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Phu Quoc Weather in August: Temperature & Things to Do

December 21, 2022 - 730 views

August is the rainy season in Phu Quoc, however, it welcomes a large number of tourists coming to visit this month. The rain can suddenly appear, but after the rain the scenery is likely washed, the weather is comfortable, and many people like that moment in Phu Quoc. Let see what has to offer to you by reading the below article about Phu Quoc weather in August and things to do

Phu Quoc weather in August overview

August is the peak of the rainy season, so most of the time is rainy. The rainfall is about 20 days, the average temperature is from 25°C - 30°C, the humidity is high, about 85%. Many tourists still choose to travel in August even though it is the rainy season. After the rain, you can freely explore the island without being disturbed by other tourists. Moreover, The price for flight tickets to Phu Quoc, hotels, and other services decrease sharply.

Let's summarize some detail below:

Max Temperature 30°C Precipitation 238 mm
Min Temperature 25°C Rainy Days 20 days
Humidity 85% Sunshine hours 7 hours


Phu Quoc weather in August


Things to do and events in Phu Quoc in August  

Visit Suoi Tranh waterfall

Suoi Tranh stream shows its best beauty in August as it is in the rainy season and the stream is full of water. The waterfall is not too high, only 4 meters, and surrounded by lush rainforest, caves, and rock pools, so you can swim in the cool, clear, and blue water, or wander around the stream to enjoy the beautiful landscape. For those who love hikes, you can walk a bit further past the waterfall, around 15 kilometers and you will reach Hang Doi (Grotto of Bats) which is a cave formation only 200 meters in height with stalactites.

Visit Suoi Tranh waterfall

Visit Suoi Tranh waterfall


Play at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is a massive entertainment hub that contains a waterpark, game area, performance area, and indoor game. The highlight of Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc is the waterpark where visitors will have the opportunity to participate in exciting water games. Besides, you can visit Vinpearl Aquarium considered a miniature ocean with hundreds of marine creature species all around the world such as penguins, white sharks, tortoises, etc. If you love shopping, you stop at many stores here for jewelry, fashion and accessories, traditional arts and crafts, etc. Inside the park, there are also many restaurants serving fast food, Vietnamese, Asian, European cuisines.

Play at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc

Play at Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc


Visit Hon Thom island

You will feel regret if you come to Phu Quoc in August without visiting Hon Thom Island (also known as Pineapple Island). This place possesses not only a harmonious beauty between the colors of the sea and the sky but also many beautiful beaches for you to immerse in cool water such as Bai Nam, Bai Chuong, Bai Chao...Visiting this island in August, you will have the chance to take part in many exciting activities such as conquering towering mountains, diving to see coral reefs, racing water motor, fishing, and exploring local fishing villages…


Tips for traveling in Phu Quoc in August  

  • Avoid taking boats to the sea

The sea in August can be rough with heavy rain, big storms so boats may not be able to run. Choose to travel to Phu Quoc by plane instead of the boat if the weather condition is not good for boats. Moreover, you should not take a boat to go fishing or snorkeling if it rains heavily

  • Avoid going out when it rains heavily

Although it doesn't rain in Phu Quoc as persistently as it is in Saigon. But the rain in Phu Quoc can be heavy strong winds. You should not go out in the rainy season, especially in areas with many big trees. If it rains when you are out, wait for the rain to stop. You had better prepare a raincoat and umbrella with you to avoid sudden rains.

  • Be careful when swimming in the sea when it rains

During the rainy season, the sea here becomes more violent than ever, with strong waves. Therefore, you should swim in crowded areas, do not swim too far from the shore. Absolutely do not swim in the sea during heavy rain and big waves

  • Be careful when going to the forest and stream

In the rainy season, Tranh stream, Da Ban stream, primeval forests are extremely attractive destinations in Phu Quoc. This is the time when the forests are lush and the streams are full of water and become more beautiful and poetic. Visiting these places in August, you should not go into the forest when it rains heavily as the road is quite slippery, and heavy rain limits visibility. You had better explore these places in a large group.

Even it can be rainy in Phu Quoc in August, you can have some dry days on this island if you are lucky enough. Traveling in August, you can have the best price if they book the flights, Phu Quoc tours early in advance. Therefore, do not hesitate to visit Phu Quoc in August if you have a chance.

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