Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh Flight: Complete Guide to Get the Best Flight

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Going by flight appears to be the best way of transfer. If expecting convenience plus comfort, then you should choose a Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh flight.

For years, planes have been famous for extra convenience in transferring between places. Therefore, the majority of tourists that come to Vietnam usually prefer them. From Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh, this means of transport also prove its advantages by offering such a long route (about 1700 km) in just 2 hours and providing passengers with a strictly professional service.

Now, several flights from Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh are available, so you can freely choose to opt for one that fits your bill.

However, the abundance of flight operators and airports may sometimes confuse you. To get the best experience, you can follow our guide on getting to Ho Chi Minh from Halong Bay by flight.

Airports in Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh 

Since Halong Bay and Ho Chi Minh are big and well-developed, they both own, or are surrounded by major airports, which is quite convenient for booking flights and transferring to the airport.

1. Airports close Halong Bay

  • Van Don Airport, Quang Ninh

Van Don Airport, also known as Quang Ninh International Airport, is Vietnam's newest airport to be completed in 2019. Situated on Van Don Island, the largest and most densely-populated island within Bai Tu Long Archipelago, the airport takes up a vast area of 290 hectares and is well-constructed in modern style. From Halong Bay, it only takes you about 1 hour to get to Van Don Airport, which is one good point as the less time you transfer, the more time you can relax. Another is that Van Don Airport has been the first in Vietnam to be privately-run. It makes the airport outstanding with truly excellent services, high-standard facilities, and connection to other airports around the country by domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air. As a result, Van Don Airport is now showing full tourism potential. In the future, it is supposed to promote its expansion in China and other Asian countries.

  • Cat Bi Airport, Hai Phong 

Cat Bi Airport is an international airport located in Hai Phong (about 5km from the city center). With an area of 15630 m2 and the most up-to-date facilities, the airport can serve 4 to 4.5 million passengers every year by 2020, and 8 to 8.5 million by 2025, become the main gateway of Hai Phong to other provinces as well as other countries. Cat Bi Airport now hosts domestic flights from/to Ho Chi Minh, Phu Quoc, Pleiku, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Da Nang, and international ones from/to Macau, Seoul. Pacific Airlines, VietJet Air, Vietnam Airlines, and Emirates are some airlines that are exploiting the airport. Besides its large area and the wide choice of flight operators, Cat Bi Airport is always one of the most fast-growing airports in terms of the number of passengers and commodities. Therefore, you can choose the airport without any doubt about its transfer service. From Ha Long Bay, it will take you about 1 hour and 30 minutes to transfer to Cat Bi Airport, which is quite a reasonable time.

  • Noi Bai International Airport, Hanoi 

Noi Bai International Airport is one of the largest airports in Vietnam. The airport takes up a massive area measured up to 165224 m2 and having the ability to serve from 9 to 13 million passengers. Besides, Noi Bai has ranked second in Vietnam's busiest airports (just after Tan Son Nhat), which can be easily explained by the fact that many airlines are now exploiting the airport. In the domestic terminal, there are Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Pacific Airlines, Bamboo Airways, etc. In the international one, Korean Airlines, Laos Airways are heavy exploiters. As a big airport that can serve millions of passengers, Noi Bai International Airport is expected to provide you with professional services such as a shopping center, locker room, children's playground, and baby care room, give you the best experience in your Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh trip. If choosing the airport, you should take note that transferring from Halong Bay to Noi Bai Airport will take you a bit longer (about 2 hours 50 minutes).

2. Ho Chi Minh Airport

  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport

In Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh trip, the planes are due to touch down at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the busiest airport in Vietnam. With a large area of 850 hectares and a total capacity of up to 38 million passengers, the airport itself has been the air transfer's center for Ho Chi Minh City and the rest of Southeastern Vietnam. Undoubtedly, every flight taking off from the North are likely to let their passengers alight here. Besides, Tan Son Nhat always offers high-standard services, makes itself appear in the Top 50 airports to be widely opted for by tourists around the world. The airport is also pretty close to Ho Chi Minh City center (about 8km). Therefore, you can get around and visit some tourist spots of the city from Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Book Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh Flight

On traveling from Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh by plane, you can choose one of the three following ways.

1. Book flight direct to Ho Chi Minh from Van Don Airport

This is the most common way to fly from Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh as the route is direct. Besides, Van Don Airport is pretty near Halong Bay; therefore, transferring is not a problem.

So far, the Van Don Sai Gon airway has been exploited by three main operators Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, and VietJet Air. Each day, there are 4 round flights. Two of them are run by VietJet Air, depart at 9.45 and 10.15. The others are under the control of Bamboo Airways and Vietnam Airlines, respectively take off at 11.45 and 18.40.

