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10+ Best Things to Do & See in My Tho

December 20, 2023 - 1886 views

My Tho is the capital of the Tien Giang province, now becoming the marketplace for visitors to the Mekong Delta. Getting here, you can expect all experiences expected in the delta. Among them, the best things to do are enjoying life on rivers, marvelling at several My Tho attractions, exploring cultural values, and tasting the sweetness of tropical fruits. Follow our guide below and you will be amazed by this small city. 

1. Enjoy the boat trip in My Tho 

As a part of the Mekong Delta, My Tho, like other cities in the area, features idyllic river scenes that can be watched from a boat. The city is also next to the Mekong River; thus foster the culture and lifestyle connected with it.

Therefore, during the boat trip, you can admire evergreen plants and the airy atmosphere, see the locals living with natural factors in harmony. That's why it is one of the best things to do in My Tho. 

Usually, a My Tho boat will take you from the local pier to four islands of the river: Long, Lan, Quy, Phung, representing the dragon, the unicorn, the turtle, and the Phoenix. Here, you can explore the cottage industry and tropical fruit orchards

Other My Tho attractions like Thoi Son Islet, Cai Be orchard, and activities like fishing are also available and share equally fascinating things. 

To join a boat trip in My Tho, you will have to pay about $21.84 (500,000 VND) for the 3 to 4-hour trip. Alternatively, you can book a package tour from $200 to $600 (4,578,000 VND to 13,733,000 VND) per adult for 2 to 3 days. 

As the prices suggest, a 3-hour boat trip will take you to limited destinations and allow you to take part in limited activities, while a package tour can offer a wide range of destinations and experiences. Besides, the kinds of boats used in the two are different. Small boats sailed by the locals are for shorter tours, and cruises are for the others. 

If you just want the boat trip to be an activity of your vacation, then opt for the budget short tour. If not, a package one will bring you an unforgettable experience. 

Enjoy the boat trip in My Tho 

Enjoy the boat trip in My Tho 


2. Worship at Vinh Trang Pagoda 

Vinh Trang Pagoda was constructed in 1849 and has been the biggest Buddha pagoda in Tien Giang province, the most popular among My Tho attractions

With a total area of 2,000m2, the pagoda combines all the specialities of Chinese, Vietnamese, Khmer, and European styles in its architecture. In the yard, it features three huge Buddha statues, which are the standing Buddha, the Laughing Buddha, and the reclining Buddha. 

Besides the impressive Buddha statues inside and outside of the pagoda, the gardens around the temple are gorgeous. Filled with bright flowers, bonsai, and lotus lakes, they boast a pleasant view and a sense of harmony with nature.

If you are a Buddhist or finding a truly relaxing experience to marvel at the splendid constructions, then visiting Vinh Trang Pagoda is your best thing to do in My Son. On visiting the pagoda, you can take your time to walk around, get yourself some fresh air, take some photos of its marvellous structure, and pray for luck and happiness. 

It may not be the most dynamic activity but the one that allows you to recharge your mind after days of living in the bustling city. Also, as Vinh Trang Pagoda is home to disabilities and orphans, you can play with or talk to them to feel how lucky you are and love yourself more. 

The pagoda is located on Nguyen Trung Truc Street, Ward 8, and is open from 7 am to 9 pm every day. Besides, visiting is free.

Vinh Trang Pagoda

Vinh Trang Pagoda


3. Explore Thoi Son Islet 

For those who love the stunning sceneríe, viewing the beautiful landscapes of Thoi Son Islet is the best thing to do in My Tho.

Thoi Son Islet, also known as Lan Islet or Unicorn Islet, is the largest of the four islets in My Tho River. It has an area of about 1,200 hectares with crisscrossed canals and rivers. The islet itself is blessed with evergreen gardens and orchards, which makes it so relaxing and peaceful that you should never miss during your time in My Tho. 

To enjoy the islet’s tranquillity, you can settle on a boat sailed by the locals. It will take you through gorgeous views like evergreen mangroves, orchards, coconut gardens, and ancient houses. Also, if having a chance, you can join the traditional Vietnamese folk music (also called Don Ca Tai Tu) show that usually takes place next to the river to learn more about the local culture. 

As previously mentioned, a 3 to 4-hour trip through the four islands will cost you about $21.84 (500,000 VND) for a small boat that can contain 3 to 4 people. With just such a small amount of money, you can have an unforgettable experience. Therefore, visiting Thoi Son Islet is a real treat. 

Explore Thoi Son Islet 

Explore Thoi Son Islet 


4. Pick and eat fruits at Cai Be orchards 

Like visiting floating markets, picking and eating fruits in orchards is one of the best things to do in My Tho and the Mekong Delta. Cai Be Orchards, lying in the West of the city, is the largest "fruit basket” and the most crowded attraction with tourists from everywhere. 

