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Airport in Chiang Mai: (CNX)
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Information about flights to Chiang Mai

Flight to Chiang Mai is one of the most popular Thailand routes. There are currently 3 active flight routes from Vietnam to Chiang Mai: Hanoi - Chiang Mai, Ho Chi Minh - Chiang Mai, and Da Nang - Chiang Mai .

Two domestic airlines operate the 16 daily flights on the routes to Chiang Mai, including Vietnam Airlines (15 flights) and Vietjet Air (1 flight).

There are currently only one or two transit stops on a flight from Vietnam to Chiang Mai. Transit at 1 stop will take about 6 hours to complete, and two with 16 hours.

Airfares to Chiang Mai one-way and round trip

At the time of checking, round-trip airfares to Chiang Mai cost from US $114.4 - 559.3 and one-way airfares range from US $57.9 - 279.7 (taxes included).

This fare is flexible and is affected by various criteria- mostly departure time. Because it is the rainy season in August, September, and October, you should take it eazy finding a cheap flight to Chiang Mai.

For more information, please refer to the list of Chiang Mai airfares below:



One-way airfare (đ)

Round-trip airfare(đ)

Hanoi-Chiang Mai

Vietnam Airlines



HCM city-Chiang Mai

Vietjet Air



Da Nang- Chiang Mai

Vietnam Airlines



How to move from Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) to the city center? 

Chiang Mai International Airport

Thailand's Chiang Mai province is home to Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX). This airport is crucial to Thailand's tourism industry and other economic sectors because it is the main entry point to the country's northern regions. CNX, known initially as Suthep Airport, opened in 1921 and became Thailand's third busiest airport.

The airport's two main terminals are available from 5 am to 0:00 opening for both domestic and international flights. Approximately 30 foreign airlines currently offer flights to Chiang Mai International Airport.

The distance between the city and Chiang Mai International Airport is 13.9 km. Visitors can select the most practical mode of transportation—a taxi—to move from the airport in Chiang Mai to the city center. With a time of 25 minutes traveling on routes 108 and 121, you will get to the second largest bustling city of the Land of the Golden Temple.

How to find cheap flight tickets to Chiang Mai?

Please use the tips below to find cheap airline tickets to Chiang Mai:

  • The cost of flights to Chiang Mai varies according to the time of year; it is always more expensive during holidays and Lunar New Year. If you don't care about festivals, you should purchase your tickets from April to June to have the best deals. If not, add a little extra expenses to enjoy the best of Chiang Mai from November to February.
  • Like other routes, flights to Chiang Mai are more expensive from 8:00 am to 11:00 am or 2 pm to 6 pm. Therefore, you should avoid these hours to get the best deal.
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Traveling information of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

- Weather

Compared to Bangkok, the weather of Chiang Mai is more pleasant; the average annual temperature in the city ranges from 18 to 32 degrees. To visit Chiang Mai, you should plan your trip during the best time of year. Year-beginning and year-end are advised because there are many festivals and the weather is the most pleasant—not too hot or cold  during these times, allowing visitors to take in the festival atmosphere. The months of June through October are the wettest of the year, so you should avoid traveling because it will negatively impact your trip.

- Tourist spots

As a famous tourist city of the land of the Golden Temple, you should not miss the following interesting places: the most beautiful temple Chiang Mai Phra Singh (Wat Phra Singh), the exquisite temple Chiang Man, the palace summer (Phu Ping Palace), Tha Phae pedestrian street, Karen long neck village (Karen Long Neck Village)

- Cuisine

Chiang Mai draws visitors not only with its stunning scenery and special festivals but also with its diverse cuisine. It’s Khao Soi-a dish of crispy fried noodles immersed in curry with a distinctive flavor of sour and spice, or Khanom Jen Nam Ngaio vermicelli- a fresh noodle dish with tomato soup and spicy Thai characteristics. These are two dishes you simply cannot miss when visiting Chiang Mai. You can find all of these dishes in every corner in Chiang Mai. It would be a significant omission from your trip if you only visited Thailand to enjoy the Pad Thai and Tomyum Hot Pot.

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