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Top 5 Nightlife Activities to Enjoy In Sapa

January 10, 2022 - 1518 views

Sapa, a mountainous area in northern Vietnam, is known as one of the most must-visit destinations for tourists over the globe. This is the place of cultural diversity with so many ethnic minorities in Vietnam. Sapa in the daytime is extremely gorgeous. And in the nighttime, every corner is very crowded with people. They go out to take some photos, meet friends or buy some souvenirs. So, what are the best nightlife activities you should do in Sapa? Continue reading and you will find your answer.

1. Sightseeing and street wandering

stoned church for nightlife activities in Sapa

Stoned Church in Sapa at night

When the night comes, Sapa gradually becomes a very mysterious place with so many great sightseeing. If you go out for a walk with your friends, you will see colorful lights lit along every street. In some famous places such as Hoang Yen Chao Castle, Sapa museum, or Sapa church, people also decorate them with colorful lights in the evening. So, wandering around this town at nighttime, you will find it super beautiful. However, if you come to visit some far places like O Quy Ho Pass or Cat Cat village in the late afternoon, you should come back to your hotel early. They are beautiful at night, however, it is quite dangerous if you stay too far from your hotel. You may not know what happens with you if the sky is getting too dark and you do not know the roads well.  

2. Night market

Sapa night market is a unique tradition of ethnic minorities here. It is held on one day of the week and based on different regions,  the night market will be held at different times. On this day, Sapa attracts hundreds of tourists coming to enjoy delicious dishes such as grilled skewers. You can see so many plastic chairs and tables at small food stalls where people sit and taste the food. It will be such a great experience if you visit in the cold night.

Sapa Night Market for nightlife activities in Sapa

Sapa Night Market Is Held On One Day Of The Week And Based On Different Regions, The Night Market Will Be Held At Different Time

Besides, at the night market, souvenir shops and are open. So, tourists can come to buy different types of items like handmade products, clothes, shoes, hats, necklaces, and so on. The price of them is not so expensive and some of the sellers can speak a little English. Thus, if you are a foreigner, you do not need to worry about your purchasing in Sapa.

3. Love market

Love market for nightlife activities in Sapa

Love Market Is The Place For So Many Couples Of Ethnic Minorities To Find Each Other For Their Marriage

Your best nightlife in Sapa will be missed something if you do not visit the love market on Saturday evening. On this occasion, local people hold a lot of interesting activities such as dancing, singing, or playing leaf-horns. Girls will wear colorful clothes along with silver ornaments while boys wear traditional costumes. They come to the love market to find another half for getting married. It is said that the Sapa love market is where love begins. So, visiting this place, you may have a chance to witness this. Then, you can discover more about ethnic minorities’ life as well as culture.

4. Coffee and bars

If you want to play all night long, the ideal places you should go to are Vietnamese pubs and bars. In these places, people hold a lot of fun activities to chill themselves. There can be singers and dancers at the bars who can raise the atmosphere. There can be stages where people can go up and demonstrate their talents. Music is played along the open time and normally, the majority of bars in Sapa will not close until 1 a.m., which offers tourists and foreign travelers enough time to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere.

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Vietnamese Pubs And Bars are the best nightlife activities in Sapa

If You Want To Play All Night Long, The Ideal Place You Should Go To Are Vietnamese Pubs And Bars

In case you want quieter places, you can visit some coffee shops. In Sapa, there are several coffee shops available for people to enjoy drinks such as Cong Coffee and Aha Coffee. They are such famous brands in Vietnam so you do not need to worry about the quality of drinks here. The price for each type of drink is very reasonable, which is around 30,000 VND to 40,000 VND so visitors can enjoy the Vietnamese coffee without having to spend a large amount of money.

5. Local food

Anytime going to a new place or a new country, the must-thing you should do is to taste the local food. This not only helps satisfy your hungry stomach but also helps you discover many more new recipes. After that, if you love cooking, you can learn from local people and make your meal based on the traditional one.

In Sapa, there are 3 most famous foods. The first one is called Thang Co. This is a traditional food of Hmong people. People use horsemeat, horse’s bone, and horse’s viscera to make the food. After long cooking time, season with 12 spices from citronella, cardamon, anise, and ginger, Thang Co soup is ready to be served.

The second food is called Sapa Cap Nach Pork, which is made in several ways. Normally, local people will roast a whole pig on charcoal directly. By doing this, the skin covering will be brittle and the pork inside will be fleshy and delicious. But in some cases, people will fry the pork with little water and herbs. Anyway, whatever ways locals use to cook the pork, they always try to make it soft with a little spicy.

Salmon Sour Hot Pot is the best nightlife activity in Sapa

Salmon Sour Hot Pot Is Such A Familiar Food For Local People In Sapa, Especially In The Winter

The last food is salmon sour hotpot. The weather in Sapa is cool all year round, which is very suitable for salmon to exist. As a result, salmon sour hot pot is such a familiar food for the locals here. The broth is made of numerous vegetable types along with fresh salmon. It is pretty sure that anytime you enjoy this food, you will light up your eyes and keep talking about it.

To taste delicious food mentioned above, you can visit some restaurants like Thang Co A Quynh restaurant, Anh Dung restaurant, or Hoa Dao restaurant. They usually open from 9 am to 10 pm every day. So, you can stop by for lunch or dinner if you want. In each restaurant, they also serve other dishes for tourists to enjoy along with the main food.

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To sum up, Sapa is such a beautiful place. It has so many great destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists to visit. In terms of nightlife activities, going out with friends and family to visit the love market, night market, some sightseeings, some bars, and pubs and enjoy local food are the ones you should not skip. By doing all of these things, your trip to Sapa, Vietnam will be unforgettable.

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