still fluffy. Enjoy these delicious little pancakes with a bowl of hot and sweet dipping sauce, fresh veggies, and Vietnamese herbs.

banh khot - top vietnamese food


3. Bun rieu

Pronunciation guide: /boon rhee-eww/

The base of this noodle soup meal is a crab and tomato broth, however, there are a few variants. The red vegetable gives the soup a layer of acidity and a tinge of sourness, while the crustaceans generate a pungent scent. Vermicelli is frequently the preferred noodle, and common toppings include fish, snails, blood cubes, fish, and pig knuckles.

bun rieu - vietnamese dishes


4. Goi cuon

Pronunciation guide: /goi coo-on/

Although everyone is familiar with the fried spring roll (cha gio), its "fresh" version makes for a much lighter and healthier starter. Slices of pork, shrimp, lettuce, mint, and vermicelli noodles are organized on transparent rice paper and then dipped in a hoisin-peanut sauce.

goi cuon - top vietnamese dishes


5. Thit kho to

Pronunciation guide: /thit khaw tou/

Pork belly slices are carefully cooked in sugar and fish sauce until fork-tender for this irresistible caramelized meal. It is best consumed with rice and boiling veggies coated in the sauce after being served in a clay pot. Try ca kho to (often cooked with catfish) if you don't like fatty meat and prefer seafood.

thit kho - best food in Vietnam


6. Bun bo Hue

Pronunciation guide: /boon boh hway/

The "Hue" designates its birthplace city and is also simply referred to as bun bo. The flavorful beef broth is seasoned with shrimp paste, sugar, and chile oil after being made with lots of lemongrasses. The meal is made with a spherical, slippery, somewhat chewy rice noodle, topped with a variety of meats, and served with lime and herbs. The end product is a dish that successfully balances the flavors of spicy, sour, sweet, and salty.

bun bo Hue - must try food in Hue

Moreover, you can explore more delicious dishes in central Vietnam through some interesting Hue food tours.

Hue food tour in Vietnam


7. Rau muong xao toi

Pronunciation guide: /rau mooh-ong xao toi/

In Vietnam, where the tropical environment is optimal for its development, morning glory, also known as water spinach, is a common vegetable. The ideal preparation is a stir-fry with a ton of garlic (and perhaps a dash of fish sauce and sugar) - sometimes keeping things straightforward yields excellent results.

rau muong xao toi - family food Vietnam


8. Cao lau

Pronunciation guide: /kaw lou/

When visiting the historic town, you must try these unique Hoi An noodles. According to legend, the chewy rice noodles' dark hue is a result of a lye solution formed from the ash of a particular kind of tree that can be found in the Cham Islands, which are close to the shore, and water from the antiquated Ba Le well. Once you've had this local meal, it doesn't matter if this is true or not. It's an amazing combination of tastes and sensations, topped with sliced pork, crispy rice crackers, spices, and a handful of fresh herbs and greens, with just a sprinkle of broth at the bottom of the bowl. Like Banh xeo and Banh khot, Cao lau is another special dish in Hoi An that you must try. 

cao lau - best dish in Hoi An


9. Banh cuon

Pronunciation guide: /bang kwuhn/

If you've ever tried Cheung fun at a dim sum restaurant, these thin rice noodle rolls might appear familiar. When it comes to banh cuon, these parcels are filled with wood ear mushrooms and minced pork, then they are coated in fish sauce, topped with a scattering of fried shallots, and served. Be sure to consume them while they are still warm and tender.

banh cuon - Hanoi must try dish


10. Bo luc lac

Pronunciation guide: /baw look lak/

Beef cubes are sautéed with garlic, onions, black pepper, and soy sauce and are sometimes referred to as "shaking beef" when the meat is tossed in a wok. It's a straightforward yet excellent entrée that comes with a salad of lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber.

