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Cambodia Weather in July: Temperatures & Travel Tips

July 11, 2022 - 156 views

When referring to Cambodia, most people link it to a tropical country with a blue sea, white sand, sunshine, and interesting outdoor activities. The period that tourists often choose is the dry season, from December to May. At this time, the nation usually has little rain and no storms. 

However, it doesn't mean that the rainy season brings along boredom! The secrets of the July experience below will lead you to a new world. The weather Cambodia July is no more fear!

Is July the best time to visit Cambodia?

The Cambodia weather in July is not the best, but you can have a trip perfectly as long as having prepared well. Please cover your backpack with a raincoat or wrap it in plastic. Just make sure everything is in dry condition!

The peak of the Cambodia rainy season is the period from July to September, so surely 15 - 18 days in July will have rain. Raindrops in Cambodia are not terrible, as it rains for a while and then the sun rises again. In general, there are not many clear sunny days, most of July appears with overcast skies. 

If the wind suddenly strengthens and the air suddenly becomes cooler, you have about five minutes to seek shelter, because the rain will be very heavy. By the way, after a shower, visitors should take a walk outside to feel more comfortable.

After reviewing the weather in Cambodia in July overall, you may find yourself on a Cambodia vacation. 

Cambodia Weather July

The Cambodia weather July is nice to visit

How is the Cambodia weather in July?

Overview of Cambodia's weather in July

The temperature is always under 30°C and the average humidity is 81%. It is necessary to bring a raincoat or umbrella to avoid getting wet. Rain can be more severe towards the end of the month when it can reach 35mm.

Rain usually occurs quickly and heavily but it will stop after a few hours and does not last from day to day. After the rains, the climate becomes cool and pleasant. You can completely freely roam the beautiful streets. 

For more details, please refer to the sheet below:


Sunny hours per day


Precipitation per day 

Rainy Days

Chance of Rain 





Up to 3 hours


Up to 35mm

15 - 18



Pros & Cons


  • Easy access

Thanks to the fact that popular sites will be more accessible, you can have the usual beaches crammed entirely to yourself. Having yourself a selfie is no more a shame. The staff has more time to spend with you when not overworked. By the way, it open ups more opportunities to know the place better.

  • Affordable prices

Housing prices are usually cheaper during the low season and it's easier to place your bets. Discounts, especially late in the low season, are no barrier to seek. Easier accommodation upgrades - just ask!

  • Fresher space

The air is much cleaner in July when dust and seasonal fires no longer exist.


  • Bad road conditions

in July are poor. Most of the roads are unpaved and they become jagged stretches with potholes and pits filled with liquid mud. 

Basically, puddles on better roads will dry out in a few hours after rain, but you're likely to fall in case you ride. So, prepare yourself with the necessary supplies and a brave spirit to face the challenges. 

  • Seasonal diseases

After the rain, there will be a lot of microorganisms following the overflow of water to many places, polluting the environment and posing many potential disease risks. Rain causing flooding is also a favorable condition for bacteria, viruses, and disease vectors to proliferate and cause disease in humans.

Tips for traveling to Cambodia in July

  • Each traveler should bring their own raincoat or umbrella in their personal luggage, and consider means of transportation depending on weather developments.
  • If it is impossible to arrange trips to avoid the rain, you should pack some travel experiences including things to avoid and how to handle in case of bad situations.
  • Instead of outdoor activities, you can visit indoor places such as sculpture museums or pagodas. Some famous inner sites with unique design architecture are the highlights of the rich history of Khmers. 
  • On wet days, nothing is more interesting than enjoying a tuk-tuk tour around the city and eating all the specialties. For those who love romance, the feeling of sharing an umbrella with your partner will surely leave you with flirting memories. 
  • If you seek peace, it’s the most favorable thing to find a cafe with a view of the city, sipping a cup of hot coffee, and watch the bridges in the rain.

BestPrice Travel would like to send you a guide to weather Cambodia July with lots of useful information. Hope this guide will accompany you on your upcoming trips to Cambodia. You are able to enjoy the best experiences in Cambodia as long as you follow the hints above. 

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