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Vietnam Weather July: Temperature & Best Destinations to Go

July 12, 2023 - 3999 views

Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate, from May to September in the south, and from October to April in the north. However, there’s no wrong time to visit Vietnam as Vietnam has many places for you to explore each time during the year. It is good to know which part of the country has good weather conditions to visit if you have a specific time to travel in your mind. July is summertime, but is it too hot to travel? It is in fact the peak travel season for local people. Follow the place that Vietnamese visit this month to see what makes them keeping traveling in the hottest month of the year by continuing reading this article: Vietnam Weather July: Temperature & Best Destinations to Go.

Weather and climate in July in Vietnam

Vietnam is completely within the tropical belt of the northern half of the bridge, favoring a tropical rather than equatorial side. Therefore, the temperature in Vietnam in July is quite high with average temperature is about 33°C to 35°C with exceptional possible peaks as low as 12°C and high as 40°C. Provinces in the South of Vietnam often have hotter weather due to being closer to the equator, the highest temperature is about 43°C. The sunsets between 18:15 and 18:22. At night when there is no sun, the temperature will drop to an average of 24°C. The temperature is now more comfortable than the daytime, suitable for fun activities in the evening.

Depending on your exact destination, you can face more or less rain, the average amount of rain observed during July in Vietnam is 97 mm and you can have between 6 and 24 rainy days. Some parts of the country can experience less rain than others. The gap in temperature between the different areas in the country is high and the number of rainy days can vary greatly, therefore you should pick your destination carefully if you decide to go.

Beautiful Vietnam weather in July

Beautiful Vietnam weather in July

North: you can expect plenty of sunshine. The average temperature is 30°C, and, the temperature gets lower when the rain comes. July is in fact one of the wettest months of the year in the north.

Central is getting better than it is in the north. Tourists traveling this time can expect plenty of sunshine and blue sky on the beaches. The temperature remains high (average temperature: 31°C), but it is dry. Unexpected showers sometimes happen, but they can reduce the heat.

Central Vietnamm

Central Vietnam

South: is the wettest month in Ho Chi Minh city and the Mekong Delta with daily downpours. These downpours are typical in the afternoon, so you can still enjoy plenty of dry and bright daylight hours. The average temperature of this region in July is 29°C.


Best Destination to Go Vietnam in July

Halong Bay

July is not the rainiest month, and you can get a lot of promotions for Halong bay cruises if traveling this time. Halong Bay receives many rays of sunshine throughout this month (7-8 hours a day) with light rain or scattered showers. You will feel much more comfortable and cooler when the rain comes. July is the off-peak season, so it is great for joining water activities such as kayaking, swimming, snorkeling… or exploring a quieter and less hectic. When visiting Halong Bay this time of the year, do not forget to bring sunscreen, a swimsuit, caps, hats, and sunglasses as it helps to protect yourself from the heat of summer.


Phong Nha Ke Bang

The Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in Quang Binh is a world heritage site & a biosphere that is home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. July is the dry season in Quang Binh with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celcius. The weather is beautiful and sunny during day time, so it is very suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. At night, it becomes chilly due to the regulation of the East Sea. When visiting this national park, tourists enjoy exploring caves, trekking, biking on Ho Chi Minh highway, or camping inside these caves by the banks of an underground river…


Da Lat

Da Lat, also known as the City of Love is another delightful destination you should visit during July. This city has cool weather during the year thanks to its year-round pleasant temperatures. While another part of the country can experience the hot weather, Dalat weather is really comfortable. July is peak travel season in Dalat, the price for booking the hotel accommodations can be increased, therefore, do not forget to plan your trip early in advance. Xuan Huong Lake, Lake of Sorrow, Valley of Love, and Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street are among the best places to visit.

Visit Da lat Vietnam in Sep

Da Lat


Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam is another beach destination for a summer holiday. This island is blessed with beautiful scenery and rich natural resources. Tourists coming here will love its peaceful sea and long sandy beaches. It is the perfect destination for tourists who are seeking the sunshine at untouched beaches, pristine magnificence, and looking for joining some fascinating activities here, such as kayaking, reef-diving, riding off the beaten track, simply going for a stroll at the stunning beach, and enjoying fresh delicious seafood.

Beach vacation in Phu Quoc in Jul

Phu Quoc beach



Sapa is the mountainous area of Vietnam is a perfect escape from the heat of Hanoi and surrounding areas. Sapa temperature is always lower than it is in Hanoi due to its altitude of 1600mm above sea level. You can enjoy temperatures ranging between 18°C and 24 °C with 5 hours of sunshine per day. A lot of rain falls this month makes you feel cool and forget the heat in the summer. Visiting Sapa this time, tourists can admire the beauty of green terraced rice, contemplating and capturing the beauty of this unique farming method. Fansipan Mountain, local market, Muong Hoa Valley, waterfall are a few among many places you should not miss.

Trekking in Sapa in Jul



Tips for travel to Vietnam in July

How to dress

Wear lightweight cotton or linen trousers, quick-drying materials. A pair of sandals is better than a pair of shoes when it suddenly rains.,When you are in highland areas such as Sapa, you can buy walking boots in the local market for trekking. The weather can become colder at night so merino wool will be good for you.

When you are in the temples and churches, make sure to wear conservative clothing such as Long pants and long-sleeved cotton shirts. No shorts, no skirts, tops with low necklines, or bare shoulders, please

Bring Useful Belongings For Summer

Sunglasses, Summer Hats, Sunblocks or sunscreens, Mini Fans which is portable fan run on rechargeable batteries, Wet Tissue to get rip of the sweating on your body and lower skin temperature, thin coat to cover your skin from the sun, Umbrella or a spare raincoat to avoid getting wet because of unexpected rain


Hydration is The Most Important

Always remember to bring a bottle of water with you when you are in a remote area, as sweating results in the loss of water, which makes you tired, less active. You can easily buy water in every grocery and convenience store in big cities. Alternatively, there is a wide range of summer beverages made by the Vietnamese which can calm your thirst and bring about a positive feeling such as lime juice, tamarind water, coconut water, apricot juice…

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Suitable Means of Transportation

When in the big cities, use transportation apps like Grab or Goviet, Bee… to move from a place to another. That kind of transfer is reasonable, and you can avoid the heat of the weather in July. The bus is more affordable if you prefer.

Check the weather forecast and Arrange Your Schedule as Earliest as Possible

Check the weather forecast and if possible, arrange the tour early in the morning or night tour so that you can enjoy the cool weather at that time. During the daytime, you do indoor activities rather than outdoor ones.

July is an ideal time for both beach and mountain lovers. More than 3000 kilometers of coastline from the north to the south of Vietnam will not disappoint your holiday vacation. If you are looking for mountainous destinations, Sa Pa, Pu Luong, or Dalat can also satisfy you. Contact us to plan a trip to Vietnam and get summer promotions. 

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