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Top 5 Best Seafood Restaurant in Phu Quoc

November 18, 2022 - 4519 views

Seafood is one of the must-try food in Phu Quoc when enjoying your beach vacation here. Let's immediately discover 10 delicious seafood restaurants in Phu Quoc that are gotten many great reviews in the article below.

1. Ra Khoi Seafood Restaurant Phu Quoc

  • Address: The shop is located at 131 Bis, April 30, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc.
  • Opening time: 9am - 11pm.

Ra Khoi seafood is one of the best restaurants in Phu Quoc that you should not miss. The restaurant has a spacious & airy space so many tourists choose this restaurant. This restaurant is known for its rich seafood menu with diverse processing methods. The price for seafood here is reasonable between 40,000đ to 500,000đ for a dish. Some famous dishes you should try are herring salad, grilled lobster with cheese, grilled oysters with garlic butter …

Ra Khoi Seafood Restaurant Phu Quoc

Ra Khoi Seafood Restaurant


2. Hello Restaurant Phu Quoc

  • Address: 66 Tran Hung Dao, Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc
  • Opening time: 9am - 11pm

The Hello Restaurant is loved for its delicious & fresh seafood, enthusiastic service staff, and beautiful sea view. It is one of the most crowded restaurants attracts a hundred tourists every day especially in the evening. Coming here you are not only can taste all special seafood dishes but also enjoy the cool space & breeze from the sea.

The famous dish is shrimp with coconut milk sauce, which you should not miss when coming here. Price for seafood here is between 60.000đ – 500.000đ/ dish.

Hello Restaurant Phu Quoc

Hello Restaurant


3. Ozone Seafood Restaurant

  • Address: Almaz Phu Quoc, Bai Dai – Ganh Dau – Phu Quoc
  • Opening time: 11am - 10pm

Located in Almaz shopping center, Ozone Seafood restaurant has a spacious area and is one of the most luxurious & comfortable seafood restaurants in Phu Quoc. The seafood here fills up every day from early morning so it is very fresh. You can enjoy the dishes with the full taste of the sea for both grilled or steamed. Besides you can get order some famous imported seafood such as Alaska lobster, king crab, and Hokkaido scallop... 

Ozone Seafood Restaurant

Ozone Seafood Restaurant


4. Trung Duong Maria Restaurant

  • Address: 30/4 Street, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc
  • Opening time: 7am - 10.30pm

Trung Duong is also one of the popular restaurants which people come to looking for the best seafood restaurant in Phu Quoc. Located in main tourist street where you can find many restaurant & hotels so it is very convenient for you to access. It is designed spacious & airy space with some beautiful fish tanks with all kinds of fish at outside the entrance.

Some famous dishes here are crab fried rice, Thai hot pot, or tamarind fried crab... The price is also reasonable between 130.000đ – 180.000đ for one dish. Besides staff at Trung Duong Maria restaurant are both very friendly & helpful. Let's put this restaurant in your pocket list for your next trip to Phu Quoc now.

Trung Duong Maria Restaurant

Trung Duong Maria Restaurant


5. Cat Bien Restaurant

  • Address: Bach Dang, Area 1, Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc
  • Opening time: 7am - 10.30pm

Cat Bien is one of the delicious & cheap restaurants in Phu Quoc for all tourists. Located next to Duong Dong River so the atmosphere of this restaurant is very cool & relaxing. This restaurant is designed rustic and simple to make you feel comfortable when having a meal here.

Some famous dishes at Cat Bien restaurant are Herring salad, Scallops, King crab, Snails roasted with salt and pepper, Grilled pineapple with onion fat, Ham Ninh Crab... Dishes price here is reasonable between 50.000đ - 200.000đ.

Cat Bien Restaurant

Cat Bien Restaurant

The above article suggests you top 5 delicious seafood restaurants in Phu Quoc. Hope you can find a good one for your next trip. If you are planning to come here and don't know how to book a flight to Phu Quoc, hotels & tours in Phu Quoc, let's contact BestPrice Travel, our travel consultant will help you arrange it.

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