Vientiane - Places to visit

  • Wat Sisaket
  • Buddha Park
  • Pha That Luang
  • Patuxai Victory Monument
  • Ban Lao Pako
  • Mekong Riverside Park
  • Friendship Bridge
  • Laos National Museum
  • Wat Si Muang
  • Wat Sisaket
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    Wat Sisaket Wat Sisaket
    • The only temple in Laos that survived the Siamese occupation
    • Reputation as the oldest Buddhist temple which is standing in Vientiane
    • 2,000 none-head Buddha statues and many other valuable statues
    Best for: Culture vulture, Buddhist devotee
  • Pha That Luang
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    Pha That Luang Pha That Luang
    • The ancient 3rd century Hindu temple
    • One of Laos' most outstanding religious buildings and a holy monument
    • The remade breastbone of Lord Buddha in the 13th century
    Best for: Pilgrim, Culture vulture
  • Buddha Park
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    Buddha Park Buddha Park
    • More than 200 Buddhist and Hindu sculptures
    • Great view due to its location which on the bank of the Mekong River
    Best for: Buddhist enthusiasts, Cultural lovers
  • Ban Lao Pako
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    Ban Lao Pako Ban Lao Pako
    • Eco-lodge locating on an ancient temple site on the banks of the Nam Ngum river
    • An ideal place for relaxation and comfort
    Best for: Extended families, Group of friends
  • Wat Si Muang
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    Wat Si Muang Wat Si Muang
    • An intriguing and popular mythology in the Laotian people
    • Fascinating insight into how old beliefs have blended with Theravada Buddhism
    Best for: Pilgrim, Cutural vulture
  • Laos National Museum
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    Laos National Museum Laos National Museum
    • An excellent way to learn about the rich history and culture of Laos
    • Houses a lot of relics of Lao history and culture, both ancient and modern
    Best for: Historical lovers, Seniors
  • Friendship Bridge
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    Friendship Bridge Friendship Bridge
    • Achievement of the Thailand, Laos and Australia governments
    • The crossed bridge between Laos and Thailand
    Best for: Group of travelers, Backpackers
  • Patuxai Victory Monument
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    Patuxai Victory Monument Patuxai Victory Monument
    • A symbol of victory for the Lao
    • The unique features belonging to Lao culture
    • The romantic view of peaceful Vientiane capital
    Best for: Group of friends, Cultural enthusiasts
  • Wat Si Saket
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    Wat Si Saket Wat Si Saket
  • Phone Say
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    Phone Say Phone Say

Find perfect tours and activities in Vientiane

Laos has not only many historical pagodas, and entire scenes but is also famous for its diversity and unique cuisine. Tourists should not forget to try a food tour when traveling to Vientiane, the capital of Laos.

The restaurants in Vientiane from high-class to street food are very well-ordered and clean. Tourists can easy to pay and bargain here.

In Vientiane, there are mainly street foods, and eating near the market area always attracts many tourists. Laotian cuisine, in general, and Vientiane, in particular, are not too difficult to cook and not adding too many spices like cuisine in other countries. Although they are simple, the dishes have their uniqueness and still retain their distinct flavor.

Food Tour In Vientiane

Food Tour in Vientiane

1. Market tour

The tour guide will collect tourists by tuk-tuk car then the driver will take you to a local market to buy so that you can feel the noise and bustle of the trading atmosphere here. You can stop to buy fresh fruits, or enjoy many rustic dishes, specialty in the local market is also very attractive.

Visiting the market, tourists cannot only buy a lot of fresh agricultural products but also experience many delicious and unique street foods:

  • Kanom Krok (Coconut pancake): If you travel to Laos, you must eat this popular dish! It is made from coconut milk, flour, sticky rice, and a little sweetness of sugar.

Kanom Krok - Laos food

Kanom Krok

  • Salty fish: There are many different species of fish for customers to choose from. The fish is salted and then grilled on charcoal (about 4-6 USD / fish, depending on the size).
  • Laotian coffee: Laotian coffee has a very strong flavor. Most Laotians do not drink black coffee, they often mix it with powdered milk or condensed milk to increase the taste. In hot weather, drinking a glass of Laotian coffee will reduce stress.
  • Jaew Mak khua (grilled eggplant): Jaew mak khua has chili and pepper flavors, which are often served in small stalls along the street. Grilled eggplant is mixed with coriander and other spices (including chili).
  • Tam Maak Hoong (papaya salad): This is a popular Thai salad but its origin is Laos. Here, papaya salad is called Tam Maak Hoong. This salad is made from green papaya, cucumber, lemon juice, chili, and fish sauce. At present, many stalls are selling Tam Maak Hoong in the Laotian market.

Local Market - perfect places for best laos food

Local Market

Moreover, there are many other products, such as clothes, petroleum, confectionery, medicine, souvenirs gifts, etc.

2. Cooking class

Attending a cooking class is also an interesting experience that you should not miss. Tourists will learn how to cook some Laos traditional dishes or desserts under the training of professional chefs.

join Cooking Class to learn cooking Laos dishes

Cooking Class

After buying fresh food in the Laotian local market, tourists will be taken to the cooking class. First, you will learn about some Laotian typical ingredients from vegetables, and dried meat to “pa dark”, which is a special fish sauce in Laos. Then you will hear about popular dishes in Laos such as Khao Niaw, Tam Maak Hoong, Savannakhet grilled chicken, etc., and how to use some traditional cooking tools.

Tam Maak Hoong - typical laotian food

Tam Maak Hoong

The class will take you a few hours, during the process, you must do everything by yourself and the chef only guide you on how to cook so you should listen to the chef carefully. Tourists are often taught how to cook Khao Niaw, Tam Mak Hoong, Jaew mak khua, etc. which are the most popular traditional dishes in Laos.

When your dishes are finished, you will have rest time to enjoy the food you cook with your family or friend and receive some advice from the chef to make your dishes better.

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