Top 8 Best Places for Sapa Massage & Treatments

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Traveling is an effective way to explore new places, widen knowledge about life and culture of locals, as well as relax after a long time of hard work. Therefore, besides beautiful sightseeings, massage and treatments are also the concern of most tourists. These services give them a chance to be relaxing completely, without any anxieties about the busy life in their crowded cities.

Tourists in Sapa also have this demand. Sapa is very famous for its marvelous landscapes with the harmony of imposing wide nature and pretty peaceful villages. Thus, coming here to sightsee, leave the busy life behind and enjoy massage & treatments is ideal for your vacation. To meet this demand, there are many providers of massage & treatment services in Sapa now. Among such various choices, it’s necessary to find the best ones for your relaxing time. BestPrice team is here to help you. Let’s explore the top 10 best places for Sapa massage & treatments in this article.

Massage and treatments are more and more popular in our life as a method to restore our whole body after hard-working time. These services are diversified with many therapies and massage therapy, including Western, Eastern, or Asia ones. You can choose a pack of massage and treatment for your whole body or just some parts such as foot, shoulder, head, back. With a specific type of this service, the price is up to the time you are massaged and treated. In common, it’s divided by timeline, including 30 mins, 45 mins, 60 mins for rubbing parts of the body, and 75 mins, 90 mins, or 120 mins for massaging the whole body.

Sapa Spa & Massage

The most remarkable feature of Sapa massage is the therapy using the herbs of locals. Many ancient villages in Sapa, such as Ta Phin village, are the habitat of Dao ethnic. They are very good at using herbs. They find that herbs in bathing can make us feel better, relax and make our skin more elastic. This therapy now is not just in the villages of Dao ethnic; it’s more popular in many massage service businesses in Sapa, giving customers a great choice to relax here. 

Massage and treatment service providers can be independent or a part of a hotel's services. They are also two ways to find a good address for these services in Sapa you can try. Some of the best-seller services in most addresses in Sapa are foot soak and herbal bath with the folk remedy of Dao ethnic. Many of these businesses also offer you Dao ethnic bath hẻbs (especially for babies and postpartum mothers), herbal medicine oils, etc.

Here are many suggestions about good places for massage and treatments in Sapa.


1. Avin Spa

  • Address: 7A Dong Loi Street, Sapa town
  • Open time: 9 AM to 10 PM
  • Tel: 0777 525 556
  • Price: 150.000 VND - 750.000 VND

Avin Spa is one of the most favorite addresses of tourists. It’s a small spa on the street in Sapa, which is relatively easy to find. Despite its small scale, Avin still has almost all the most popular therapies in massage and treatments, using bamboo, rock, herb, and so on. Along with them are various choices of massage packs with time up to your demands. Therefore, Avin Spa can serve many customers with a variety of needs in massage and treatments.

Come to this spa; you will be impressed by the comfortable scent and quiet atmosphere here. All is for customers’ relaxing and restoring. This spirit of a service business makes it worth being your destination for good Sapa massage.

Avin Spa Sapa


2. Eden Massage & Spa

  • Address: 08 That Bac Street, Sapa town
  • Open time: 9.30 AM to 11 PM
  • Tel: 0982 066 766
  • Price: 180.000 VND to 523.000 VND ($8 - $23)

Located in the center of Sapa town, Eden Massage & Spa has a convenient location for tourists, especially those visiting the Sapa town center or staying at hotels in this area. This spa is a small building equipped with modern facilities for massage and treatments that served customers with the most comfortable experience.

You will easily find a suitable massage pack for you with various therapy options and times for a massage in Eden spa. Budget price is another factor making this address attractive.

Eden Massage & Spa


3. Dao’s Center

  • Address: 26 Dong Loi Street, Sapa town
  • Open time: 8 AM to 11 PM
  • Tel: 0914 004 345
  • Price: 80.000 VND to 370.000 VND

Dao’s Center is one of the most typical places in Sapa, using the folk remedy of Dao ethnic in massage and treatments and operated professionally. These special herbs are the main ingredient in most product lines of this center, including massage and treatment service packs and specialized products such as herbal bath remedies for babies and postpartum mothers.