Coming here, you can immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere, get some fresh air, especially eat any fruits that you want at only $2.17 (50,000 VND) per person as an entrance fee. Fruits available are mango, pomelo, longan, orange, guava, jujube, tangerine, jackfruit, plum, durian, etc.

The best time to visit Cai Be Orchards is from May to September, as most trees will be producing fruits that time. This also parallels summertime; therefore, you can come with your kids. Getting close to nature and eating garden-fresh nutritious fruits is always good for children

Besides, if you have enough time, you can stay here to eat lunch or dinner as many delicious dishes will be served to you, and eating the meal in such a peaceful atmosphere will bring you an unforgettable experience

Cai Be Orchard is open from 7 am to 8 pm every day. From Ho Chi Minh City, a taxi will take you there in around 2 hours at $61.16 (1,430,000 VND). Bus trips are cheaper, at $3.48 (80.000 VND) per person but will last longer, for 3 hours. 

If you are in My Tho, you can combine the orchard with the Cai Be floating market on your boat trip. No matter how you get there, visiting Cai Be orchard and tasting sweet fresh fruits is always a real bargain. 

Pick and eat fruits at Cai Be orchards 

Pick and eat fruits at Cai Be orchards 


5. Relax on Tan Thanh Beach 

As one of the best things to do in My Tho, relaxing on Tan Thanh Beach is an ideal weekend escape for the young from Ho Chi Minh city

The beach itself is mesmerizingly beautiful and so quiet that it can take you out of your bustling life and free your mind. Coming here early in the morning, you can take a walk along the bridge leading to the sea, enjoy the cool airy atmosphere, and watch the sunrise. Stresses will no longer be your problem. Besides, you take your chance to eat fresh seafood here. Dishes like shrimp, crabs, fish are cheap and good. 

Tan Thanh Beach is located in Go Cong District, about 50 km from the center of My Tho City and about 78 km to the South of Ho Chi Minh City. To get here, you can take a 2-hour bus trip from Ho Chi Minh, go by taxi from My Tho, or ride a motorbike if adventuring is your passion. 

Other My Tho attractions around the beach are Royal Mausoleum, Go Cong Market and My Tho Cathedral. You can combine them with Tan Thanh in your itinerary. Experience will not be exhilarating but just right for you to feel pleasant

Relaxing at Tan Thanh Beach

Relaxing at Tan Thanh Beach


6. Visit Dieu Hoa Temple

The Dieu Hoa temple has been a must-see destination due to its unique architecture and several cultural plus historical values. You may find the place quite tranquil and holy once getting here.

Built-in 1913, the temple features design and decoration inspired by Buddhism, Confucianism, and the ancient Vietnamese style. Instead of the conventional style, it is built in the unique shape of a cross with many impressive artworks. Each artwork shows an aspect of Vietnamese culture. 

Besides, most tangible and intangible heritages of Tien Giang Province like paintings, sculptures, bao lam, bronze collection, bronze peaks, collections of worshiping weapons, and Chinese ceramic antiquities are displayed inside the temple. Therefore, you can learn more about history. Usually, it is recommended that you visit the temple with local friends to be well explained about the history and culture. 

Dieu Hoa Temple is open from 7 am to 6 pm every day. The temple lies right in the centre of My Tho, hence many kinds of vehicles are offered to bring you there. The entrance is free, so all you need to pay is the transportation fare. 

Dieu Hoa Temple

Dieu Hoa Temple


7. Visit My Tho Cathedral 

My Tho Cathedral is the third cathedral built by the My Tho family. The church is a great Western European-style architectural feat, with a height of 24 meters, a length of 53 meters, a width of more than 17 meters, the main chamber, and two side rooms. The dome is decorated with a variety of magnificent designs and motifs, and the building's fundamental structure is constructed in the shape of round pillars to support it.

Coming here, you can take a walk around, get yourself some fresh air, plus pray for luck and happiness. As the cathedral was well designed, you can take some great photos for your travel collection. This modest church lies at no.32, Hung Vuong St., Ward 7. From the centre of My Tho, you can get here by taxi, private car, or riding bike. Travelling within the city usually doesn’t cost you much. 

My Tho Cathedral is open from 5.15 am to 5.45 pm every day, so you can drop by during the time to visit and attend the rituals. Besides, entrance is free; therefore, you can combine the cathedral with other spots in My Tho for a more convenient experience. 

My Tho Cathedral

My Tho Cathedral


8. Meet the animal friends at Dong Tam snake farm 

The Dong Tam snake farm, located 12 km from My Tho city centre, is the perfect spot to learn more about this animal. 

This farm features one of the largest collections of animals, including bears, crocodiles, turtles, especially over 400 types of snakes, and offers them a green environment without the impact of human beings.

Therefore, visitors will see animals living in their habitat and learn about how snake venom is extracted and used for medicine and other purposes. Travelers are also provided with information on the history of the farm, as well as how to cure snakebites when they visit this My Tho attraction. 

