Taxi from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter: Price & Tips

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Taxis are more popular in urban areas. Thanks to that, you can transfer more conveniently with taxis when visiting urban destinations such as Hanoi. With the route from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter, taxis are the favorite choice of most tourists. In this article, let’s explore much information about price and tips to get a taxi for this route with BestPrice.

Taxi from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter

Taxi from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter

About Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter taxi

Taxis are a type of transportation that supply a high-class service to transport passengers with a shorter time in a high-quality vehicle such as a 4-seat car or 7-seat car. In tourism, taxis are more important because they are the main way to transfer chosen by most tourists and strongly impact their traveling experiences. Hanoi airport is in Phu Minh commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi. It’s about 30 kilometers from Hanoi Old Quarter. There are three reasons that most tourists choose to taxi from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter.

  • It can transport cumbersome luggage. 
  • It’s fast and smooth.
  • It’s available. 

For such reasons, taxis are really a good way to transfer from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter. It takes about 35 - 45 minutes to transfer in good traffic conditions. 

Hanoi Airport to old quarter taxi

Hanoi Airport to old quarter taxi


Hanoi airport to Old Quarter taxi price

Taxi price now relies on 3 factors: brand, type of car, and distance. That’s why the constant distance from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter is about 30 kilometers but various taxi service providers don’t have the same prices for this route. 

In general, the taxi price is calculated with the open-door fare for the first 0,8 kilometers; a certain price for the number of kilometers up to 30 kilometers, and a certain price for the number of kilometers which is more than 30. 

The distance from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter is 30 kilometers, making the taxi price of this route sum of open-door fare (0,5 - 0,8 km) and a certain price for 30 km. You can pay price is between 300,000 - 350,000 VND.

One more important thing you need to take note of before choosing a taxi is the type of car. This factor strongly impacts this price with the rule that smaller cars cost less.

Taxi Fare


Top taxi brand from Hanoi airport to the old quarter

Let’s take a look at top Hanoi taxi brands from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter with concrete reference prices below:

Vinasun taxi

Vinasun is a big brand in the taxi service market. With a long time operating in Vietnam, they have many experiences to give customers trips with higher quality. To compete with many other brands, Vinasun continuously improves their service, making them a more attractive choice for tourists when they want to transfer from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter. Reference price: 350.000 VND for the 4-seat car; 385.000 VND for a 7-seat car.


Grab Taxi

Grab is also known as a technology taxi service provider. They give customers a new way to pick a taxi. Instead of hailing a taxi on the roads, you now can book a Grab taxi from anywhere with a mobile app on your smartphone. However, it’s a disadvantage of this brand in the case of tourists who just get off the plane and their phones may be still in airplane mode but want to find a taxi quickly. 

The most outstanding feature of this brand is that a clear price of the trip you book will be shown on the screen. You can pay directly for drivers or use an online payment method. The price of a technology taxi may be clear but it’s not constant. It has a different formula to calculate which includes both distance and time to transfer. In bad weather or peak hours, this price can rise, leading to a higher one than a classic taxi. 

Reference price: 220.000 VND 

Grab taxi from Hanoi airport to old quarter

Grab taxi from Hanoi airport to old quarter


123 Taxi

123 is a taxi brand that operates mainly in Hanoi and a few provinces around Hanoi such as Vinh Phuc and Bac Ninh. 123 may be a small brand when compared to Vinasun or Grab but they are specialized to serve in the Noi Bai international airport area. With 12-year experience, this brand has good quality and is chosen by thousands of passengers each year. 

Reference price: 240.000 VND for the 4-seat car; 300.000 VND for the 7-seat car; 325.000 VND for the 8-seat car. 


Mai Linh Taxi

Mai Linh is one of the biggest taxi brands in Vietnam with the network covering almost all of this country. The prestige of this brand can guarantee that you will have a safe trip to your right destination. To compete in the eventful market like taxi service, this brand is improving for better quality with more professional staff and higher quality cars. It’s obviously a good choice for tourists wanting to transfer to Old Quarter from Hanoi airport. 

Reference price: Reference price: 350.000 VND for the 4-seat car; 385.000 VND for the 7-seat car.

Mai Linh Taxi

Mai Linh Taxi


Tips to transfer by taxi from Hanoi airport to the old quarter

Here are 3 useful tips to transfer by taxi Hanoi airport to the old quarter:

  • Find the right type of car: With a taxi, the bigger costs more. Thus, don’t hurry to choose a 7-seat car if you transfer yourself or your group is just up to 4 people with mobile luggage. This choice is suitable in case you have so much stuff that a 4-seat car can be too narrow or you have a group of up to 7 people.
  • Think about traditional taxis in bad weather: in fact, the price of technology taxis is not constant and can rise in bad weather. Choose the traditional one to make sure the price will not change and impact your budget.
  • If you book Hanoi tours with a travel agency you don't need to worry about finding a taxi at the airport when arrive, the tour guide and car are waiting for you at the incoming terminal gate.


Thanks to the development of many taxi service brands, tourists now have more choices to transfer from Hanoi airport to Old Quarter. You can hail a taxi or book it with a mobile app. Choose the option which is more suitable for you. With much useful information about taxi, price, and tips to transfer by this type of transportation, hopefully, you will choose your right one more easily and have a wonderful trip in Hanoi Old Quarter. 

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I was horrified by the way these taxis forced tourists to go in their cars in Ho Chi Minh city's airport. What is it like to take an airport taxi in Hanoi?


Hi! Airport in Hanoi is far from city centre so it's not as crowded as Ho Chi Minh airport, also cars aren't allowed to stop near the entrance so drivers can't force you get into their cars, they only can keep inviting you to use their services.

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I'm traveling on my own to Vietnam and it's quite expensive to take a taxi. Are there any shared taxis available at the airport?


There are many shuttle buses and public buses at the airport which cost only about USD 0.5 - 2.5/per person to travel from airport to Hanoi city centre , if you don't bring a long much luggage, you may take this type of transportation.

Read more about Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter bus

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Do hi-tech taxis (Grab) take a long time to arrive?


It depends on the time and location you book the Grab. If you book in the high time or at a far away location, you may have to wait a long time or can't book any Grab car. 

1 Reply

Do I have to look out for some tourist scams when taking these airport taxis?


Hi, you should be careful to take a taxi at the airport to avoid tourist scams. It's better to be aware of some popular taxi brands in Vietnam such as Mai Linh and Vinasun and pay attention to the Logo on the car.

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