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Bus from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter: Price & Schedule

January 12, 2022 - 13411 views

There are many ways to transfer from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter, buses are really a typical one because of many benefits which the others don’t have. That’s why it’s a popular choice. In this article, let’s explore much useful information from BestPrice Travel about buses from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter with price and schedule to set up your trip.

Hanoi Airport to old quarter bus

Hanoi Airport to old quarter bus

About Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter bus

Hanoi Airport or Noi Bai international airport is one of the four international airports in Vietnam and is the second biggest one, transferring millions of passengers each year. This airport plays an important role in tourism, not only for tourists who want to explore but also for others who want to visit many places around Hanoi

With a distance of 30 kilometers from this airport, you can easily transfer to the Hanoi Old Quarter thanks to various types of transportation. Shuttle or public bus is one of them. There are two reasons why most tourists choose the bus from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter.

Firstly, it’s cheap: Low price is the most outstanding feature of buses. In fact, the price of a taxi trip can be 10 times as much as the one of a bus trip. Think about the money you can save if you choose buses instead of taxis, it’s really significant. In case you know clearly where you want to go and want to save money for other things, let’s choose this way to transfer. 

Secondly, it’s on schedule: Shuttle or public bus is operated with a certain schedule every day. There is always a trip every 15 or 20 minutes, from the early morning to the late afternoon. If your flights arrive in Hanoi in this period of time, buses are very suitable for your traveling.

Thirdly, it can transfer your cumbersome luggage: In case your luggage takes up a lot of room, buses also can be a solution, of course when it’s not so crowded. This type of transportation is also suitable for tourist groups. 

Bus from Hanoi airport to old quarter

Bus from Hanoi airport to old quarter


There are 2 different bus types for you to consider:

Public bus: Bus no 07, 17, or 84 are operated by Hanoi Bus company with a daily schedule run from Hanoi to the airport and vice-versa. The schedule of these buses is fixed if you know the schedule just be pick-up point right time.

Hanoi Airport shuttle bus: actually it is operated by some private company corporate with the airline to offer this bus, they don't have fix schedule and normally you have to wait to full fill client so the bus will run.


Hanoi airport to Old Quarter bus: price & schedule

Shuttle or public bus is really the wonderful invention of our life. Thanks to that, tourists now have a good way to transfer in their trips. In the case of the Hanoi Airport shuttle to the Old Quarter, it is very convenient and ideal for budget trips. There are many buses that can help you come to your desired destination in Hanoi Old Quarter. Bus No. 07, Bus No. 17, and Bus No. 86 are the typical ones.

Bus No. 07: Cau Giay ⇄ Noi Bai international airport 

This bus is very ideal because of the low price with just 9000 VND per ticket for a person. It starts at 5 a.m and has the last trip at 9 p.m every day and every 50 minutes has 1 trip. At Noi Bai international airport, this bus will stop at P2 parker, T1 terminal. You can pick it and travel to Old Quarter. 

  • Operating time: 5 a.m to 9 p.m
  • Ticket price: 9,000 VND per person

Bus no 07 Hanoi Airport to Old quarter

Bus no 07

Bus No. 17: Long Bien ⇄ Noi Bai international airport 

Although Bus No.17 has a shorter operating time lasting just till 8.30 p.m, it’s still a good choice for the route from Long Bien to Noi Bai international airport. Its ticket price is 7,000 VND per person, cheaper than the one of Bus No.07. You can pick this bus at P3 parker of Noi Bai international airport to come to Old Quarter. You can stop at Chuong Duong Bridge. It’s one of the entrances of this attractive destination. 

  • Operating time: 5 a.m to 8 p.m every 70 - 80 minutes/ trips
  • Ticket price: 7,000 VND per person


Bus No. 86: Hanoi Train station ⇄ Noi Bai international airport 

Bus No. 86 is a high-quality bus specialized for tourists who want to explore Hanoi Old Quarter from Noi Bai international airport. It drives you through many streets in the Old Quarter area such as Hang Bai, Hang Voi, Hang Tre, Hang Muoi, etc. This bus is also very convenient for those who need to transfer to some places around Hanoi by train after getting off the airplane. 

You can pick this bus at domestic terminal T1 (Hall A, B, E - second floor of departure station); international terminal T2 (Hall A1, A2 - 2nd floor of departure station), or the parker of T1 terminal.

  • Operating time: 5 a.m to 10.15 p.m (every 45 minutes/ trip)
  • Ticket price: 35,000 VND per person 

Bus 86 from Hanoi Airport to old quarter

Bus 86 from Hanoi Airport to the old quarter


Hanoi Airport shuttle bus

The Hanoi airport shuttle bus runs daily every 20 minutes/ trip, if they full customer they could run earlier or later. Price for Hanoi Airport shuttles is similar at 40,000 VND/ person. You need to transfer by your own to the meeting point of the bus.



Tips to transfer by bus from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter

There are some tips to transfer by bus from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter which help you be more comfortable when using this type of transportation.

  • Don’t hurry: When you have been at a bus stop for a while but there’s still no bus for you, keep patient. Although buses are on schedule sometimes it can be sooner or later than the estimated time a bit. Fortunately, it’s in control and all you need to do is wait for a little more time till it arrives.
  • Choose the right number of the bus taking you to Old Quarter: It means that you should choose the bus which is convenient to pick at your exit and will stop at a suitable spot for exploring Hanoi Old Quarter such as the buses mentioned in this article.

The bus is obviously a great way to transfer for a budget trip, as well as gives you a chance to explore your destination in a special way. With much useful information from this article, the BestPrice team hopes that you will know more clearly about the bus from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter with price and schedule. Thereby, find your right one and enjoy a wonderful Hanoi tour

Thanks for your reading!

 Nhat Anh

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