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Sapa Weather in October: Climate & Things to Do

January 19, 2024 - 1864 views

Sapa is one of the tourist gems in Vietnam thanks to its beautiful scenery surrounded by thick forest cover and expansive rice plantations, comfortable weather conditions. Sapa is a true tourist attraction not only for local people but also for people seeking to travel to this Asian country. Visiting Sapa in October is highly recommended. Let see the reason why by reading this article Sapa weather in October: climate & temperature

Sapa weather in October Overview

The weather in Sapa in October is quite comfortable with sunny days, cool nights, blue sky. Coming here in October, tourists can enjoy the fresh air with mild weather. There is a probability of occasional drizzle, but heavy rain does not seem to happen.

  • Temperature: Highest temperature is 25oC, the lowest temperature is 13oC. The average temperature is 17°C
  • Humidity: Humidity for the town can reach 82%, and it rarely falls below 49%. Being in Sapa this time, you can feel very muggy and sticky.
  • Rainy days: 9 days
  • Average rainfall: 91mm
  • Average day-length: 11.6 hours.
  • The average sunshine hours: 4 hours.

Sapa weather in October

Pros: October is one of the best months to visit Sapa along with peach flowers and cherry blossoms season in February, newly planted rice fields in May. Coming in October, you have the chance to see golden-ripe rice paddies which you can hardly find elsewhere.

Cons: Few tourists do not choose in October as there can occasionally drizzle, or it can become cold at night. Even it is cold, it is not as cold as it is in other parts of the world. Other months in the winter, it can become freezingly cold.  


Things to do in Sapa in October

Thanks to the nice weather in October, Sapa welcomes a large number of tourists. It is in fact peak season for tourism in Sapa, as early October is the harvest time, and tourists can admire the beauty of golden crops on terraced fields.


Sapa trekking is the best way to explore Sapa, especially in October when the weather is mild, there is no rain and the rice paddies glow a warm yellow color. You can either join a challenging hike to Hoang Lien Son mountain or visit the neighboring areas of Sapa town such as Lao Chai, Ta Van, Ta Phin. Trekking to the local villages like Cat Cat is easy walking distance, but, you can see the beautiful and poetic valley, have the chance to be involved in their daily life by taking part in traditional activities such as weaving fabric or creating handicrafts.


Tasting local food

The sapa temperature in October decreases dramatically from day to night, it can drop to 15oC. It is not too cold to go out at night like it is in the winter, but it is cold enough to try the hotpot. Thang Co hotpot is a traditional food in Sapa which is made from meat and organs of animals marinated 12 different traditional spices of the ethnic minority people. This kind of food is simple making but really tasty, tourists will fall in love with it since the very first time trying it. Besides hotpot, baked eggs, baked meat rolled with vegetables are really worth trying.

Tasting baked food in Sapa 

Tasting baked food in Sapa 


Shopping at Sapa market

One of the best things, when you travel, is to bring home things made by local people. If you want to buy specialties and souvenirs for your friends and family members at home, you can join the bustling Sapa markets such as Sapa market, Bac Ha market, Coc Ly market, Can Cau market. There you can find a lot of handicrafts from hats, to traditional jewelry, necklaces, bracelets…Some can be as cheap as 1 USD.

Sapa market

Sapa market

The banana’s flower festival

It is annually held on the ninth day of the September lunar calendar, which shows the spiritual culture of Xa Pho ethnic group in Sapa. The festival takes place in a family, a family group, or the whole village, and is considered to be a gathering place for entertaining, praying, singing, dancing, expressing the solidarity of all villagers, and the gratitude for the ancestors. At the festival, local people bring will bring their offerings such as rice, chicken, wine, three grilled birds, fish sauce, and chili salt to the host family. After being processed dishes, all dishes are divided into two trays: one for men and one for women.


The new rice ceremony

This ceremony is named “Giày xí mà”. It is held on the same day as the banana flower festival. On this day, the oldest woman in the family will have to directly harvest their crop. Then, the rice will be transferred to the house, and the family starts the ceremony to worship their ancestors. The offering tray includes sticky rice made from new rice, boiled chicken, cups of wine, and some incenses, which will be put all on the rattan tray, and placed in front of the altar.

The new rice ceremony

The new rice ceremony


Tips for traveling Sapa in October

October can be busy in Sapa as it is one of the most beautiful months in Sapa. Hotel, train, and bus tickets can be fully booked quickly. It is best if you can book all the services 2 months in advance. Alternatively, booking a package tour where all the services will be taken care of for you. Bestprice travel provides packages tours to Sapa and trips to other attractions in Vietnam.

What to pack?

  • A small bag: You will be trekking a long way to local villages, it is best to pack everything you need for the trek in the small bag so that you can carry it with you all the time
  • Sun protection: It is a good idea to wear a hat, light long-sleeved shirts, and pants to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Insect repellent: Sapa is in the mountain area of Vietnam where you can easily find mosquitos and leeches, so use insect repellent to avoid itchy bites or diseases that mosquitos and leeches (yes, leeches) might be carrying.
  • Proper hiking shoes, lightweight rain jackets:  Those are for outdoor activities, or you can buy them at the local market if you prefer. Price is about 10 USD
  • Warm clothes: Do not forget to bring a light jacket for cold nights in Sapa.

Sapa is the jewel in the Northwest of Vietnam. The favorable weather conditions in Sapa in October make it a great destination for travelers to Vietnam this time. Therefore, do not hesitate to plan your trip to Sapa this October, you will have an unforgettable time here.

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