Modern facilities decorated in Dao’s ethnic traditional decoration of Dao ethnic culture, budget price, and good staff make Dao’s Center remarkable as an ideal address for those who want to experience herbal bath of Dao ethnic, a specialty in Sapa.

Dao Center


4. Massage Asimo Sa Pa

  • Address: Stone street (near Victoria hotel), Sapa town 
  • Tel: 0971 686883
  • Price: 70.000 VND to 180.000 VND

Asimo Sa Pa is an address specialized for herbal bath and steam with the folk remedy of Dao ethnic in Sapa, which is very famous and attractive to both inbound and outbound tourists. Although Asimo is small and a bit hard to find the way to, its price is very affordable, and it’s exactly an advantage of this spa. Besides herbal bath and steam, you also can try massage here with 60 mins of maximum time.

Massage Asimo Sapa


5. Minh Chau Foot Care & Spa

  • Address: 28 Cau May street, Sapa town
  • Open time: 10 AM to 00 AM
  • Tel: 0947 999 996
  • Price: 50.000 VND to 570.000 VND 

Minh Chau Foot Care & Spa is a reliable address for tourists who want to find a place to relax and restore their bodies. With the main service is foot massage, this spa is doing well with good quality. Besides foot care, Minh Chau also supplies you with many other options for your whole body. The price is reasonable, and up to the time you want to be served. In general, this spa is a good choice for your trip to Sapa. 

Minh Chau Foot care & spa


6. Black Rose Spa & Massage

  • Address: 017 Phanxipang, Sapa town
  • Open time: 9 AM to 0 AM
  • Tel: 0397671915

Black Rose is another remarkable spa in Sapa, where you can leave everything behind and immerse yourself in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. You can choose many types of massage here with the main services are foot care and herbal bath. Skillful staff will keep your body at ease and help it be restored. Many tourists choose this spa for Sapa massage. Let’s try and have a new experience for your trip.

Black Rose Spa & Massage


7. La Dao Spa

  • Address: Ta Van Day village, Ta Van commune, Sapa district
  • Tel: 0946 541.541
  • Price: 120.000 VND to 620.000 VND

Located in Ta Van Day village, La Dao spa is a part of the La Dao system, including homestay, coffee, and spa, specialized for tourists spending their vacation in this beautiful village. 

La Dao spa doesn’t just impress its customers with its professional services and friendly staff with various choices of massage and treatments but also beautiful decoration with the combination of modern facilities and natural materials such as wood, bamboo. Moreover, this spa also gives you a magnificent view of wide nature. All make this spa a place you can’t skip when you visit Ta Van Day village.

La Dao Spa


8. Sapa Green

  • Address: 02 Hoang Lien Street, Sapa town
  • Tel: 0977 205023

Sapa Green spa is a prestigious address for tourists in Sapa. It’s a part of Sapa Green Hotel, a 3-star hotel located in the center of this town. If you want a good place for massage and treatments and still don’t have any ideal for your accommodation, choosing this hotel can be a good choice. 

Not just a place serving tourists massage and herbal bath with the folk remedy of Dao ethnic, Sapa Green is also operated to be a company specialized for purchasing nationwide this specialty product and many relevant products such as bathtub, tub for a foot soak, oil, etc. Thereby, besides relaxing with services here, you can buy some packs of bath herbs as souvenirs for your friends and family. 

Sapa Green

Choosing Sapa for your next trip, don’t miss a chance to try massage and treatments here, especially herbal baths with the folk remedy of Dao ethnic which is very famous for its uses in improving health. The top 10 best places for Sapa massage & treatments summarized by BestPrice team hopefully can help you find a good service provider more easily. 

Let's book Sapa tours with BestPrice Travel now to enjoy your wonderful trekking and Herber spa & massage.

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