Best Places to see Da Nang Sunset & Sunrise

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There is no doubt that Da Nang is famous for its natural stunning beaches and friendly local people. However, one of the top amazing sceneries that you shouldn't miss here is the stunning view of dusk and dawn here. In this article, we will introduce you to all the best spots to see Da Nang sunset and sunrise.

1. My Khe Beach

According to Forbes Magazine, My Khe belongs to the top 6 of the most beautiful beaches all over the world. Golden sand, crystal clear blue water, cool breeze, not too crowded, every little thing makes My Khe Beach dreamy, lively, and so romantic. When the light sunshine splash through the surface of the water, a silver reflection is too pretty that will make you feel like you are in a romantic movie.

The moment that the sky turns light red will leave you speechless because it’s too good to be true. Walking along the beach, holding a cocktail drink, having a little chat with your lovers, all can be ideal for sunrise and sunset chasing in My Khe Beach. It’s perfect from the weather, the lighting, even the sound of the wave makes your heart vibrate.

Sunset in My Khe beach Da Nang

Sunset in My Khe beach


2. Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is situated on a mountain branch that comes from Bach Ma Range which is 500m above sea level. Watching Da Nang sunset in Hai Van pass is an ultimate goal because the scenery is indeed glorious. It’s a natural perfection that combines the green pure background of the mountain, white fluffy clouds, bright colorful flowers along the road, and last but not least, the golden brown red sunset set the view as an ideal poetic landscape painting.

In the morning, going by bicycle or motorbike, you can completely breathe in the fresh cool atmosphere, watch the lively colorful landscape, and most importantly, wait for the sun to come out to soak in the moment of the first sunshine touch your body to recharge energy for your body, heart, and mind to start a whole new day with joy, excitement, and happiness.

Sunrise in Hai Van Pass

Sunrise in Hai Van Pass


3. Ban Co Peak

Ban Co means “chessboard” in Vietnam. This destination was called “Ban Co” because there was an outstanding statue in the form of a person thinking of the next move for the chess games that were carved on the rock right in front of him. Ban Co Peak is located in the magnificent Son Tra Peninsula, which has always been a trendy and famous attraction for tourists. In addition, it’s also a hot spot for chasing the sunset in Da Nang.

Ban Co Peak is actually one of Da Nang’s highest spots. Amazingly, standing in Ban Co Peak will allow you to have a terrific view of the whole stunning city surrounded by the long gorgeous coastline. Imagine the splendid scenery when the sun is gradually going down, the sky is starting to change color while you are standing there peacefully and looking over the busy city unbothered.

Sunset in Ban Co Peak Da Nang

Sunset in Ban Co Peak Da Nang


4. Da Nang Bridges

Da Nang Bridges are also great spots for watching the sunset. Specifically, Thuan Phuoc Bridge might be the ideal one. Thuan Phuoc Bridge is positioned along the Han River to the north, where the river flows in the ocean. The first advantage of watching the sunset here is that it not only has a wide-open view, but the spot is also not super crowded, so you can entirely enjoy the marvellous sunset in peace. It always creates a good vibe when you watch the sunset around the river, lake, or ocean.

Watching the soft waves vibrate in the clear water, surrounded by boats, with a view of mountains far away, is like therapy for you to release stress and find peace in your mind. Besides Thuan Phuoc Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is a great location for sunset hunting as well. It is favoured especially by couples. Since it’s a pedestrian bridge, couples can chill together, hold hands walking along the bridge that has a Han River view and enjoy the sunset romantically. When the sun starts to go down, lights from the modern tall building surrounding can be lit up and creates an exciting transition.

Sunset in Da Nang Bridges

Sunset in Da Nang Bridges


5. East Sea Park

East Sea Park is preferred as a perfect location to watch the sunrise. Because it’s a park, so of course, it’s spacious with a wide-open view. It’s already fresh for the atmosphere in the morning, in East Sea Park, it’s even better, purer, cooler, and healthier since it can absorb the sea wind and breeze from the sea close by. Visitors often use watching the sunrise as a reason to leave the lazy bed and try to start a new day effectively.

Perhaps staying near a beach makes people want to live healthier. They usually combine enjoying the sunrise with exercising, mostly swimming and running. It will totally wake you up soberly and make you stay energetic. As a result, your mind will be freer and happier. If you stay around this location, don’t forget to stop by in the morning to enjoy the glowing sunrise.

Sunrise in East Sea Park

Sunrise in East Sea Park


6. Tien Sa Port

Tien Sa Port is positioned around 10 kilometres away to the northeast of the city centre of Da Nang. It appears to be a gem in the beautiful peaceful countryside. In fact, Tien Sa Port plays a vital role in the financial and political strategy of Da Nang. It generates enormous financial resources and boosts the travel industry in Da Nang. Apparently, sunset watching is one of the most popular activities when you come to Tien Sa Port.

Besides, Tien Sa Port is also well-known as a wonderful location to go camping. You will enjoy every moment when you go camping here with your friends or family, like watching the sun disappear little by little, setting a campfire and cooking together, singing and chatting, etc.

Then, on the next morning, the first thing you can do after you wake up is watching the first soft sunlight running through your face. It doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? Furthermore, since Tien Sa Port is a super convenient spot, it is easy for you to transfer to other destinations such as Han River, Son Tra Peninsula, Hoi An Ancient Town, etc.

Sunset in Tien Sa Port Da Nang

Sunset in Tien Sa Port Da Nang


7. Rooftop bars by Han Riverside

A great thing about watching the sunset from a rooftop bar is that you can watch it from an absolutely ideal height. The higher the spot, the closer and more real you can feel to the sky and the sun. Sipping a yummy cocktail, vibing with good music while watching the sunset is a memorable experience. Some rooftop bars are actually inside a couple of luxury hotels, and these hotels often have rooftop swimming pools as well, so you even have a chance to swim on top of the tall building and have a great picture under the sunset.

Enjoy sunset in Rooftop bar

Enjoy sunset in Rooftop bar

If you are a natural and beauty lover, and you are in love with romance, we hope that this article can be useful for you to figure out a perfect place to watch the dreamy sunset and sunrise in Da Nang. Let us know which destination is your favourite.

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