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Che (Vietnamese sweet soup)

July 12, 2023 - 3008 views

Vietnam sweet soup is famous as a rustic dish with delicious taste and captivating customers from all over the world. How much do you know about this Vietnamese sweet soup?

Vietnam is a country with diverse and diverse cuisines, with many unique and delicious dishes that appeal to diners everywhere. Vietnamese sweet soup is a popular snack in Vietnam, it can be in the form of pudding, or as a simple drink that combines fruit, vegetables, beans, seeds, glutinous rice and tapioca, and is often covered with top with coconut milk. This is an addictive dish that is liked by many diners.

History of Che

Che - Vienamese sweet soup is a dish used as a dessert in Asian cuisine, it originated from China spread to Vietnam and many other countries. This is a dish of water, of which the most important ingredient is sugar.

Today, Che in Vietnam has become very diverse, which is sweet soup in the North, sweet soup in the South, sweet soup in the Central, and also introduces the sweet soup of Malaysia, Thai sweet soup... extremely unique and attractive.

Che (Vietnamese sweet soup)

Che is an addictive street food dish in Vietnam

Ingredients for making Che

Che (Vietnam sweet soup) is usually made quite simply, based on how sweet soup can be divided into three types: cooked with lots of diluted sugar water; semi-dilute semi-solid cooking, with viscosity; Sweet, thick soup. With sweet soup with a lot of thin sugar water, we can think of sweet soup with black beans, sweet red bean sweet soup, which is very suitable for refreshing in the summer, sweet lotus seeds, and sweet soup...

Che in Vietnam

Che is usually made quite simply

As for Vietnamese Che, there is sweet taro soup, sweet cassava soup, sweet corn soup, sweet grapefruit soup... with sticky rice makes sweet sweet sticky rice soup very delicious! Each type of sweet soup is very popular on the market along with its variations making Vietnamese sweet soups increasingly diverse everywhere to be loved.

Sweet soup ingredients are very diverse, including beans, beans, rice, sticky rice, cereals, fruits, tubers, and even in Hue there is a sweet soup with roasted meat pulp.

Today, traditional sweet soups such as corn and grapefruit tea have been created and modified by many Vietnamese people. By adding some coconut milk or some coffee, the traditional sweet soup suddenly becomes strange but not inferior to the previous generations!

Vietnamese Che

Sweet soup ingredients are very diverse

How to eat the best Che?

Che is classified by region and eating habits of each region. But generally, there are 2 main ways to eat this dish. It is cold and hot food.

Usually, during the hot season, they will often cook sweet soups with lots of water served with ice or chilled ready to refreshments. Sweet and cold Vietnamese soups are common and available everywhere in Vietnam.

On the contrary, in the winter, people will make sweet soups and eat hot. The hot, sweet soup will help dispel the cold of winter. This hot, sweet soup is usually popular in Northern Vietnam because it has a cold winter.

Regardless of the sweet soup or the way the food is hot or cold. Vietnamese sweet soup is still a favorite dish of all people and foreign tourists.

Che - Vietnamese cuisine

Che is different from region to region

Some good places to eat Che

Located in a small corner in the old Thanh Cong B market, "Quan co Hue" was always crowded with people. Her shop still mainly serves traditional sweet soups like sweet corn soup, mixed sweet soup... with a very popular price of about 1 - 2 per dish. There are about 10 kinds of Vietnamese sweet soup for you to enjoy.

Vietnamese Che

Che Khuc Bach

"Che bon mua" opened before 1975, is one of the oldest and famous traditional sweet soup shops in Hanoi. Address at 4 Hang Can. The price is about 1 - 2 USD per dish

"Che sau co Lien" durian sweet soup is very cool, the sweet taste is not harsh, the soup has a pleasant aroma. Grapefruit crispy sweet soup is rich in fat, the aroma of grapefruit is gently blended with the sweet and fragrant coconut. Address 36 Hang Cot. The price is about 1 - 3 USD per dish

Che in Hanoi

Che Thap Cam

Rustic, sophisticated with Hanoi sweet soup, diverse, eye-catching with Saigon sweet soup, each sweet soup brings the characteristics of each region, which is delicious and also attractive. Today Vietnam sweet soup has become an indispensable snack throughout the streets and people as well as diners.

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