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What to Do on Your Easter Holiday in Vietnam?

July 12, 2023 - 3284 views

Do you have a plan to visit Vietnam on Easter day? You want to know what do Vietnamese do on Easter and how do we celebrate Easter? Here are a few tips for you to have a better idea of what to expect and things you should do for Easter in Vietnam

Visit Christian Churches

Easter is the most important and oldest festival of the Christian church, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christianity was first introduced to Vietnam in the 16th century and become popular in Vietnamese society since the 19th century when the French came. Christians claim about 10% of Vietnam's population, which is about 9 million people. However, the density of the population is not very high, they live together in some specific regions. Because of that, Easter is not popular in Vietnam. But if you really into exploring, there are a few tips for you.

Although the Christian population in Vietnam is not very high, there are many churches and most of them were built a long time ago during the French colonial time. You can easily find old churches in Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Nam Dinh, etc. Some of them are just tourist attractions, but some still in function, and people go to the church every Sunday just like every other Christians. Because of that, you can go and find churches everywhere in Vietnam.

St. Joseph Cathedral

St. Joseph Cathedral

The St. Joseph Cathedral is located very close to Hanoi Old Quarters. It was built by the French in 1886. The exterior is dark gray color but it was faded through the years. From distance, you can notice the majestic structure with its rustic appearance. On Sunday, the church is extremely crowded with people, both tourists, and locals. This is the place you should visit on Easter day if you are in Hanoi. You can find it yourself, but you can also hire a local tour guide or even a student to take you around the city and try some street food.

However, St. Joseph Cathedral is one of the most famous Christian destinations in Vietnam, it became too popular and sometimes you want something else. Go south a little, just about 100km, you will reach Nam Dinh province, you can find a lot of churches here, both old and new, ruined and being built, etc.

Hai Hau ruined church

Hai Hau ruined church

In the past, the Hai Hau district has many large and small churches. However, from time to time, the seawater approach and damage the structure. After these events, local people decided to build other churches deep inside the mainland to avoid the damage of the sea. The ruined church located on the coast of Xuong Dien – Hai Hau province named Trai Tim “The Heart” has been abandoned since 1996. The best time to visit and take photos is from 5 to 6 p.m. This church is right beside the fishing village, you can come and experience the life of the locals. Tourism is not developed here yet, so you can see the very pure, authentic life of people.

A Vietnam local church

And many other local churches

Go to the North and enjoy the mountainous area

Vietnam used to be the colony of France, there used to be so many churches and you can find it everywhere, literally. Vietnamese Christians still going to the church until now, nothing has changed. But if exploring churches is not enough for you to do on Easter day, there are many other options:

If you have a lot of time, you can pick a tour for days to fully explore Vietnam. There are many choices for a Vietnam tour with different price ranges; however, the Easter holiday drops in April, which is definitely the right time to discover the North of Vietnam, especially with the people who like adventure, love to explore, go trekking, etc.

Here you can enjoy the wilderness of the Vietnamese tropical forest, explore the life of Vietnamese ethnic minorities, and stay with the locals and try their delicious food. A tour to Northern Vietnam might take 4 to 8 days which is a suitable time frame to give you a general view of this marvelous area.

Northern Vietnam mountainous landscape

Edgy and majestic mountains waiting for you to explore

Green tea harvest in Northern Vietnam

Green tea harvest

Local smoked pork and smoked buffalo

Local smoked pork and smoked buffalo

Relax with Halong Bay Cruises

If you like sunshine, golden sand, laying on the beach, and have a cocktail to enjoy the tropical climate, you can pick a Halong Bay cruise trip for 2 days or even 3 days. You will have a great time in Halong Bay which owns about 2000 islets with a gorgeous natural landscape, the one and only in the world.

 Ba Trai Dao Beach - Lan Ha Bay

Ba Trai Dao Beach in the Bay

Book a full package Vietnam – Cambodia tour

You still thirsty for more and more? How about a Vietnam – Cambodia trip for more than 10 days? The tour will give you opportunities to enjoy your vacation in Vietnam in the best destinations from North to South of Vietnam and Cambodia, guarantees to create your forever-lasting memories.

Beautiful and mysterious Cambodia

Beautiful and mysterious Cambodia

So do you have any plans for Easter Day in Vietnam? Come to Vietnam and enjoy a wonderful trip.

Hoang Nguyen

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