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Bangkok - Things to do

If you are wondering whether to visit in Thailand, we recommend that let’s experience new things in Bangkok first if you have never been here. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and will certainly converge all factors to attract tourists. Do not believe it? Top 10 best things to do in Bangkok in this article will help you better understand Bangkok.

1. Visit The Grand Palace

Grand Palace is a prominent destination in Bangkok, attracting millions of tourists every year. Located on Na Phra Lan Road, next to the Minam River, you can easily move to the Grand Palace from the center. Here, you can admire a historic architecture, a convergence of the quintessential beauty froom culture, beliefs and religion in Thailand.

The Grand Palace is lit up daily and always stands out, sparkling in the Bangkok city. When coming to the Grand Palace, you should go to all must-visit places including Wat Phra Kaew, Phra Sri Rattana Tower and Phra Mondop Library.

Grand Palace Bangkok is a prominent destination in Bangkok

2. Make A Wish At An Ancient Temple

Another must-try activity in Bangkok is a special ritual every visitor does when visiting Thailand. That is to make a wish in an ancient temple in Bangkok. This activity in Thailand is completely free. You can choose one of many ancient temples in Bangkok such as Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, Wat Saket, Wat Traimit, Loha Prasat, Wat Mahathat... to pray for good fortune, health and happiness.

Ancient Temple - a must try activity and special ritual every visitor does when visiting Thailand


3. Go Shopping In Siam Malls

Siam Malls is the largest shopping center in Thailand. This is the place to satisfy all your passion from fashion, cuisine to technology equipment. If you do not know what to do in Bangkok when you first arrive here, go shopping in Siam Malls. Siam Malls is located near BTS Central Station. You can even shop here all week without getting bored.

Shopping in Siam Malls, the largest shopping center in Thailand

4. Explore The City By BTS, MRT And BRT System

When traveling alone, everyone likes to experience the trip like a local person. In fact, experiencing the food and using public transport by yourself are what you must do in Bangkok to get the best out of it. The Bangkok train system is very convenient, connecting to many shopping centers, restaurants, busy residential areas, etc. You can use BTS Skytrain (Line Sukhumvit), BTS Skytrain (Silom Line), BTS Skytrain (Route Silom), underground MRT Route (Blue Line), MRT Route (Purple Line), or BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) to move to different places.

The price of the subway fare (MRT) and skytrain (BTS) ranges from 16 - 42 Baht if traveling on the same route, about 70 Baht if transferring trains many times. With a reasonable price, you can go everywhere in Bangkok city.

BTS, MRT and BRT system is very convenient in Bangkok

5. Visit Zoo And Amusement Park

Safari World is Asia's largest zoo that you definitely cannot miss. Safari World is located at 99 Samwatawantok Road, Klongsamwa District, about 12 km from the center of Bangkok city. The zoo is divided into 2 separate areas: the open-air zoo (Safari Park) and amusement park. Coming to Safari Park, you will see directly the wildlife of more than 75 mammal species, 300 bird species from Africa, Asia and the typical animals around the world.

In addition, Bangkok has many parks to visit. This is both an entertainment form of the city's population and a tourist attraction place. Here are the ideal parks for visitors to have interesting experiences:

  • Fantasia Lagoon
  • Chatuchak Park
  • Siam Park City
  • Siam Ocean World Park
  • Chuvit Park
  • Dream World Park
  • Lumpini Park
  • Safari World Park
  • Non Chong Park
  • King Rama IX Park park

Zoo and Amusement Park have more than 75 mammal species, 300 bird species from Africa, Asia and the typical animals around the world

6. Give A Try For Thai Chinese Food 

There are a lot of things to do in Bangkok during the day, so what can you do to have fun at night? When night falls, street food vendors will turn to appear on the sidewalk, Bangkok Chinatown gradually becomes shimmering. Hundreds of attractive food stalls with many tastes and flavors will make you unable to refuse. If coming to Bangkok, exploring Chinatown Bangkok must be a top thing to do.