Usually, it will take you about 3 hours to fly from Van Don to Ho Chi Minh (including 1-hour transfer from Halong Bay to Van Don). The airfare varies between 48.06 and 53.82 USD/adult.

To book direct flights from Van Don to Ho Chi Minh, you can go to the flight operator's website. Fill up all your information (departure, destination, date, number of passengers, etc.), submit, and wait for the airline to confirm, then finish paying.

2. Book flight from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh 

If planning to visit the capital, you can choose to fly from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh later. Here at Noi Bai Airport, you will be provided with an extraordinarily wide range of flights (up to 65 ones per day). These flights are under the control of Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Bamboo Airways, sometimes codeshare flights between Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines. Particular, every day, VietJet Air flights are due to depart at 5.40, 6.30, 8.20, 9.20, 9.45, 13.10, 14.10, 15.10, 16.30, 17.10, 17.40, 20.10, 21.15, 21.50, 22.55; Vietnam Airlines has its flights take off at 7.00, 7.55, 8.00, 9.00, 9.10, 10.00, 11.00, 11.55, 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 14.00, 15.00,15.30, 16.00, 17.00, 18.00, 18.30, 19.00, 20.00, 22.00; Bamboo Airways planes leave for Ho Chi Minh at 6.10, 6.55, 8.20, 10.45, 14.05, 16.40, 19.50, 21.55, 23.05. A flight will take you about 2 hours 10 minutes and from 86.94 to 217.34 USD/adult/round trip.

Besides, you will have to spend about 2 hours to transfer from Halong Bay to Hanoi. For this, you can choose to travel by bus, taxi, or ride a motorbike, which is up to your preference.

3. Book flight from Cat Bi, Hai Phong to Ho Chi Minh 

When traveling to Ho Chi Minh, having your trip start from Cat Bi is also a great idea. From Cat Bi International Airport, flights that offer transfer to Tan Son Nhat are always available. These flights run by Vietnam Airlines, Bamboo Airways, VietJet Air, Pacific Airlines take off at 8.10, 9.00, 9.50, 10.10, 12.05, 12.10, 13.40, 15.55, 17.25, 17.35, 18.10, 20.40, 21.35. The airfare is around 65.20 USD/adult/round trip.

2 hours is the average time that you will spend flying from Cat Bi to Ho Chi Minh. Besides, transferring from Halong Bay to Cat Bi will take you 1 more hour. You can travel by bus, taxi, or private car.

Though booking tickets seems to be so simple that anyone could do it, you are still likely to face unexpected situations. Some are ticket cancelation, wrong booking. Some will even cause money loss. To avoid this, we recommend you have a local agency to help you with this. Since agencies are purely professional in the booking process, they will find you the best deal. Also, if you choose one of their tour combos, you will get a discount. Traveling with the local agency is to some extent better than going on your own when you don't have a fixed plan. Usually, it is Bestprice Travel that provides you all of the services. For more detailed information, you can go to our website or contact us at (+84) 4 3624-9007.

Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh Flight Operators

Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh Flight

An overview of Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh flight operators

1. Vietnam Airlines 

For years, Vietnam Airlines has defined itself as the leader of Vietnam's aviation plus national pride. During its 20 years of development, the airline has achieved a well-deserved position in passengers' minds by the 4-star service and professional way of operation.

  • Pros

On traveling with Vietnam Airlines, you will first enjoy great safety and extra convenience, since the airline is now operating three main types of planes (Boeing 787, Airbus A350, Airbus A321) that are well-equipped with modern amenities and proved safe by airplane companies.

Besides, as a 4-star state-owned airline representing the whole country, Vietnam Airlines always improves its image in front of passengers, especially foreigners. Therefore, you can find its service professional with friendly staff, comfortable seats, clean aisles, delightful meals, etc.

One more point for which you should choose Vietnam Airlines is information transparency. Whenever there is a delay or change in flights' schedule, it will be informed to you at least 24 hours before due time so that you can manage.

  • Cons

Delay seems to be the general issue of every flight operator. To Vietnam Airlines, it is also inevitable as there are still 1 to 2 flights taking off late, making passengers pretty uncomfortable.

Besides, for check-in, the process itself can sometimes be overwhelmed; thus, it will take you pretty long (about 50 minutes to 1 hour), which is quite annoying to those who don't have much time transferring during their trip.

2. VietJet Air 

When it comes to low-cost carriers, VietJet Air is always a great choice. First operated on 25th December 2011, it has for years emerged as a money-saving airline that is suitable for solo travelers and budget tourists. With a network of up to 105 airways all around Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong. Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, etc., VietJet Air are facilitating its expansion in the Asia-Pacific and promises to provide passengers with more efficient services in the future, give you the best memories of Vietnam.

