10 Best Wine Bars in Saigon

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Saigon's nightlife is lively, vibrant, and incredible. At the time, sitting in a bar, savoring some wine, and watching the street will be an unforgettable experience during your time in Vietnam. If you are eager to try it, let's come to the following 10 wine bars in Saigon

1. Level 23 Wine Bar

  • Address: Sheraton Hotel & Tower, 88 Dong Khoi, District 1 
  • Open hours: 12 am - late 
  • Price range: $5.74 - $15.46 (130,000 - 350,000 VND) 

Level 23 Wine Bar is a Ho Chi Minh rooftop bar and lounge on the 23rd floor of the luxury 5-star Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers. Located close to the famous and vibrant Dong Khoi Street, the terrace offers great views across the city, including the People’s Committee, Saigon Opera House, and modernist Bitexco Tower.

The bar is not fully open-air but still comes with a distinct outdoor feel, with large, open, arch-like windows. The atmosphere up here is nice, offering a relaxed, chic, and harmonious environment along with a great service. 

In Level 23, you can find an extensive choice of different wines and champagnes from all over the world, which can be bought either per glass or bottle. Cocktails are also complemented with the signature Mojitos. Wine per glass costs between $7 and $15, Cocktails are $8.5 to US$10, and beers or soft drinks are around $7.

The bar is on the same level as Level 23 Signature Restaurant, the famous fine dining restaurant, so if you are planning for a night out, it can be a great choice. 

Level 23 Wine Bar Saigon


2. Baràvin The Wine Bar

  • Address: 11 Le Thanh Tong, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1 
  • Open hours: 11 am - 11 pm 
  • Price range: $22.05 - $132. 30 (500,000 - 3,000,000 VND) 

Located right in the center of district 1 and near the bustling tourist magnet Ben Thanh Market, Baravin offers exclusivity among the masses. It’s hidden away, set covertly above the popular French bistro Cocotte – and while its secretive location and limited seats allude to high-end prices, it’s anything but, serving up a curated menu that balances quality and affordability. 

The wines are mainly French, paired with cheese and charcuterie boards from downstairs, making it a tastefully inexpensive spot to sample a selection. By climbing up a small flight of stairs, guests can enjoy a few glasses of wine on the Baravin open terrace and have a stunning view over the hem below, experiencing one of the more delightful aspects of living in Saigon.

Baràvin The Wine Bar Saigon


3. Cheer House

  • Address: 6B Le Ngo Cat, Ward 7, District 3 
  • Open hours: 10 am - 11 pm 
  • Price range: $2.21 - $22.08 (50,000 - 500,000 VND) 

Cheer House, at first glance, looks like a small wine cellar nestled on the vibrant Le Ngo Cat street with hundreds of different types of wines placed around, creating an impressive ambiance and allowing visitors to admire the wine collection from famous countries like France, Italia. Coming here, not only can you indulge yourself in the sweet scent and great taste of the high-quality wine, but you will also have a chance to try the excellent Eurasian cuisine. 

Inspired by the Western style of design and decoration, Cheer house makes a great impression on visitors right on their first time coming here. With the combination of dark colors, wooden walls, furniture, and lights, the bar will give you a relaxing and enjoyable feeling, making your experience comfortable and unforgettable. At night, it will be great to savor some wine and chat with your friends. 

Cheer House Ho Chi Minh


4. Cork & Bottle Wine & Grill

  • Address: 7 Thai Van Lung, District 1 
  • Open hours: 3 pm - 0 am 
  • Price range: $13.25 - $24.29 (300,000 - 550,000 VND) 

Cork & Bottle has a name as straightforward as its chic, focused concept. The bar is where the wine-obsessed gather over its 200 bottles on offer. All feature high quality and good taste. Prices here run the range of indulgences – from affordable selections for casual nights out and value-for-money bottles ideal for tastings, all the way up to incredibly rare vintages saved for special occasions.

There’s food too, a small menu of cheeses and meats that pair perfectly with your chosen bottle (rather than the other way around). The quality service, central location, and of course, impressive wine menu all add up to a stylish place to indulge.

Besides, the ambiance, the combination of classic and modern style in design and decoration, is a great plus for Cork & Bottle. Coming here, you can try the tasty wine, delicious food, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the bar. The experience is supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. 

Cork & Bottle Wine & Grill ho Chi Minh


5. Shri Wine Bar

  • Address: 23rd floor, Centec Tower, 72 - 74 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, District 3
  • Open hours: 9 am - 11.59 pm 
  • Price range: $13.23 - $29.11 (300,000 - 660,000 VND)

In Shri, you can enjoy your dinner with a view from level 23 of either Al Fresco or Glass House Terrace. Whether you prefer to have the cool Saigon breeze in your hair outdoors or the cooling AC indoors, both will give you an all-around remarkable experience. The dedicated staff is all around to provide you with the best hospitality. Booking tables for dinner and sunset-viewing is recommended due to their high demand.

Enjoying your fine dining like no other in our “floating” Dining Room will be a great experience. The floor-to-ceiling windows and opulent interiors make for dazzling settings for both thrill-seekers and romantics alike. Pamper yourself to a decadent steak and sip on rare wines while soaking in the magnificent view of Saigon.

