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Best Time to Visit Yangon for Great Weather

January 18, 2024 - 823 views

The ancient capital of Myanmar - Yangon is one of the most attractive destinations when traveling in Asia. Tourists coming here will be completely conquered by the clear blue lakes, shady parks, and tropical plants. This is the reason why Yangon is also considered as "The garden of the East". When is the best time to visit Yangon is the question of many tourists who intend to make a trip to Myanmar. To answer that question, let's learn about the climate and seasons of Yangon to be able to choose the right time to travel.

Yangon The Ancient Capital Of Myanmar  Best time to visit Yagon

Yangon - The ancient capital of Myanmar

Best time to Visit Yangon by weather

Yangon is a hot city and has very little change in temperature around the year. Also, Yangon has very little rainfall so the most time of year is suitable to visit Yangon.

Sep to Nov is considered the best time to visit Yangon because the temperature is around 30.9°C (87.6°F) to 34.5°C (94.1°F). This is suitable for all sightseeing or outdoor activities of tourists. However, most hotels are sold out and high prices due to high tourist demand.

Sep to Nov is best time to visit Yangon

Sep to Nov is best time to visit Yangon

If you are looking for a reasonable trip to Yangon, please consider between June to Aug when demanding come down and great promotion deals from hotels, lodges. The temperature is slightly high but less rain so in my opinion, you can visit Yangon this time without any problem.

June to Aug is best time to have a great Yangon tour deals

June to Aug is best time to have great Yangon tour deals

Best season to visit Yangon

Myanmar is one of the countries having the most favorable and mild climate in Southeast Asia. Yangon in the south has extremely cool and pleasant weather, very suitable for your travels. It has 3 seasons: the hot season, the wet season, and the dry season.

  • Hot season (from March to May)

From March, the temperatures increase steadily then can reach 40oC in the hot season. Due to the temperatures are raised, it makes tourists feel harder with outside activities so a trip to Inya Lake is a good choice.

Best time to visit Yagon Thingyan Water Festival

Thingyan Water Festival

Although the weather is not too pleasant, there are still many tourists coming here to take part in the Thingyan Water Festival and Shwedagon Pagoda Festival.

  • Wet season (from June to October)

The temperatures are around 30oC and time for monsoon storms. In Yangon, it can be raining all day and night this time so it is not a suitable season for traveling. The good news is the price of flight tickets during this season is the lowest of the year and the Thadingyut Festival held in September – October also attracting many tourists.

Rainy in Yangon

Rainy in Yangon

  • Dry season (from November to February)

The dry season is considered the best time to visit Yangon as well as Myanmar because of the low rainfall and nice weather. The average temperatures are about 30oC during the day and about 15oC at night. In high season, the price of airplane tickets will be higher than usual and tourist destinations are crowded. 

Dry season, Best time to visit Yagon

The dry season, the Best season to visit Yangon

Although it is dry season, the water level in Ngapali beaches is still enough for you to swimming and having a boat-trip.

Each season, Yangon has a unique beauty that attracts many tourists. Therefore, you can come here at any time of the year. Yangon is in the south of Myanmar, it has a cool and extremely comfortable atmosphere. Although there are sometimes rains, it really does not affect your flight too much.

You can refer to our Yangon tours list to find the best one for you.

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