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Halong Bay for Adventure Tourists

April 05, 2021 - 5717 views

In Vietnam, adventure tourism is not a popular concept. Those who want an exotic adventure should not miss the chance to embark themselves into the wild beautiful nature of Vietnam. The country is filled with such an abundance of adventures and activities. Halong bay is an excellent choice with two thousand islands and countless caves.

The most popular activity in Halong City is kayaking and generally provided by luxurious cruises in the bay. This might not be as mysterious and dangerous as real adventure trips, but you can still have plenty of fun. While some just want to kayak around their cruise, others prefer to explore deep inside the caves in the rock islands. Talking about rock island, Halong Bay is known for being a perfect place for rock climbing.

Rock climbing in Halong Bay

Rock climbing

Halong Bay is a climber’s dream, a labyrinth of stone hovering, gracefully over the ocean with hundreds of cliffs ripe for the picking. The best part, all you need is a boat and a pair of shoes.

Rock climbing in Halong Bay is quite safe. No previous experience is required. Climbing is not just a sport for men. Women still had energy for climbing.

For climbing, you should choose clothing that is comfortable to move in. Long pants may help inexperienced climbers avoid small scrapes from the rock.

Climbing from the boat onto the rock face, grab hold of big pockets, work up tufa systems and traverse finely featured limestone. Then, try your hand at free soloing over emerald water. Push your limits to climb higher before jumping from the cliff into the water. It’s a thrilling, adrenaline-pumping experience! With thousands of steep limestone sea cliffs around the Bay, it made for an appropriate scenic ending to the trip.

Halong is a great place for adventuring

Conquer yourself

You will need a guide who is an experienced rock climber to instruct you in climbing. Hiring an independent basket boat to take Deeping yourself is dangerous. Most basket boat drivers do not understand practices required to safely deep water solo. Additionally, they do not know which walls have water deep enough and clear of hazards for a safe landing. Under the expert’s guidance, you will learn ways to move your body in a vertical landscape.

Traveling to Halong Bay brings you great experiences of majestic nature. It is even more unforgettable by joining in rock climbing and doing deep soloing here. There is no better way to get high in Vietnam than rock climbing over the turquoise waters of Halong Bay, which is quickly becoming the most exciting way to enjoy this World Heritage Site. When in Halong, try rock climbing for a truly wild and unique Vietnamese experience.

 Nora Tran

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