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Biking In Sapa: Embrace The Beauty On Two Wheels

December 28, 2023 - 948 views

Biking in Sapa is an exciting but challenging activity. Therefore, it is necessary for some researches about biking in Sapa to have the best experience here. The bellow article is about biking in Sapa, some popular routes, and useful tips for cycling here. Hope you have a great time traveling in Sapa

Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province, a land of modest, quiet but hidden wonders of the natural landscape. Biking is one of the best ways to explore Sapa. During the biking trip, you will be able to not only see tons of magnificent natural beauty including the terrain of the mountains and hills, the green of the forest but also learn more about the traditions and customs of ethnic people here. Therefore, do not miss a chance to cycle in this area.

cycling in Sapa

Cycling in Sapa

Overview of cycling in Sapa

Cycling in Sapa gives you a chance to discover one of the best mountain retreats in Vietnam. This area has impressive terraced paddy fields, rich ethnic culture. You may need only half a day to explore a short distance, but 2 days or even more to go further. No matter how long your trip is, it will be an exciting activity when you are here.
Cycling in Sapa is not easy. It is exciting when you cycle downhill, but it is much challenging when you cycle uphill. This is for experienced cyclists, not for everyone.
If you choose cycling to explore Sapa, you can either hire a bike or sign up for a cycling tour. You can easily find a shop which offers a hiring service in Sapa. You also need to buy a Sapa for locations and routes. All the main roads will be marked. Biking in Sapa requires good mountain bikes, so you should double-check the bike when renting. The biking tour is more convenient, where you have a tour guide, bikes, support vehicles, some meals included.

Places to cycle in Sapa

Ta Phin village: It is located 17 km from Sapa town. You can discover this village on the bike for a half-day. Coming here, you will be able to see the Red Dao with a rich culture that has not been affected by modern life.
Lao Chai village: It is only 6 km from Sapa town. The village is the place where Hmong people live. It is the beginning of Muong Hoa valley. Cycling a bit further, you will be able to see a beautiful terrace rice field, a panorama of the village, mountains, and river.
Ta Van village: It is about 10 km from Sapa and half-day is enough to explore this village by cycle. The road is small and narrow, but you will pass green fields of corn and rice. That is worth cycling here
Cat Cat village: It is located in Muong Hoa valley. Cycling here is a downhill ride and it is really exciting. Coming to visit this village, you will be able to see the big waterfall, old Hydro Electic Power Station. The most impressive thing on the trip here is the image of women sitting in front of the looms.

Cat Cat village

Cat Cat village, Sapa

Ban Ho village: It is about 25 km from Sapa town, and is home to Tay ethnic people. You will need one of two days for cycling here. Staying at a homestay in Ban Ho can be one of the best experiences you have during the trip.
Ba Ha market: It is about 80 km from Sapa town. Cycling to Bac Ha market can be a little bit hard, but it is worth cycling here. Every Sunday, there is a market where local people gather for exchanging goods and meeting other people. Bac Ha market is the biggest and the most colorful market in Sapa
Muong Khuong market: It is about 90 km from Sapa. Muong Khuong market is held every Sunday, it is the biggest market in the area, where local people gather to sell many products such as handicrafts, cattle, vegetables, traditional incense...
Tram Ton Pass: Cycling to this pass can be very hard. To reach this place you need to pass Heaven Gate which offers a great view

Tram Ton pass, Sapa

Tram Ton pass, Sapa

Tips and Experience of cycling in Sapa

- Ride on the open trail only: Avoid riding on the private land, or the road which is closed
- Control your bike: Be attentive when riding a bike in Sapa as only a minute lacking attention can cause problems or serious accident. Always follow the speed regulations and recommendations
- Give ways for the animal: Give the animals room and time to adjust you. It can be dangerous if you crush into the animals
- Use the horn: Always let your fellow trail users know you are coming.
- Well plan for the trip: Know your equipment, ability, the area you will be riding, and prepare for it.
- Wear a helmet and appropriate safety gear.


Beautiful Sapa

Hope the above article is helpful and have a great time in Sapa. Contact us for more detail. 

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