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Ziplining Vietnam: Outstanding Activities Must-do

July 12, 2023 - 1418 views

Wishing for freedom to spread wings like a bird in the air, try the Zipline of Vietnam once! The feeling of being given wings and soaring for endless long distances is the most unforgettable experience for tourists. As a game-filled adventure, players can explore nature based on bird signs. 

With wild and pristine nature, the Zipline takes visitors across many rivers, streams, lakes, and trees and be an outstanding adventure activity must-do in Vietnam. This game may look terrifying but safe because you will always attach your seatbelt to a fixed rope; even when sitting, you will be assured of not getting lost. It's your turn to be on cloud nine! Read this text and follow our lead!

Reason To Do Ziplinning Vietnam

For lovers of Zipline, it makes no sense to clarify why they should engage in Vietnam. There are a lot of aspects that turn Vietnam into one of the most attractive places. Then, let us show you these things, and you may quickly figure out, buddies!

Have Amazing Adventure With Modern Sled: The feeling of sitting on a sledge across different terrains is what backpacking fans are always looking for. You can enjoy the feeling of super fascinating when receiving the coolness of the sea breeze rushing in the face. The modern sledge will take visitors around the tall green trees; below is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Satisfy The Craze Of Speed: With a slope with a range of up to 100m in each system, the Zipline of Vietnam continues to mark one of the world's most fabulous sites. Adventurous travellers will be pleased when the speed flying on the slide can be up to 100km/h.

Bring Perfect Happiness: A special side effect of Zipline is extremely good stress relief. On a journey through the jungle, the speed and height of this adventure game will challenge your mind. Yell loudly whether you are scared or not, and all the sadness will vanish.

Ziplinning Vietnam

Ziplining Vietnam

Best places to do Zipline in Vietnam

Let us bring you the top 3 landmarks to do Zipline in Vietnam! Check it right now!

1. Zipline In Phu Quoc

The impressive Zipline will help meet all needs of relaxation, thus bringing the newest and most unique experiences for visitors to the island. One note that you should keep in mind is the weather. In the dry season, you should choose this early slot so that when doing Zipline, it is not too hot, and you will not get sunstroke.

There will be a total of about 33 landmarks, and it's divided into three categories of terrains. Initially will be sliding short or gentle slides, as later, as you get used to the slopes, you will be able to slide in hard-core status. Anyone who slides at high speed will feel like being swallowed up in the forest.

That's why you should stabilize your mind as soon as possible; then, you can easily rush up the pace and get hyperactive on the highest point. No words can describe when imagining that you are surfing among the tropical green forests with whispering leaves! At that time, everything you do is to gasp and admire the majestic natural scenery surrounded by a small dot.

Coming to an end is the challenge that can make people fear of any height faint: Slide straight from top to lower floor. I may be afraid of you, and then if you don't have enough bravery, you can give up at this stage.

Zipline phu Quoc

Zipline phu Quoc

2. Hue Zipline

Known as one of the attractive adventure ecotourism routes, the Zipline tour in Hue has integrated many international travel agencies to put into service. After hearing that, are you interested in learning more about indigenous residents' lives and enjoying the charm this summer right away? In the peak season, when you finish buying tickets, please quickly change your costumes to make them suitable for each type of service and get yourself a life jacket in your hand! Now, let's eat it all up!

When you stand up high and look down, you will inevitably be dizzy, flustered. The first reflex will turn away or cover your eyes to dare not look down. But it's up to your mind to decide to face that fear or not. Don't be afraid to enjoy the magnificent mountain scenery! The line will start from the top to the foot of the mountain with a length of about 500m. You have to face your fear and get over it. It will be interesting and wonderful in the process of sliding on a cable, and you can hear the wind blowing in your ears, capture the view of rivers, mountains, and water laying under your feet!

Hue Zipline

Hue Zipline

Floating in the middle of the air is when your imagination comes into play. All excitement, indescribable feelings will simultaneously appear. You only enjoy that wonderful moment in just a few short minutes, so make the most of it when you have the opportunity to participate in this adventure.

Certainly, when you come to Hue, you will have more striking experiences to admire the historic works of the king's mausoleum, the inner city area, and watch the peaceful and gentle Perfume River on Ngu Binh mountain. And above all, you can enjoy participating in exciting adventure games on Zipline.


3. Phong Nha Zipline

When experiencing the Zipline, visitors will be wearing a helmet and seat belts attached to the fixed cable above. At the two ends of the zipline station, there are always staff on duty, ensuring the safety of skiers and safe landing. If you weigh 50 kg, don't hesitate to give an extra 10 kg sandbag to you to ensure the completion of the slide. Usually, it takes about 1-2 minutes for each passenger to go through both stages. Taking a long zipline at a speed of about 45km / h, running through the air to see the scenery will make you have a whale of a time. Then, you can take a selfie stick while you slide, but be careful as this item is easy to fall!

As it feels like jumping off a cliff, it's not strange if you break out in a sweat. Most players describe that there are two different emotions before and after sliding the Zipline. Before sliding, most of them were afraid of heights, worried about safety, but after sliding, fear has gone. The second stage has to force an extra parachute behind to slow down. Although the landscape is not as beautiful as the first leg, it is more disgusting because of the high speed, steep, and much shorter slide.

Phong Nha Zipline

Phong Nha Zipline

Travel tips when doing Ziplinne Vietnam

Trying to conquer zipline games once will make you feel like in seventh heaven. Hang on; it's vital to be well prepared. Hence, you only focus on the following 3 points:

Enough: Bring enough personal essentials according to the checklist.

Following these criteria, let us show you some notes:

  • Clothes: Your outfits should have good sweat-absorbent and be elastic to help you move easily
  • Shoes: the shoes should have deep grooves to avoid slippery. They should have a good grip to support your feet.
  • Other items: you should bring a hat, jacket, sun protection gloves, sunscreen is required.

Lightweight: Minimize the weight of the items in the backpack.

It would be best if you prioritized backpacks with lightweight, durable fabrics and ample interior space. However, the chosen backpack must hug the body, with a cushion on the back to avoid pain and fatigue.

Fit: Equip yourself with the most suitable equipment and let them develop their full potential.

Remember that the smartphone is a simple way to capture the view. Then, certainly, for those who love to take pictures, they will be indispensable for a phone bag in their list of preparing travel gear. This handy gadget has a major effect in protecting your phone from water repellency.

Besides, don't forget the instructions from the guide, such as:

Don't go alone: When you are in the forest, there is no signal or weak phone signal; your companion will support you in all situations.

Don't run yet: Ziplining requires a lot of stamina and willpower because you travel long distances. Therefore, not being impatient to hurry will quickly lose your energy.

Follow environmental protection rules: You can limit the use of wet paper towels and apply more water containers, raincoats, eco-friendly shower gel, which you can use many times.

Luggage preparation is very important as it will reduce many problems on the journey, thus assists you to enjoy the fullest experience.

Safety before doing zipline

Safety before doing the zipline

It has unique features as delicious food, but everything in Vietnam also dazzles you with other aspects like Zipline. With the advantage of mountainous terrain and fine weather, it's always time for you to enjoy this specialty-sliding through the forest, screaming freely because of excitement. A matter is nonsense even when you don't like adventure or thrills. It's high time to try once to save your youth boldly!

You might also look for Vietnam tours which are available for customized included zipline for you.

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