Phu Quoc Weather in April: Temperature & Things to Do

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April is the final month of the dry season - the best time to visit Phu Quoc. If you want to explore every corner of this marvelous island, it seems like April is the last chance for you before Phu Quoc gets into its rainy season. Let's find out all you should know about Phu Quoc's weather in April from climate, temperature to must-do things!

Phu Quoc weather in April overview

April is the changing season time from dry to rainy on Phu Quoc Island. However, at this time, the rainfall has increased but not much, and usually showers appear at night. As a result, the air becomes cooler and the humidity is higher. As summer is coming also, the temperature of the day increases a bit, from 25oC - 33oC. In general, except for some unwanted rains, the weather of Phu Quoc in April is quite comfortable and ideal for traveling. Therefore, if you want to get to Phu Quoc, April might be the last chance for you to explore this gorgeous island before the rainfall is higher and rains are stronger, prevent you from enjoying entirely this heaven.

Min Temperature 25oC Precipitation 130mm
Max Temperature 33oC Rainy Days 9 days
Humidity 80% Sunshine Hours 8 hours/day


Phu Quoc weather in April overview

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
  • Cheap service prices thanks to the low season
  • Best time to visit streams and waterfalls in Phu Quoc
  • Sudden rains may prevent travel activities


Things to do and events in Phu Quoc in April

Explore the stunning streams and waterfalls

More rain means more water. From April, the number of rains in Phu Quoc increases sharply helps raises the amount of water in all streams and waterfalls here. Although the rainy season may affect negatively most outdoor activities on the island, it brings life and beauty to nature there. The water in streams and waterfalls from April will be deeper and cleaner, bring the best sightseeing and swimming experience to tourists. Some most stunning waterfalls that you can visit in Phu Quoc are:

  • Da Ban Stream
  • Tranh Stream
  • Da Ngon Stream
  • Tien (Fairy) Stream
  • Lon (Big) Stream

Please note that you shouldn't come near the waterfalls in Phu Quoc or swim there when it's raining as it would be extremely dangerous!

Explore the stunning streams and waterfalls

Explore the stunning streams and waterfalls


Join Ong Nam Hai Festival

Ong Nam Hai Temple Festival is an annual event that takes place on 15th March in the Lunar Calendar (April in international time). The meaning of this festival is to pray for fish, rain, wind, favorable sea business, and an opportunity for people to prepare well for sea trips during the year.

"Ong Nam Hai" means the whale and fishermen in Phu Quoc believe that this kind of fish is the god of the sea, who will protect them on the voyage and help them to catch more fish. Therefore, whenever a whale dies and drifts to Phu Quoc beach, people here will hold a solemn funeral for it, then bury and worship in Ong Nam Hai Temple.

From worship activities, the Ong Nam Hai Temple Festival was born and become an important event of the community. On the day of the festival, the boats of the local people stopped fishing and returned to the area in front of Ong Nam Hai Temple. In addition to local fishermen, participating in the worshiping ceremony, there are also fishing boats in other places and provinces practicing in the waters of Phu Quoc. At the bow of the boat, the owner has displayed fruits, sticky rice, and flowers to worship the dead whales and hope for safe and successful voyages all year round.

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Join Ong Nam Hai Festival

Join Ong Nam Hai Festival


Tips for traveling Phu Quoc in April

  • Bring along a hat, umbrella, waterproof shoes/jacket to avoid the sudden rains.
  • Prepare medicine, especially for flu as the weather of changing season time may affect your health.
  • Be careful of your valuable properties like money, jewelry, phone, and camera if you go to crowded places like the festival or the night market.

Although April is the time that mark rainy season is coming to Phu Quoc, it can't affect much on your trip due to the less rain. Therefore, if you are planning to visit this stunning island, April is still a good time.

Join us on a tour and explore the beauty of Phu Quoc island in April!


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