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Best Time to Visit Da Nang for Great Weather

January 19, 2023 - 1370 views

Da Nang is famous for its bridges with special designs, beautiful beaches, exciting entertainment activities, and extremely tasty cuisine. You are intending to travel to Danang but do not know when to travel the most reasonably. The following article will answer the best time to visit Danang.

Danang is known as "the most livable city in Vietnam", where it attracts a large number of tourists not only domestically but also abroad. However, when traveling at any time is always the concern of many tourists. The following article will answer the question: What is the best time to visit Danang?


An overview of Da Nang weather

Da Nang is located in the tropical monsoon climate with high temperatures and little fluctuation. The average annual temperature in Da Nang is about 25.6ºC, the highest is in June (29.2oC) and February has the lowest (21.2ºC). Particularly, the mountainous Ba Na area at an altitude of nearly 1,500m has an average temperature of 17ºC to 20ºC. The average annual air humidity is 83.4%. The average annual rainfall is 1,355mm, the highest is in October with 266mm, the lowest is in February with 7mm. 

The weather in this region is portrayed by high temperature, hot and humid climate, high light intensity, and much rainfall in a number of months in a year. Every year, the city has two seasons. The rainy season runs from September to January, whereas the dry season is from February to August. Temperatures range between 18°C and 34°C due to its proximity to the South China Sea.

Da Nang weather overview


The rainy season is prolonged, taking place from September to January next year. According to the experience of those who travel often and locals here should not travel in the rainy season because this season Da Nang has very heavy rainfall, so it will not be convenient for tourists visiting, discovering, and participating in other entertainment activities.

In the dry season, the average temperature is 25.7oC, sometimes there can be cold air but not much, and usually ends soon. The air humidity is low, the rainfall is low, the climate is slightly hot due to the influence of the Lao wind. From April to August is the peak tourist season in Da Nang. 

Travelling to Da Nang from April to August, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the world-class fireworks display on the occasion of April 30 every year. However, this is the peak period so travelers should book flights, tours, hotels, and restaurants soon.


When is the best time to visit Da Nang?

April to August is the most beautiful period and peak tourist season of Danang. This is the best time for you and your family to plan a vacation because of less rain, more sunshine, so it is extremely convenient for sightseeing as well as outdoor activities.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy world-class fireworks on the occasion of April 30th every year. However, this is the peak period so you should book flights, tours, hotels, restaurants very soon, and also you should be aware of increased hotel/ flight prices.

Jan to Mar is also another best time to travel to Da Nang with the nice climate, not too much rain, cool weather, and not too crowded tourists. If you prefer a quiet place, let's plan travel between Jan to March. Remember to ask for a promotion because no tourists are coming, hotels will issue many great deals.

Best time to visit Da Nang


Best event and festivals in Da Nang

Danang International Fireworks Festival

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is one of the most popular festivals in Danang. The festival was organized for the first time in 2008 and normally takes place from March till the Vietnamese Independence Day April 30. In addition to the fireworks show, the festival also has many other activities such as Art exhibitions, food festivals, or music concerts,... Coming to Da Nang International Fireworks Festival, you can not only immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, be satisfied with the impressive fireworks displays, but also enjoy attractive cuisine and enjoy a special night of music.

Da Nang international Fireworks festival

Da Nang international Fireworks festival


Festivals in Ba Na Hills

One of the must-go places in Da Nang that you should definitely visit is Ba Na Hills. Not only possessing a beauty like a fairyland, unique architectural works create a space like "miniature Europe'', many interesting entertainment games, this place also attracts visitors by countless festivals such as Flower Festival, Winter Festival, French wine festival, B'estival Beer festival, Halloween Festival, etc.


Boat Racing Festival

The Boat Racing Festival is considered a cultural beauty of Da Nang. Every January, people from all over the world flock to the banks of the Han River to participate in the boat racing festival. The festival is held with the purpose of praying for a year of favorable rain and wind, prosperity, and prosperity of the people who live with their backs on the river. Boat Racing Festivals not only bring a prosperous and exciting New Year atmosphere, but also an opportunity for cultural exchange between villages and different provinces.


Quan The Am Festival

Quan The Am is a significant festival representing the tradition of religious belief – Buddhism occasion. Held continuously in three days 17,18, 19 in February each year (according to the lunar calendar) at Ngu Hanh mountain in Da Nang city, this festival is aimed to pray for a prosperous year with all the best fortunes and happiness for the society as well as personal wishes for the family.

The festival is designed with two main parts: a festival with many series of Buddhist etiquettes and folk events with a diversity of traditional activities such as singing folk songs, playing chess, sculpture or dropping lanterns on river…or enjoying calligraphic paintings at the art exhibition. Learning the unique culture in one Buddhist festival and involving in exciting activities besides enjoying the stunning view of Ngu Hanh Mountain are things to do in Da Nang that you must list in your plan.

Quan Am festival

Quan Am festival


Packing tips: What should you bring along to Da Nang?

In dry season

  • Light clothes, hats, chargeable mini fan, power bank, umbrellas are unlockable stuff for a comfortable Danang trip in the dry season.
  • Don’t forget to drink a lot of water because the hot and humid weather in June will make you sweat and thirst a lot.
  • Sunscreen, moisturizer, and sunglasses are certainly needed to protect your skin and eyes from the burning sun.
  • The dry season is certainly the peak time for traveling, so book your tickets and accommodation as soon as possible, at least 2 weeks before your trip to make sure that everything is arranged.

In rainy season

  • Check the weather forecast constantly to know how the weather would be in the next itinerary, you can always be aware of the rainfall time to plan your activities.
  • Traveling to Danang in the rainy season, you should go at least 3 days and 2 nights to visit the best tourist attractions, enjoy the most famous cuisines, and spare some time for bad weather situations.
  • In the rainy season, there are a lot of good tour promotions that can help you save money, which is perhaps even cheaper than booking every single service yourself, so don’t hesitate to contact BestPrice Travel and get the best deal for yourself.
  • Even if accommodations, transportations, and everything is cheap in this season, you should perhaps make some comparisons then take the best option at an adorable price. You don’t have to rush so take your time and consider all choices carefully.

And there are many other interesting tourist destinations in Da Nang that are waiting for you to visit. What are you waiting for? Let's book Da Nang tours with your family and friends!

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