Besides, the Bar and Lounge area is the perfect spot for sharing moments and creating memories with loved ones. After a long day, you can take a breather with friends with a drink from the extensive list of specially designed cocktails, craft beer, or from the more than 350 kinds of wine we have in our wine cellar, the biggest in Saigon.

Shri Wine Bar Saigon


6. Le Resto Bar

  • Address: 357 Hoang Sa, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1 
  • Open hours: 10 am - 9 pm 
  • Price range: $1.98 - $6.62 (45,000 - 150,000 VND)

Le Resto is a French restaurant and bar that offers delightful Frech dishes and drinks in a warm cozy space. Coming here, you will have a chance to enjoy truly French cuisine and taste delicious wine. The dishes are all made with clean fresh ingredients, thus offering very good tastes. Some highlights are grilled duck confit, grilled beef with wine sauce, and grilled chicken legs. Besides, you should try some Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, and bailey as in such a cozy dining space and with delicious dishes, savoring some wine will be the best experience.

Le Resto is most suitable for couples' date nights and friends' hangouts due to its small space. Here, enjoying your meal, trying some good drinks, and chit-chatting with your loved ones will be great.


7. Muse Dining & Grill

  • Address: 35 Ngo Duc Ke, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1
  • Open hours: 10 am - 2 pm, 5 pm - 10 pm 
  • Price range: $4.41 - $68.36 (100,000 - 1,550,000 VND)

In Muse Dining & Grill, you will have a great dining experience with high-quality food, drinks, service, and romantic space. 

The restaurant offers a wide range of dishes. Among them, steaks are signature. Coming here, you can try some USDA or Wagyu tenderloin steak, as they are of great quality, clean, fresh, when cooked, very sweet, and juicy. A plus for the restaurant is that every portion served is quite big.

Therefore, you should order one by one and share them with your friends. Also, there are French fries, creamy mashed potatoes, mixed grilled veggies, and gramignone rigato as side dishes that you should try. Besides, the restaurant features a wine bar, which offers a wide range of choices for you to choose from. Enjoying some wine along with your meal will be the best experience. 

The restaurant features quite a large dining space that is decorated in US-UK style and can serve 120 people at the same time. Besides, there is a private room for 10 to 15 people, suitable for big families’ meals, parties, or business meetings. If you come in a small group, the general is private and comfortable enough for you to chat with each other while enjoying the steak. 

Muse Dining & Grill Saigon


8. Park Hyatt Saigon's Cellar Door

  • Address: 2 Lam Son Square, District 1 
  • Open hours: 11.30 am - 2.30 pm; 4 pm - 10.30 pm 
  • Price range: $4.41 - $44.10 (100,000 - 1,000,000 VND)

Lying in Park Hyatt Saigon Hotel, Cellar Door wine bar is the perfect pre-dining destination in Ho Chi Minh to sit and discover new wines selected personally by hotel sommelier and stocked exclusively at Square One restaurant using the Coravin wine preservation system. The Bar itself offers a wide range of wine selections for you to choose from and enjoy in a luxurious space, which will be the best experience.

After enjoying your drinks at Cellar Door, you can continue to experience fine dining in Square One Restaurant, which is right next to the Cellar door in the hotel and one of the most famous French restaurants in Saigon. Coming here, you will have an unforgettable experience. It is recommended that you should come here with your lovers as the romantic space will suit couples the most.

Park Hyatt Saigon's Cellar Door


9. Booze Restor Bar

  • Address: 10 Chu Manh Trinh, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1 
  • Open hours: 5 pm - 11 pm 
  • Price range: $3.97 - $30.43 (90,000 - 690,000 VND) 

Located to the North of the Japanese Town, Booze plays double-duty as both a formidable wine store and a scaled-back bar serving select vintages by the glass. Pull up a chair at one amongst its barrel tables and let Booze’s passionate owner worship his personal monthly choices, be it Sicilian whites or South African reds, paired with a tasty selection of house-made tapas.

With a two-for-one hour every day till 8 pm, plus a fantastic Monday deal of a bottle plus a cheeseboard for just 500.000 VND, it’s one among the foremost affordable vino spots in town. With the idea of building not just a cocktail bar, but a lifestyle, a place to celebrate love and culture; when you step into Booze, it is the cozy yet elegant atmosphere that will help you escape from the everyday routine.


10. Trois Gourmands

  • Address: 39 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien Ward, District 2 
  • Open hours: 12 am - 3 pm; 6 pm - 11 pm 
  • Price range: $22.05 - $44.10 (500,000 - 1,000,000 VND)

Trois Gourmands is a French restaurant with a unique style in the vibrant Saigon. On your first time coming here, you will be impressed by the romantic dining of the restaurant which features red and white as the main color and elegant decoration, suitable for couples' date nights.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. The menu is mainly Western and quite diverse. The food here, generally, is cooked by professional chefs; thus offering a very good taste that you should try once in your life. Besides, in Trois Gourmandsm, many different types of wine are served. You can choose to try a glass of wine along with your meal as it will enhance the taste so much. As Trois Gourmands features quite a romantic dining space, it will be great for couples to enjoy their meal here.

Trois Gourmands Saigon

Above are the 10 best wine bars in Saigon for you to enjoy the nightlife here. If you are looking for Ho Chi Minh tours, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our website bestpricetravel.com

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