bo luc lac - top of delicious food in Vietnam


11. Bun thit nuong

Pronunciation guide: /boon thit noo-ong/

It may look unassuming, but the meal of grilled marinated pork with scallions in oil, crushed peanuts, a few herbs, pickled daikon, and carrots on top of a bed of vermicelli noodles is exceptional. You're ready to go once you've added some fried spring rolls and added fish sauce to the entire dish. This is one of the favorite breakfast and super dining of Saigonese (Ho Chi Minh City's citizens). To know more about Saigon food culture, you can join our Saigon food tours

bun thit nuong - best south vietnamese taste


12. Bun cha

Pronunciation guide: /boon-chah/

Bun cha, a delicacy from Hanoi, is among the most well-liked foods in the city. Small marinated pork belly slices and patties are roasted over coals before being dipped into a dish of nuoc cham-based sauce. The beef is served with a side of cha gio, a plate of vermicelli noodles, and a basket of herbs, all of which are intended to be blended and consumed simultaneously. Its taste is similar to Bun Thit Nuong but it is quite different from that dish based on its shape of grilled meats and eating way. 

bun cha must try in Hanoi Vietnam

As a signature cuisine of Hanoi, Bun cha will give you the best experience. You may want to taste more Hanoi food, let's check your available Hanoi food tours here.

Hanoi food tours

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13. Goi xoai

Pronunciation guide: /gaw xaw-ai/

This colorful salad is perfect if you're in the mood for something light and refreshing. After being combined with herbs like mint and basil, the julienned carrots, onions, and unripe mango are marinated in a nuoc cham and lime-based sauce. The salad is then topped with boiling shrimp or dried meat, and copious amounts of fried shallots and roasted peanuts are used to garnish the dish and provide crunch.

goi xoai - Vietnamese summer food


14. Canh chua

Pronunciation guide: /kang tsoo-a/

This light, tangy soup is often prepared with fish, pineapple, tomatoes, and vegetables like okra and elephant ear. It has tamarind broth. It has a tom yum-like flavor, but without the lime and lemongrass.

canh chua - Vietnam soup


15. Thit luoc tom chua

Pronunciation guide: /bang seh-oh/

This Vietnamese favorite dish is made of boiled pork belly, a ton of herbs and veggies, and sour shrimp sauce (or fermented shrimp paste). If you want to make your own spring rolls, ask for some vermicelli noodles and rice paper.

thit luoc tom chua the most delicious food in Vietnam


16. Hen xuc banh trang

Pronunciation guide: /hein xuk bang trang/

Make sure you have this platter of stir-fried baby clams when you want to relax with a drink (Saigon Red, perhaps?) This is a fantastic finger snack with a difference in textures and tastes since crunchy sesame rice crackers serve as both your vessel and tool. This dish appears only in Hue. You may meet it in other places but if you want to try the best and right taste, you may join our food tour in Hue

hen xuc banh trang - signature of Hue


17. Banh beo

Pronunciation guide: /Bang bew/

Banh beo may be the savory rice cake you've been looking for if you like the chewy and sticky textures of mochi. These little discs contain a core that is hollow and is filled with fried shallots, scallions, and dried baby shrimp. You may finish them off with fish sauce for a filling snack.

banh beo vietnamese tasty food


18. Banh bao

Pronunciation guide: /bang ba-aw/

If you've ever experienced Chinese dai bao, you'll recognize banh bao right away. These substantial steamed buns are usually offered by street sellers and are stuffed with veggies, Chinese sausage, quail eggs, and minced beef. They're excellent for breakfast or on the go.

banh bao vietnamese signature


19. Chao

Pronunciation guide: /Tsa-aw/

In Asian cuisine, rice porridge is a staple meal. To dress it up, choose from a variety of toppings, but if your stomach feels queasy, ask for a basic bowl to calm it down.

chao - tasty food in Vietnam


20. Com tam

Pronunciation guide: /kom teim/

These broken grains, often known as broken rice, are consumed with your chosen protein. Grilled pork, prawns, or beef are served with sides including crisp spring rolls, thinly shredded pig skin, fresh and pickled veggies, and an over-easy egg. A generous amount of fish sauce should be poured over the food to complete the dish. In Asian cuisine, rice porridge is a staple meal. To dress it up, choose from a variety of toppings, but if your stomach feels queasy, ask for a basic bowl to calm it down. Most Saigonese are proud of this cuisine. It is a highly recommended food from Saigon. 

com tam - Saigon signature


21. Mi xao mem

Pronunciation guide: /mee xa-aw meim/

This stir-fried egg noodle dish clearly has Chinese influences. It's not the weirdest dish on the menu, but it's a wonderful starter for anybody looking to ease into something new. It's cooked in soy sauce and oyster sauce with a variety of veggies and your choice of protein.

