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Siem Reap Itinerary: 4 Days to Explore Inside Out

October 14, 2022 - 454 views

To grasp all of Siem Reap's beauty, you can consider our Siem Reap itinerary 4 days trip, which helps to explore this place inside out and create the most enjoyable moments for customers.

Siem Reap Itinerary 4 Days To Explore

Siem Reap holds a vibrant atmosphere with plentiful accommodations renowned all over the world, ranging from the local villages to a mix of modern hotels, beautifully-aged colonial buildings, silk farms, markets, and much more.

Covering both traditional cultures and charming tourist attractions, Siem Reap is "where there are traces of the past of the Khmer dynasty, the image of the present Kingdom of Cambodia and future Cambodia". This splendor is nestled around vast rice fields, next to green rivers interspersed with mountains and old-aged trees, creating a charming painting that softens visitors. 

So, we are sure it will be worth your investment in our full-packaging Siem Reap itinerary for 4 days to enjoy the majestic vibe here.


Day 1: Say Hello To Siem Reap

Welcome to Siem Reap city, the province's capital, which is located in northwestern Cambodia. After a long flight, you finally reach our well-known destination. Your hospitable tour guide will meet you at the Phnom Penh airport and transfer you to the hotel in the city's heart for check-in.

Siem Reap City

Siem Reap - an impressive city for tourists

Now, let's breathe the new energy of the Siem Reap city tour with BestPrice Travel.


Day 2: Visit Angkor Temples

The tour guide will welcome you to your accommodation and drive you to the Angkor temple complex. When the sunlight washes over all the temples and ruins of Angkor Wat, it's also the moment for one of the largest religious complexes in the world shines itself - Siem Reap. 

In the morning, we will set foot in the antique capital of Angkor Thom (12th century) to see the South Gate (with its huge statues depicting the churning of the ocean of milk), Bayon Temple (unique for its 54 towers decorated with over 200 smiling faces of Avalokitesvara), the Elephants Terrace, the Terrace of the Leper King and Ta Prohm.

The latter is a stunning jungle temple that has remained mostly unexplored since it was found and still remains a mystery.

Angkor Temples

Angkor Thom Temple was the last and most enduring capital city of the Khmer empire.

In the afternoon, we will turn to the most famous of all the temples on the plain of Angkor: Angkor Wat. The temple complex, covering nearly 81-hectare, seems to be comparable in size to Beijing's Imperial Palace.

Besides, you will have the chance to see the distinctive five towers, which are emblazoned on the Cambodian flag, and the 12th-century masterpiece considered by art historians to be the prime example of classical Khmer art and architecture. For those who may not know, Angkor Wat's five towers symbolize Meru's five peaks - the enclosed wall represents the mountains at the world's edge and the surrounding moat, the ocean beyond.

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia and is the largest religious monument in the world

After your tour, you'll be transferred back to the hotel and refreshed all day.


Day 3: Explore Banteay Srey and the Grand Circuit

Your third day covers these destinations: Banteay Srei Temple, Banteay Samre in the morning, Takeo, Thommanon, Chau Say Tevoda, Preah Khan, Neak Pean, Ta Som, Eastern Mebon, and Pre Rup in the afternoon.

In the morning, the tour guide will drive you to the first stop: Banteay Srei Temple, which is well-known for its 10th century. With an indication of the distinctiveness of this little gem of a temple, it is also honorably called the jewel in the crown of classical Khmer Art.

Banteay Srei Temple

Banteay Srei is one of the most elaborate temples at Angkor, Cambodia

Next, we will move to Banteay Samre, one of the complete complexes at Angkor due to restoration using the method of "anastylosis". At noon, dine and drink at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon, we visit Takeo, Thommanon, and Chau Say Tevoda. Then, we move to Preah Khan temple. Built by King Jayavarman VII, Preah Khan is, like Ta Prohm, a place of towered enclosures and shoulder-hugging corridors. However, it is in a good state of preservation, and ongoing restoration efforts should maintain and even improve this situation.

Banteay Samre

Preah Khan is one of the most significant temples erected during the ancient Khmer empire.

Keep going to the next stop; we will meet at the fountain Neak Pean, which is built in the middle of a pool, represents the paradisiacal Himalayan mountain lake, and is guarded by stone figures of harnessed elephants (so-called Ta Som and Eastern Mebon).

And finally, we will turn up at Pre Rup, the mountain temple, until sunset. After that, return to your hotel and the end of services!


Day 4: Goodbye Siem Reap

After chilling with optional breakfast, you will leave Siem Reap to Angkor International Airport in Phnom Penh for the departure flight. Have a safe flight, and hope to see you again!

Whether the national history or qualified tourism service drives you to Cambodia, we still hope you have the most unforgettable moments from your first footage in this antique land area with our Siem Reap 4-day itinerary.

Having a chance to be drowned in the gateway to the temple complex of Angkor, tourists have soaked up the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap with beautiful resorts, affordable prices, and especially unique shops. In addition, the complex of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, has taken an uncountable number of visitors lost in the mysterious spiritual land of the most glorious civilization for a while.


In a nutshell, BestPrice Travel is always there to be by your side as you travel and truthfully looking forward to serving our customers at the next stop. See our best deals on Siem Reap tour for Angkor Explorers 4 days.

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