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Hanoi to Sapa Limousine Bus: Comfortable & Convenient

June 23, 2022 - 621 views

Many transportations transfer to visit Sapa from Hanoi, such as sleeper buses, trains, or limousine buses. Sleeper and limousine buses are the top choices for most tourists because they can get off at the center of Sapa town instead of Lao Cai Railway. However, it is very difficult for tourists to find suitable buses because there are about over 60 bus Hanoi to Sapa brands. In addition to luxury buses, BestPrice will introduce a special means of transportation born many years ago. It is called Hanoi to Sapa Limousine Bus. 

Hanoi to Sapa Limousine bus

Hanoi to Sapa Luxury (limousine) bus types

There are many types of buses from Hanoi to Sapa, such as a High-quality sleeper bus (38 - 44 berths), Private Cabin Bus (20 cabins), and Inter Family Bus (42 berths). In general, the above buses can contain 38-42 people along trips. However, some people don’t like such buses with too many passengers so Limousine buses can be good choices. 

Limousine is a total bus type that some tourists and companies love because of its convenience. Limousine Buses are equipped with some modern facilities to serve tourists in the worst way. They are known as not only means of transportation but also rest and workplaces. 

For Luxury Limousine bus 9 seats

  • This bus has only 9 seats, so tourists can easily guess that these seats are huge. In fact, they are not only bigger but also softer than other buses’ seats. Besides, they are covered by total leather, which helps tourists feel more comfortable sitting or lying.
  • Specially, all seats are equipped with smart control systems which help tourists lean back or lie stretched out. 3 seats behind the driver's seat can rotate 180 degrees so tourists can sit opposite others. 
  • USB charging port
  • One special thing which is mentioned at the top of the review is the reading lamps. Tourists can use them to work as well as read books.  
  • Free Wifi
  • Air-condition 

Hanoi to Sapa Limousine 9 seats

Hanoi to Sapa Limousine 9 seats


For Luxury Fuso bus 19 seats

In addition to their utilities like Luxury Limousine buses, Luxury Fuso buses are equipped with many special functions. 

  • Big seats covered by total leather are designed with modern seat belts to ensure tourists' satisfaction. 
  • Tourists can enjoy some programs on televisions which are installed on the back of the seats. 
  • A SONY modern sound system helps tourists relax with some melodious ballad or watch some favorite films. 
  • Tourists can use the remote control to drag the curtains without standing up. 
  • Some flashlights which are installed on the ceiling of the buses create opulent and sparkling effects.
  • Behind some rows of seats is a large space to put tourists’ luggage. 
  • A mini-refrigerator can contain many foods, drinks, or snacks. 

Hanoi to Sapa Luxury fuso 19 seats

Hanoi to Sapa Luxury Fuso 19 seats


Luxury (limousine) bus Hanoi to Sapa schedule and price

The price of tickets seems to be a special point which most tourists always want to know clearly. However, it is very difficult for tourists to choose some buses that have affordable prices and high quality. Therefore, BestPrice will introduce a lot of luxury bus brands as well as their prices to tourists. We hope they will find out some suitable buses for them.


Bus Brands 




Sao Viet

Limousine 9 seats

320,000 VND

10h00, 14h00 and 17h00

New Enjoy Limousine

Limousine 9 seats

370,000 VND

6h50 and 7h10

Dream Transport Limousine

Limousine 9 seats


7h30 and 9h00

Hava Sapa

Limousine 9 seats


7h00 and 15h00

Pumpkin Limousine

Fuso Limousine 19 seats


7h00 and 7h30

(Travel time is about 5,5 - 6 hours. Their prices can change on the weekend and holidays)

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Local tips for choosing the best luxury bus

Tourists should pay attention to a lot of important tips to choose some suitable buses. 

  • High-quality sleeper buses help tourists save more money than other buses. 
  • Traveling by cabin buses creates private space for families or couples. 
  • Inter-family buses are mainly intended for families, especially families who have babies. 
  • Tourists should choose Limousine Buses 9 seats if they like someones who don’t have too many passengers. Besides, they will have space to work or relax instead of hustling in the crowded buses. 
  • If tourists want to experience great trips with modern buses with some outstanding functions, don’t miss Luxury Fuso 19 seats. 

In conclusion, the Limousine is a bus type that tourists should try at least once because it is comfortable and convenient. Besides, their prices, which range from 320,000 VND-400,000 VND per person, are not too expensive. 

Therefore, some companies and families often use this bus type to move because of their affordable prices and smart functions. Limousine buses help to raise the quality of service as well as create a professional transport environment. This review helps tourists know more about Limousine Buses and some important local tips to choose the best one. We hope that tourists will find some suitable buses for them both quality and prices. 

BestPrice Travel provides a great number of Sapa tours which included transfers from Hanoi by limousine bus or train. Let's book with us now!

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