mi xao mem


22. Ga tan

Pronunciation guide: /ga tein/

Ga tan is the perfect tonic if you're searching for a chicken soup that can treat any illness (well, we might be exaggerating, but it is supposed to have medical properties). While the broth's black color may not be the most appetizing when it comes to eating, the stewed chicken chunks and a variety of vegetables and herbs will warm you from the inside out. This dish is a staple of Hanoi's street food scene and is available all throughout the city.

ga tan nutritious dish in Vietnam


23. Hu tieu

Pronunciation guide: /hoo tee-oh/

Hu tieu is a variety of noodles that can be eaten dry with sauce or in a broth made from pork bones. It is particularly well-liked in southern Vietnam. Although some restaurants could use rice or egg noodles, tapioca noodles are the most typical choice. Pork, beef, poultry, and shellfish are among the toppings, along with a variety of herbs and vegetables.

hu tieu tasty southern vietnam dish


24. Xoi

Pronunciation guide: /xoi/

Most cultures use sticky rice as a side dish, but Vietnamese sticky rice may be either savory or sweet, making it a complete meal. The former frequently comes plain or with coconut and sugar, but the latter frequently has things like roasted peanuts, shredded pork, fried onions, or mung beans. Also, don't be shocked if it turns out in vibrant colors, especially in the northern part of the country where xoi ngu sac (five-colored sticky rice) is prepared using herbs and the varied colors represent the five elements of land, wood, fire, water, and metal.

xoi signature dish of Vietnam


25. Bot Chien

Pronunciation guide: /bout tsien/

Bot chien is pan-fried rice cakes with a thin covering of egg that is modeled by a Chaozhou delicacy. These salty, chewy morsels are often drizzled with acidic soy sauce and garnished with chopped fresh scallions. It's a well-liked street snack, and numerous booths sell it at night.

bot chien Saigon street food


26. Lau

Pronunciation guide: /lou/

Asian culture naturally values family-style dining, and sharing a meal over lau is one of the finest ways to participate in a happy gathering. A sweet and sour broth that has been spiced with lime, lemongrass, tomatoes, chile, and aromatics is a common component in the Vietnamese version of hot pot. Thinly sliced meat, veggies, fish, tofu, and noodles are among the numerous raw items that are cooked in the simmering cauldron before being consumed on their own or dipped in your preferred sauce.

lau vietnamese hotpot


27. Bo ne

Pronunciation guide: /baw ne/

Bo ne, a brunch staple and the Vietnamese equivalent of steak and eggs, is popular. The marinated steak is cooked on a sizzling cast iron pan with butter, tomatoes, onions, eggs, and pâté, taking some of its cooking cues from the French. A toasted baguette is frequently included with the dish, which can be used to make a sandwich or to mop up the remaining sauce in the pan.

bo ne Vietnamese beef steak


28. Mi Quang

Pronunciation guide: /mi kwang/

This meal, which comes from the province of Quang Nam, is made with flat rice noodles that have been turmeric-dyed and are served with a little amount of concentrated pork and shrimp soup. The dish is finished with a mixture of herbs, something crunchy—usually crushed roasted peanuts or toasted sesame rice crackers—and a range of proteins, but most frequently pork and shrimp.

mi quang middle vietnam signature food

The fact that you don't need to move to Quang Nam to just try this noodle bowl. You also find it in Da Nang. If you don't know where to eat, you should check out our Danang food guide to know more or join our Danang tours to get your best experience by putting the button below. 

Danang food tours


29. Bo kho

Pronunciation guide: /baw-khaw/

Vietnamese braised beef stew is considerably more fragrant than the Chinese version, which it was modeled after. The broth is created with lemongrass, star anise, cloves, cinnamon, onions, and garlic and is cooked for hours to get a thinner consistency. Before being cooked in the saucepan with carrots until both are fork-tender, beef chunks are seared. A toasted baguette is included to complete the dish and serve as a spoon for the soup.

bo kho

How about confirming for yourself that Vietnamese food is among the most alluring culinary traditions in Asia and the world? You won't regret sampling any of the foods mentioned above; they are all delicious.

Please share this post with your loved ones or foodie friends if you find it to be useful and practical so they may also take advantage of this meager list of suggested foods. Sharing is loving! 

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