Hanoi Weather in February: Temperature & Things to Do

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Mentioning Hanoi, we always recall the image of an old capital city with its special lifestyle and people. A trip to Hanoi is such an amazing thing to do when coming to Vietnam. And if you are planning to come in February, let’s see how the weather is during this time, and what are special things Hanoi offers to you. Please follow our articles Hanoi Weather in February: Temperature & Things to Do carefully.

Hanoi weather in February overview

February is the first month of Spring in Hanoi, the temperature experienced a slight rise compared to the previous month. Generally, the average temperature is around 15°C - 21°C, and sometimes at night, it can drop to 10°C. The average relative humidity in Hanoi is 70%, not too high, but it makes the actual coldness worse.

February is still in the dry season of Hanoi, and the appropriate rainfall is only about 30mm, you should expect regular rainfall and mist in the early morning and at night. Generally, Hanoi weather in February is so special and easy to recognize. The number of rainy days is high, from 11-17 days, but they are all drizzling rains. This provides a quite fine amount of water and perfect conditions for a lot of flowers blooming, and on the other side, does not affect your travel plan much. Visiting Hanoi in February, you can see an adorable capital outstanding with colorful flowers all over the city

Hanoi weather in Feb.


As Tet usually takes place this month, February is definitely the most festive month of the year. Tet in Vietnam usually falls in late January or early/mid-February. The dates vary from year to year as it is based on the lunar calendar. The celebration lasts one week or longer. But the real festivals take place after that. From January 5th in the lunar calendar, a series of Spring Festivals and events will be celebrated continuously, many ancient rituals will be performed, and a lot of special food will be served. So February is definitely the time to visit Hanoi.

Lunar new year in Feb

Lunar new year in Feb


Things to do in Hanoi February

Visiting Tran Quoc pagoda on the first day of the Lunar New Year is one of the best ways to immerse in the festive vibe of the most important national holiday in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese people don’t follow any religion, but worshiping ancestors and going to pagodas is our beautiful ancient folklore that we remain in thousands of years. Come to Tran Quoc pagoda and pray for luck, health, and happiness, we believe that you can achieve them all.

Walking around Hoan Kiem Lake is a delightful activity for Hanoian, especially during Tet. When all people go back home and gather with their family, the lake becomes very quiet, the air is fresh, and the scenery is so serene. Hanoi is very busy all the time, so it’s not easy to experience that atmosphere. A visit to Hanoi in February is a good chance for you to do it.

Walking around Hanoi in Feb

Walking around Hanoi in Feb

Besides walking, taking a cyclo is another great way of discovering the Hanoi Old Quarter. This is especially a convenient mode of transport for first-time visitors and those with limited time. Being used from around 200 years ago, cyclo is such a lovely means of transportation to discover the ancient town of Hanoi, especially in the beautiful weather of Hanoi in February.

Trying the New Year Food and Snacks is also a must-do in Hanoi this time. A piece of Banh Chung, or the traditional O Mai (candied fruits) with their stories behind it, can help you understand more about the Vietnamese culture and tradition.


Tips for traveling to Hanoi in February

  • Drink a lot of water and do exercise. Weather in February is very different from others, you can easily get sick because of the big change.
  • Make friends with one or some locals, they will be pleased to invite you home for a special New Year dinner.
  • Giving a little lucky money to your hotel receptionists or the restaurant waiters and waitresses is the best way to thank them for their willingness to work during their most important holidays. That small thing encourages them a lot.
  • Besides jackets and gloves for early morning and night motorbike trips, taking an umbrella with you for a walking tour in the drizzling rain sounds romantic.
  • Some small money with the red envelopes is a wonderful thing you can prepare. That’s for the lucky money if you love to give it to someone in the new year. 
  •  Warm clothes, phone, camera, and personal documents are certainly needed.

There’s no other time like that in Hanoi when everything is so perfect. So if you have a chance to come in February, don’t think much, just come and enjoy all things offers you. Now it times for you to look at our Hanoi tours list, which surely will bring you an unforgettable memory. 

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