Top 4 Most Beautiful Halong Bay Floating Villages

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Before Halong Bay was recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage, there were many fishermen who lived and made their living on the bay. They have formed communities to assist one another and created several fishing villages that still exist. Let’s discover some beautiful Halong Bay floating villages in the article below.

History of Ha Long Bay Floating Village

In the past

Originally there were many floating villages that existed in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay in the old time. The life of the people living in these villages was hard and constrained, especially for children attending school. Vietnam's government was making a huge effort to support these families by providing them with jobs and housing so that they might relocate to the mainland.

Halong Bay Fishing Village

Nowadays, only a small number of families live in these fishing villages, keep their ancestors' traditional jobs, and contribute to the Halong Bay tourism industry with a really unique product that is unchangeable.

Coming to Halong Bay, you will have a wonderful time visiting one of these floating villages. All of them are amazing, but still different from the others. Overall, they contribute to the already vibrant Halong Bay and become an important part of Vietnam’s floating villages system.


1. Cua Van Floating village

  • Location: Hung Thang commune, about 20km from the Tuan Chau tourist pier.
  • The largest and oldest floating village in Halong Bay.
  • Top 10 beautiful seaside villages in the world by Travel + Leisure.
  • Status: Still open for visitors.

Cua Van floating village was once included in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world by the travel website (2012). The whole scene of 300 colorful floating houses with typical traditional culture combined with majestic limestone mountains, calm sea, and graceful natural beauty make this place an attractive spot for tourists.

Cua Van Floating Village

Cua Van Floating Village

Travelers can explore this beautiful village by getting on a rowing boat or kayaking to witness the life of the hardworking fisherman here and explore the stunning scenery of Halong Bay. 

Since the village is far away from the mainland, booking a cruise is a good choice for travelers to visit Cua Van floating village. Some of the cruises that include this village in the schedule are:

2. Vung Vieng Fishing Village

  • Location: the center of Bai Tu Long Bay, about 24km from the mainland
  • Established in the XIX century, formed when ancient fishermen here made a habit of anchoring ships and trading food.
  • Have a special place considered as the symbol of the village gate which is Cao Cave (tall cave).
  • Status: Still open for visitors

Vung Vieng fishing village has long-standing inhabitants living and has only a few dozen households living on boats or rafts. Although not too crowded, the lifestyle of the people here is very unique, promising to bring visitors many interesting experiences.

In 2012, the management board of Ha Long Bay issued a directive requesting to move residents in floating villages to the mainland. Nowadays, most of the locals here are working as one who serves the visitors.

Tranquil Scenery of the area

Vung Vieng Floating Village

Vung Vieng attracts thousands of tourists because the area still retains the pristine features of a traditional fishing village. Tourists coming here can join the locals to experience fishing and be a fisherman. You can also get on a rowing boat bay local or kayak to discover the unspoiled beauty and immerse yourself in the peaceful nature.

To visit this pretty fishing village, the most preferred option is to take a cruise. How about booking a Bai Tu Long Bay cruise that travels to this stunning village?


3. Ba Hang Floating Village

  • Location: The foothill of Dau Go island, close to Thien Cung cave, Ha Long Bay.
  • Small, pristine, and quieter fishing village in Halong Bay.
  • Called Three Caves because when the tide is low, 3 mysterious caves will appear, and boats can pass through.
  • Chosen as a filming location for the famous movie Kong: Skull Island.
  • Status: Open for guests but don’t have fishermen activities anymore.

About 3km in the South of Tuan Chau Port, Ba Hang used to have 50 households that are mainly engaged in fishing before 2014. Nowadays, the government has relocated them to the mainland to ensure a favorable life. Therefore, this place is no longer a proper fishing village, but some people still work here as the ones who row boats for tourists.

When visiting this floating village, visitors will be surprised to witness a natural area with huge limestone mountains, diverse flora, and calm water. You can choose kayaking to freely explore the beautiful place by yourself or get on a rowing boat to take pictures easier.

Explore the place by rowing boat

Explore the Ba Hang floating village by rowing boat

Positioned nearby the Thien Cung caves, you can easily book a Route 1 Halong Bay boat to visit Ba Hang, departing from Tuan Chau Harbor or Halong Port daily from a travel company such as Azgo Travel ( / +84 383 144 244), around 29$/pax for a 4 hours trip in Halong Bay.


4. Cong Dam Fishing Village

  • Location: Bai Tu Long Bay, in the Northeast region of Vietnam, far from the mainland.
  • The isolated and unspoiled fishing village of Halong Bay.
  • Known as the open-air geological museum area that has been preserved for 340 million years.
  • An area with a lot of ponds, underground lakes in limestone mountains, with many large and small white sandy beaches.
  • Status: Considered a symbol, the fisherman is no longer living there.

Located in the Cong Dam Area, this fishing village still has its traditional value. The area is pristine, clean, and remains relatively undeveloped. This place used to have a population of around 120 people that keep the old fishing cultures. However, the locals here have moved to the mainland, leaving the floating village for a better life.

Cong Dam Fishing village from afar

Cong Dam fishing village from afar

Because Cong Dam fishing village is located very far from the city, the landscape here still retains its wild look with a fresh atmosphere. The natural scenery and the fresh air will bring you relaxation and comfort. In addition, this place also has many natural beaches, a clear blue sea that is perfect for kayaking.

To visit Cong Dam, the most preferred option is to book a cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay which included this place in the itinerary. Have some inspiration? Choose your cruise now: 

Travel Tips To Halong Bay Fishing Village

As an indispensable part of Vietnam's floating village system, Halong Bay fishing villages has their own unique feature that attracts many tourists. To make the most of your time in these attractions, here are some advice from experienced natives:

  • To interact with local fishermen, only Cua Van and Vung Vieng floating village is worth visiting as the other village’s people have left.
  • If you go kayaking or travel by rowing boat, remember to pack lightly, wear comfortable clothes and put sunscreen on.
  • The best time to visit these floating villages is from September to November since the weather is mild and pleasant.
  • Remember to bring your cameras, smartphones,... to take many beautiful pictures.


Hopefully, you have a wonderful time visiting these fishing villages in Halong Bay, and it is recommended that you visit at least one of them during your trip to this beautiful bay of Vietnam. For more information on the best Halong Bay cruise, please contact us now.

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