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Da Nang Weather in February: Temperature & Things to Do

May 29, 2021 - 1434 views

Are you planning to visit Danang this February and wondering if it is the best time to visit Danang? February is among the best months to travel to Danang as the weather in February is cool, chill, and suitable for lots of fun activities. Find more detail about Da Nang Weather in February: Temperature & Things to Do in this article.

Da Nang weather in February Overview

February is the wintertime of Da Nang and is typically the 2nd coldest and driest month of the year. However, the weather in Da Nang is not as cold as it is in the north, and you can still enjoy traveling. February is considered is the best month to visit Da Nang.

Temperature: The average minimum temperature in February is 19°C. The average maximum temperature lies around 25°C. You will see the sun occasionally during this month, it has 152 hours of sun.

Rainfall: the least rainfall month with an average of 19.3mm. This rainfall is typically spread over 5 days, although this may vary considerably.

Humidity: the average relative humidity in February is 86.6%.

Sea temperature: average sea temperature is 23.3°C. February is the coldest seawater in Da Nang.

Daylight: average length of the day is 11.6h.

Sunshine: average sunshine in Da Nang is 7 hours/ day.

Da Nang weather in February

Da Nang in February



  • You can watch a beautiful fireworks display if the Lunar New Year falls in February
  • There is no need to worry about getting wet in the rain because February is the beginning of the dry season.
  • Hotel room rates and airfares in February are usually much cheaper than they are in the summer months (except for Lunar New Year).
  • The weather is cool, it is like summer during day time and like winter during night time


  • Sometimes there may be cold days so you can't swim in the sea.


Things to do in Da Nang in February

There are many attractive activities to do in Da Nang in February, let's learn detail now.

Explore Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra is a beautiful peninsula with long, white sandy beaches, picturesque landscapes, and primeval forests, this is one of the most beautiful attractions in Danang. Coming to Son Tra during February, you can explore the historical site and panoramic view on its summit, indulge yourself in the forests, to immerse yourself in the spectacular natural with many surprises and enjoyment. Besides, there are a lot of interesting and attractive things to do here such as fishing, scuba diving to see corals, and swimming.

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula


Enjoy the special show on Dragon Bridge

Dragon bridge is a beautiful and attractive bridge where you can see special performances every weekend, and during the festival. The bridge with 666 m long, 37,5 m wide, and six lanes for traffic becomes beautiful when being lit during the night, and spitting fire every Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm. You will love the festive atmosphere and the colorful show here. It is like New Year Eve when a lot of people gather to see the show. After the show, there are a lot of bars, and restaurants nearby where you can enjoy cheap beer, and hang out with friends.

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang


Have a fun day at Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is one of the top-notch attractions that every tourist should visit in their lifetime. People from the city come to this magnificent destination to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Ba Na is 1,487 m above sea level in the Truong Son Mountains west of Danang, with an average temperature of just about 18-Celsius degrees, it can be seen as the SaPa of central Vietnam. Tourists can visit the Ba Na Hills via the cable car systems that have also set two Guinness World Records for their height and length.

Have fun day at Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills


Join the Lunar New Year holiday

Lunar New Year often falls sometime in the first half of this month, so tourists have a big chance to enjoy Tet holiday with the locals. Besides, on January 9th and 10th in the lunar calendar, there is a festival in Tuy Loan village in Hoa Vang District. In this festival, tourists can join in the village festival with traditional rituals and exciting folk games like tug-of-war, arm-wrestling, rod pushing, and “bánh tráng” baking contest.


Tips for traveling Da Nang in February

February is the best choice for tourists who are on a budget, as this month is the end of the rainy season. It is the time when few tourists visit Danang, so you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, pleasant weather, and the cheap price for booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, and other services. 

What to pack?

  • The weather in Da Nang in December is quite unusual. So, besides necessary personal items in any season, you should bring a variety of clothes from summer-like dresses, tops, T-shirts, shorts, skirts made of cotton or linen to warm clothes like light jackets.
  • Do not forget to prepare an umbrella in advance in case it is cloudy & rainy.


In short, Da Nang is worth you visiting. It is beautiful despite any seasons. If you have your holiday vacation this February, do not miss Danang. It is when Danang weather is the best and you can participate in the most activities. Let's book our Da Nang tours now!!

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