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When is the Monsoon Season in Thailand?

August 28, 2020 - 1157 views

Monsoon season in Thailand is also called the rainy season. People often do not choose this time to travel to Thailand. However, there are still some interesting advantages if you go to Thailand during the monsoon season.

Thailand is the favorite destination for both domestic and international tourists. This country has three official seasons with different climate features. Travelers need to know the difference in weather in a year in Thailand to choose a suitable time for traveling. A lot of people wonder whether they can travel to Thailand in the monsoon season. So, how is the monsoon in Thailand?

Monsoon season in Thailand

In Thailand, there are three official seasons: hot, cold, and rainy season. The rainy season is also called monsoon season, which lasts from May to October every year. In this season, it seems to rain almost every day in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. But in some areas, the monsoon season is at different times of the year. In contrast to other regions, peak tourist season is from May to October on Koh Samui’s Southern Coast while the rainy season lasts from November to February.

Tourists may avoid going to Thailand in the monsoon season because of the high humidity and extreme weather which may happen during the journey. On the contrary, many people choose to travel to Thailand in this season as there are fewer travelers, the weather is cool after raining with lush greenery.

When is the Monsoon Season in Thailand

Thailand’s monsoon season lasts from May to October every year

Advantages of traveling to Thailand in rainy season

  • Biggest sale season

Monsoon season is also the biggest sale season in Bangkok. Many brands from popular to high-end in big shopping centers such as Siam, Central World all reduce prices. On weekends, markets (like Chatuchak, Artbox, The Camp) specializing in classic fashion products attract a lot of tourists for their discount services. Visitors can purchase many decorations, bags, and souvenirs which are cheap and pretty.

  • Fruit season

The rainy season is the ideal time to enjoy rambutan, mangosteen, and durian in Thailand. Travelers should visit some floating markets such as Damnoen Saduak, the oldest market in Thailand, Tailing Chain market is about 12 kilometers from the capital and Amphawa is about 80 kilometers from Bangkok. Coming to these locations, you will see the boats full of fresh fruits.

Especially, Or Tor Kor Fruit market in Bangkok is famous for various kinds of colorful fruits. Visitors are free to taste before deciding to buy.   

  • Rafting on Khek River

Around July to the end of October, the rafting festival is often organized on the Khek River in Phitsanulok City, Northern Thailand. This is one of the most ideal places to come when traveling to Thailand. This river has many narrow bends, which are like waterfalls. Especially in the monsoon season, fast-flowing water will bring excitement feelings for players.

The rowing journey lasts for about three hours and crosses eight kilometers of the river. After finishing rafting, you can enjoy aromatic Arabica coffee which is harvested at farms on the hills around Phitsanulok at Kaeng Song Festival.

  • Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a famous traditional martial art of Thailand. Coming to Thailand during the monsoon season; instead of participating in outdoor activities, watching Muay Thai is a suitable option for rainy days. The two largest Thai arenas in Bangkok are Lumpinee Stadium and Rajadamnern Stadium, which attract thousands of spectators every day.

The arena in Sanam Luang Park (near Khao San) allows foreign visitors to try to play the boxers on Queen’s cup. Besides, if you are afraid of violence but are curious about this sport, Muay Thai Live is your suitable choice. This is held daily in the Asiatique shopping area, along the Chao Phraya River.

Rafting - Disadvantages of traveling to Thailand in the monsoon season

Rafting on Khek River is an interesting activity in Thailand’s monsoon season

Disadvantages of traveling to Thailand in monsoon season

Traveling during the monsoon season will have some disadvantages. You may experience sudden rains while traveling on the street. This makes you wet and easy to get sick. Moreover, floods during the monsoon season can cause a lot of damages. Streets become dirty and slippery, which endangers travelers.

Besides, some hotels and restaurants in Thailand may temporarily close because this is not the peak tourist season. So, travelers may have less choice if they decide to go to Thailand this time.

Disadvantages of traveling to Thailand in the monsoon season

Tourists may experience sudden rains while traveling on the street in monsoon season

Prepare before traveling in Thailand monsoon season

During the rainy season in Thailand, your journey may be affected by unfavorable weather; therefore, you should see weather forecasts carefully before each trip. You can search for the forecast information on the internet, from that planning a suitable schedule and figure out your target destinations.

Instead of carrying bulky suitcases, travelers should prepare a convenient waterproof backpack. As a result, everything in your backpack will be completely dry regardless of the type of weather. Moreover, make sure there are always raincoats in your backpacks to protect yourself in case it rains. You can easily get sick if you are wet and cold. So, prepare yourself a good raincoat, fold it neatly and place it on the backpack’s bottom.

Prepare before traveling to Thailand in monsoon season

During Thailand's monsoon season, you should prepare a convenient waterproof backpack

Thailand’s monsoon season is not ideal for sightseeing, but it is suitable for those who love peace and want to travel to Thailand at the most affordable cost. If you are planning to go to this country this rainy season, remember to prepare carefully before the trip and refer to some Thailand tours.

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