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Sapa Weather in September: Climate & Things to Do

August 30, 2022 - 1166 views

Sapa, as you know, is an ideal destination for tourists all around the world to come to and spend their vacation in. However, in each season, the town features a different beauty. In this topic, we show you how Sapa weather in September is and whether you should travel during the time or not.

Vietnam is famous for extremely attractive tourist destinations such as Hoi An, Halong Bay. Among them, one of the most significant is Sapa. Due to its stunning sceneries of mountains, plants, water, and diversity of creatures, the town itself has attracted an extremely large number of tourists, both locals and foreigners, of all ages. If you plan to visit Sapa in the upcoming time, get to know about the weather, activities, etc. to have the best experience during your vacation in this town of mist. The following article will give you useful information about Sapa weather in September and some attractive tourist activities in Sapa, so keep reading it can help you very much.


Sapa weather in September

During September, Sapa temperature is around 23°C - 25°C during daytime and goes down to only 15°C - 17°C at night. Therefore, it is quite cool and comfortable, while in other places, there are still heatwaves that cause terribly hot weather all day.

During this month, Sapa has fewer rains than in August. The rains in Sapa in September often occur at night. Occasionally, due to a tropical depression, it rains a few days. The precipitation is around 268 mm during this month. Additionally, humidity in the town can reach up to 82% but due to the temperature, tourists are warned that heat exhaustion and fatigue can occur at any time.

With cool weather and little rains, Sapa in September is very suitable for travelling activities. In particular, the terraced fields of Sapa begin to enter the ripe rice season, the northwest hills and mountains become more brilliant with iridescent yellow. The atmosphere is also more bustling than usual when people were harvesting rice and harvesting crops.

The difference in temperature between day and night can make it difficult to adapt. While the day is sunny, cool, during night time in Sapa in September, the temperature decreases sharply. This makes the town experience all four seasons in just one day. However, for those who are vulnerable to weather, it can be uncomfortable sometimes.

Generally, Sapa weather in September is quite pleasant and suitable for travelling. However, you should be careful when choosing the day, booking your tour, and prepare things for your trip as unexpected weather conditions are still likely to happen during the time. 

Sapa weather in September

September is quite a good time to pay a visit to Sapa. However, there are still some uncomfortable things that you need to know before deciding to book your trip.

Pros: Because of the cool weather, you can have more chances to take part in travelling activities as well as explore more about the town's beauty. It also makes your mind refresh after a hard-working day, and make you ready for work after your trip. September is yet peak season in Sapa so you can easily find yourself a peaceful place to enjoy your private time. You will have a chance to meet the locals, talk to them, and get to know about their daily life, culture, etc.

Cons: Besides favourable-weathered days, there are still someday in that month that it rains suddenly, which will prevent you from going out and visit places. Therefore, try to check the weather forecast carefully before starting your trip. Also, for those who are vulnerable to weather, it can be sometimes uncomfortable as Sapa weather in September changes throughout the day.


Things to in Sapa in September

September is also an ideal time for those who plan to hunt clouds in this famous fog town.

September is the harvest time in Sapa. Each year, there is only one harvest, so this is a great opportunity for you to admire the charming beauty of the "gold-plated" terraces. Rice terraces in harvest time have their peaceful and charming beauty which should not be missed. As rice paddies are abundant in Sapa, you can come across one on your way to the hotel. Don't hesitate to stop for a while and take some great shots. You can show them to your friends and family later on returning to your home country. They would be very surprised.

Additionally, you can also visit some other attractions in Sapa such as Heaven Gate, Love waterfall, Silver waterfall, Ham Rong Mountain, Love markets, etc. It is also a great chance to meet and communicate with friendly minority people in their colourful costumes. After that, you can learn more about their culture, traditions, etc. which is really interesting to tell your friends later.

Besides, don't forget to try unique cuisine in Sapa such as Thit Trau Gac Bep (dried buffalo meat), Chestnut, Salmon hotpot, etc. You will certainly love all of them.

Rice terrace fields in Sapa

Rice terrace fields in Sapa


Tips for travelling Sapa in September

  • In September, as the weather is sometimes unpredictable, you should check the weather forecast carefully before starting your trip. 
  • As Sapa features many festivals and events, you can get to know about what is going to occur at the time you come to Sapa to join them.
  • If you don't know where to go in Sapa, you should book a tour so the tour guide can lead you to attractions that you may like.

What to pack?

To prepare the best for your Sapa trip in September, you can take note of our below suggestions on what to pack.

  • Clothes: Is Sapa cold in September? Do you need to bring warm winter clothes? If you are not familiar with the weather in the hilly area, a jacket when travelling to Sapa in September is not redundant! You should also prepare more thin, lightweight jackets that keep your body warm and convenient for the pretty small suitcase.
  • Shoes: As the terrain in Sapa is mostly steep and mountainous, you need shoes that can keep you safe. In this case, sneakers or boots are the best choices.
  • Cameras, camcorders: Sapa is famous for its romantically stunning scenery, so it will be a regret if you don't take some great photos. Remember to bring a camera, camcorder, or at least a smartphone along.

Above are our recommendations on Sapa weather in September. For more information or booking Sapa tours, you can contact us through our website or call (+84) 4 3624-9007. We are always available to help you get the best experience during your vacation.

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