Dong Tam snake farm is located in Binh Duc street, Chau Thanh district. From My Tho city center, you can get there by taxi, private car, or riding a rental bike. The open time is from 7 am to 5 pm, and the entrance fee is $1.31 (30,000 VND) per adult, $0.87 (20,000 VND) per child (from 6 to 12). Those under 6 can visit for free.

If visiting the farm is one of your things to do in My Tho, you can consider combining it with other attractions for a more convenient experience. 

Meet the animal friends at Dong Tam snake farm 

Meet the animal friends at Dong Tam snake farm 


9. Visit Buu Lam Pagoda

Buu Lam is a historic pagoda situated in Ward 3 of the city and one of the well-known My Tho attractions. The pagoda stands in the heart of the greenery, and it was constructed in 1803 with a foreign interior style on a 987 m2 area. Despite having been restored several times over more than 200 years, it still has its original architectural features and is divided into three sections: front, central chamber, and behind. 

When tourists enter the Central Chamber, they will find three skillfully carved dragon columns, five sets of Buu Lam, and numerous horizontal lacquered boards and red-lacquered parallel words trimmed in gold. The painting of ten dragons fighting for a pearl, as well as the painting of peony blossom and a pheasant, are the most notable features.

If you are into Vietnamese history and culture, you should spend some time visiting the pagoda. As it lies right in the city centre, travelling is not a problem. The open hour is from 6 am to 9 pm every day, so combining the pagoda with other spots is recommended. 

Buu Lam Pagoda

Buu Lam Pagoda


10. Join local life on Phung Islet (Con Phung)

Phung islet is located in Tan Thanh Commune, Tan Thanh District in Ben Tre Province, situated 12 kilometres away from My Tho. Con Phung Island is an area of ​​50 ha, and the people live mainly on making handicrafts from coconut trees and fruit-growing.

When Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam came here and built the Nam Quoc Phat pagoda, the name "Phung" was given to this islet. They discovered an antique bowl carved with a phoenix while doing their job, hence it was given the name Phung islet (aka Phoenix Island)

Coming to Phung Islet, you will see many southern garden-style houses, fruit orchards, and the unique monkey bridges. If you would like to witness the authentic life of local people in the Mekong Delta region, Phung islet is the place to visit.

Other things to do like joining the traditional Vietnamese folk music (also called Don Ca Tai Tu) show or trying coconuts and related products are also available. 

To get to Phung Islet, you can join a My Tho boat trip as it is included as a destination in the itinerary. Usually, such trips will cost you about $21.84 (500,000 VND) for 3 to 4 people and go through 4 to 5 destinations. 

Con Phung Islet

Con Phung Islet


11. Enjoying the evening at Lac Hong Park

Lac Hong Park is a beautiful small park, located along the Tien River, and the local’s favourite place for a walk, outdoor exercise, or having coffee while enjoying the evening breeze. 

After your day of travelling, you can drop by the park to relax and enjoy the peaceful daily life of the city. Sometimes, it is not visiting famous attractions but blending yourself in with the local life that is fascinating when you get to a new place. 

Besides, at the entrance of the park, there is a horizontal veranda, a statue of a patriotic insurgent leader, Nguyen Huu Huan. He is a heroic general who fought against the foreign invaders from the 19th century under the Nguyen Dynasty. Coming here with local friends, you can get to know more about this figure

Lac Hong Park lies on 30-4 street, ward 1, and is open for free all day round, so it can be an exciting thing to do in My Tho when you spend your time in the park. 

Lac Hong Park

Lac Hong Park


12. Having a panoramic view from the Rach Mieu bridge

From the Lac Hong park, you can see the beautiful Rach Mieu bridge, which is also one of the My Tho attractions. The bridge, which spans the Tien River and connects the provinces of Tien Giang (My Tho) and Ben Tre, is the first Vietnamese-invested, designed, and constructed cable-stayed.

It is located on Highway 60, one kilometre from a ferry station leading to the Tien River's source. This is the Mekong Delta's third largest cable-stayed bridge, and Rach Mieu is the first bridge designed and built by Vietnamese engineers. The construction to build this bridge took 7 years to finish and opened for traffic, began in 2002, and was completed in January 2007. The total length of the Rach Mieu Bridge is 8,331 meters including roads connecting to the bridge. When you stand on the bridge you will have a panoramic view of the four “Holy Beast” islets: Long (Dragon), Lan (Unicorn), Quy (Turtle), and Phung (Phoenix) altogether.

Having a panoramic view from the Rach Mieu bridge

Having a panoramic view from the Rach Mieu bridge

Above are our recommendations for the best things to do in My Tho. For more detailed information, you can contact us through our website. We are always here to help you with the best experience. If you are interested in any of our Mekong Delta tours, let's visit. 

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