  • Pros

One of the main advantages of VietJet Air is low airfare, compared to other airlines'. This can be a money-saving way for solo travelers during their budget vacation.

The airline also launches yearly programs such as Golden Hour, which offers passengers chances to travel by flight at extremely low cost.

Though a budget airline, passenger services are still adequate to meet their basic needs, from the well-trained aircrew to the efficient transfer service.

  • Cons

On traveling by VietJet Air, one thing you should take note of is delay since the delay rate of the airline is increasingly high. Therefore, if you have a fixed plan to visit Ho Chi Minh City, we recommend you opt for other operators.

Another thing that comes from low-budget tickets is no free meal served. When you choose the business class, you will have to buy meals during the flight. It can sometimes cause inconvenience to passengers.

3. Bamboo Airways

Though newly operated in the year 2017, Bamboo Airways has been excellent at connecting all tourist spots around Vietnam and enhancing the national tourism industry. With reasonable prices plus valuable services, Bamboo is becoming one of the first choices to be preferred by tourists when they seek air transfer. The operator itself is expected to bring extra pleasant experiences to passengers and achieve the leading position of 5-star aviation service shortly.

  • Pros

A significant feature that makes Bamboo Airways so outstanding is punctuality. So far, the airline has ranked the first in top on-time air services of Vietnam and received plenty of good feedback from its passengers.

Another good thing about Bamboo Airways is the hi-end service offered to you during your flight. Intending to achieve the dominant position of a 5-star airline in Vietnam, Bamboo keeps on improving its service to give passengers the best experience.

From the check-in to the cabin, you can easily find friendly and well-trained staffs that are always willing to help you.

Also, Bamboo Airways is now running Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Airbus A321NEO, which are among the latest planes equipped with modern amenities such as cozy seats, spacious aisles, and light-adjustable windows, etc.

  • Cons

As a newbie in Vietnam's aviation, inevitably, Bamboo will face some undesired situations, one of which is flight cancelation. Flights can be canceled due to several reasons such as lack of passengers, etc. In that case, refunding can sometimes be sophisticated as the policy is incoherent.

4. Pacific Airlines (formally JetStar Pacific Airlines)

Pacific Airlines is one of the few Vietnamese domestic airlines that begun to run in 2007. Like VietJet Air, its development orientation is to become a budget airline that provides passengers with money-saving trips plus adequate services. After ten years as JetStar Pacific Airlines, the operator has rebranded and is now under a codeshare with Vietnam Airlines in operating some domestic flights. This is the first step of Pacific's leveraging the national airline's market strength and presence to improve its operations as well as profitability, which anticipates a great breakthrough for the airline. 

  • Pros

As the first airline in Vietnam to provide low-budget transfer, Pacific Airlines always take the lead in minimizing most of the extra costs to give their passengers the experience that is cheap and convenient enough.

The operator is also getting improved in punctuality, which has obtained many positive feedbacks from its passengers recently.

Besides, the fact that there are now some of Pacific's flights operated under the codeshare of Vietnam Airlines means we passengers will be offered flexibility in time and more choices when a flight is delayed.

  • Cons

The way of consulting and providing information may be sometimes inefficient, cause misunderstanding, or even money loss to passengers. Therefore, on booking a Pacific's flight, you'd better get to know well.

Besides, check-in baggage can be damaged during transfer, which is quite annoying for passengers.

Tips to travel from Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh by flight 

On traveling from Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh by flight, you can follow our tips below to get the best experience

1. Best destination to flight to

Usually, Hanoi is the best destination to fly to Ho Chi Minh as Noi Bai International Airport can offer you an exceptionally wide range of flights and flexibility in time. On choosing the capital, you will be never worried about flight delays or cancelation.

2. Best airline to choose 

As a national airline and 4-star flight operator, Vietnam Airlines will provide you with a reasonable-priced but still professional service that will your trip enjoyable. The airline also has quite a low rate of flight delay and includes checked luggage in its airfare. To those who are looking for a midrange airline, Vietnam Airline will be the best.

3. Cheapest airline

For solo travelers and budget visitors, VietJet Air is a great idea to have a money-saving vacation as its airfare is low and the service is adequate. However, flight delay happens quite frequently, which you should take note.

4. After cruise flight to Ho Chi Minh 

For this, we recommend you choose Hanoi since you can find a suitable flight time that allows you to follow your plan and have the best experience in Vietnam.

Above are our recommendations for Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh flight. If you want to know more, please go to our website at bestpricetravel.com or contact us at (+84) 4 3624-9007.

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