Chinatown is not only one of the largest Chinese community areas in the world, but also one of the busiest districts of Bangkok city. Chinatown has 2 distinct forms between day and night. In day life, Chinatown is an ordinary market. At night, a great gastronomic center appears and is visited by a lot of visitors. Coming to Chinatown, you definitely have to try the following foods:

  • Pomegranate Juice
  • Durian
  • Toast with 9 kinds of special filling
  • Thai Pancake
  • Kuay Teow Kua Gai
  • Kway Chap Auan Pochana
  • Seafood

Thai Chinese food in Bangkok Chinatown with hundreds of attractive food stalls

7. Explore The Diversity Of Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak is a market where you can easily find everything from clothing, accessories, and shoes to bonsai, home furnishings, handicrafts, and local delicacies. Therefore, Chatuchak Night Market is quite crowded and stuffy.

Chatuchak Market is open on Friday night. It is great to enjoy your weekends at this market. You can stroll around the market, just shopping while breathing the fresh, cool atmosphere at night. Here you can enjoy delicious food and buy unique souvenirs.

Chatuchak Market is quite crowded and stuffy

8. Take A Boat Tour Through Chao Phraya River

The unique architecture interwoven on the banks of the great Chao Phraya River makes people not deny the charm of a boat tour around Bangkok. You can take a boat tour through Chao Phraya River to see the ancient Wat Arun Temple, Wat Pho Temple and Wat Phra Kaew Temple, beautiful and delicate, brilliant Grand Palace, shining in every angle. These are all popular tourist destinations, therefore, taking a boat through the river is a must-try activity in Bangkok.

Chao Phraya River, the unique architecture interwoven on the banks

9. Try Thais Massage

Every visitor when they go to Thailand has a to-do things and to-go places list to experience. Among many destinations and activities, we recommend you try Thai massage. Going to massage is definitely one of the certain things to do in Bangkok. However, there are so many options, where should we try the massage?

The options below will make it easier to choose:

Name Price Typical therapy
Divana Spa 100 Baht Wattana
Let's Relax Spa 150 Baht Wattana
Oasis Spa 900 Baht Wattana
Healthland Spa 550 Baht Asoke
Luxsa Spa 900 Baht Rajdamri
Away Spa 2354 Baht Silom
Como Shambhala Spa 2400 Baht Sathorn
Perception Blind Massage 350 Baht Silom
AKA Forever Young 2000 Baht Wattana
Asia Herb Association 600 Baht Wattana
Yunomori Onsen & Spa 35 Baht Klongton
One Sand Bath Therapy 2500 Baht Nongbon
Chillax Spa 1200 Baht Wattana
Theta State Float Centre 1950 Baht Klongton
I.Sawan Residential Spa & Club 1800 Baht Rajdamri

Thais Massage, a must try to do in Bangkok

10. Sip Drinks At A Bangkok Sky Bar

If you have tried Thai massage when coming to Bangkok, don't forget to try sip drinks at a Bangkok Sky Bar. Maybe you do not know but Bangkok is the place which has more sky bars than any other countries in Southeast Asia. In Bangkok city, there are many high buildings and world-class hotels.

Therefore, if you come to Bangkok without enjoying the feeling of enjoying a cup of coffee, a glass of wine on top of the world, it is wasteful. For the most complete trip, you can choose one of the sky bars below:

  • Sky Bar - lebua at State Tower
  • Vertigo - Banyan Tree Bangkok
  • Red Sky - Centara Grand at CentralWorld
  • Long Table
  • Speakeasy - Hotel Muse
  • Octave Rooftop Bar - Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit
  • HI-SO Rooftop bar - Sofitel So on Sathorn
  • Siwilai City Club - Central Embassy
  • Cielo Rooftop Sky Bar
  • The Rooftop Bar - Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Bangkok Sky Bar is the place which has more sky bars than any other countries in Southeast Asia

These interesting things to do in Bangkok have been applied by many visitors. If you have the opportunity to visit the capital of Thailand - Bangkok, please take advantage of time to explore everything of this city. You will definitely not regret when preparing for this trip!