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Cheap Flights to Da Lat

Da Lat Airport(DLI)
Vietnam Airlines
6.8km & 17 minutes to centre

Flight tickets to Da Lat

Airport in Da Lat: Da Lat Airport (DLI)
Vietnam Airlines
Vietjet Air
Bamboo Airways

Popular flight routes to Da Lat:

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The cheapest airfare to Da Lat ranges from $8; the average price is about $21 - $47 one way and $42 - $94 round trip (excluding taxes and fees. Currently, there are five airlines operating ten domestic routes to Da Lat with a frequency of more than 49 flights per day.

Information about flight tickets to Da Lat

At present, it is estimated that there are 10 flight routes to Da Lat with a frequency of about 49 flights/day. Domestic air tickets to Da Lat are operated by five domestic airlines with specific frequencies: Vietnam Airlines 24 flights, Vietjet Air 15 flights, Bamboo Airways 5 flights, Pacific Airlines 4 flights, and Vietravel Airlines 1 flight.

Airfares to Da Lat one way and round trip

At the time of checking, the cheapest ticket to Da Lat is only $6 (excluding taxes), operated by Vietjet Air. The average one-way fare is between $8 - $47, and the round trip is about $16 - $94 (excluding taxes). Depending on the airline, departure point, flight stage, etc., the ticket price will vary.

Some popular domestic flight routes to Da Lat are Hanoi - Da Lat, Saigon - Da Lat, Da Nang - Da Lat, Vinh - Da Lat, Hai Phong - Da Lat, etc.

Price list of cheap flight tickets to Da Lat:



One-way fare

Round-trip fare

Hanoi - Da Lat

Bamboo Airways



Sai Gon - Da Lat

Vietjet Air



Da Nang - Da Lat

Vietjet Air



Vinh - Da Lat

Vietjet Air



The cheapest airfare to Da Lat in 2022

How to move from Lien Khuong airport (Da Lat) to the center?

Lien Khuong Airport

Lien Khuong airport, located in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province, is about 30km far from the center of Da Lat city.

This airport plays an important role in the Tay Nguyen region's economic development, tourism, etc., with domestic provinces and internationally. 

The airport terminal consists of 2 floors:

  • The first floor specializes in baggage issues, function rooms, services, entertainment, and dining.
  • The 2nd floor of the airport is the check-in area, lounge, viaduct for boarding, and some other functional and technical rooms.

If you have any problems that need support here, you can directly contact the hotline number of Lien Khuong Airport (Da Lat) at 0263 3843 373.

Moving from Lien Khuong airport to the city center

The travel time from Lien Khuong airport to Da Lat city center is expected to be about 40 - 50 minutes, depending on the vehicle and the route.

You can refer to some popular ways to move from Lien Khuong International Airport to Da Lat city center below:


Reference price

Support Information

Airport bus

$1,7 - $2

Buses operate from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Frequency is one bus per 20-25 minutes.

Private car for airport transfers

$17 - $85

Contact hotline 1900 2605 to reserve a modern private car from 4 to 45 seats 

Airport taxis

$10 - $12

Take a taxi in front of the airport. Taxi companies for your reference:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: 063.511111
  • Thang Loi Taxi: 063.835583
  • Phuong Trang Taxi: 063.556556
  • Da Lat Taxi: (063) 3556655

Transportation from Lien Khuong airport to Dalat center

How to book and catch cheap flight tickets to Da Lat

To catch cheap tickets to Da Lat effectively, don't miss out on the following ways listed by BestPrice: 

  • On holidays, Tet or peak tourist season from June to August, there is a large number of visitors to Da Lat, so the ticket price often increases rapidly. Therefore, you should buy tickets about 3 - 6 months earlier to get the best price.
  • Keep updating airline promotions by registering your email at BestPrice to easily catch the cheapest tickets.
  • Choose flights late at night or early in the morning and on weekdays, so the fares are usually cheaper.


Useful information when traveling to Dalat

If you have already booked a flight ticket, next, you should know about the Dalat travel experience to be ready for the upcoming trip:

- Da Lat weather:

Da Lat's climate is divided into two seasons: the rainy season (from July to November) and the dry season (from November to June). The average annual temperature of Da Lat is only about 20 - 21 degrees Celsius.

Due to the cool and temperate climate, Da Lat is a suitable destination to travel to at any time of the year. Each time has its own charming beauty. However, according to the experience of tourists, the best time to go to Da Lat is around November to June, when it is dry and sunny.

- Da Lat hotel: As a famous tourist destination, accommodation services in Da Lat are extremely developed with various types: homestays, motels, and hotels from affordable to high-class. The table below will summarize information about some of the hotels in Da Lat that are mostly chosen by tourists when coming to the "city of thousands of flowers":

Star rating

Price per night

Recommended hotels


$15 - $39

Da Lat Dragon Hotel

Da Lat Canary's House Hotel

Da Lat Pho Nui Hotel


$23 - $61

Da Lat Saphir Hotel

Da Lat Cadasa resort

Da Lat Du Parc Hotel


$72 -$136

Da Lat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa 

Da Lat Swiss Belresort hotel 

Ana Villas Da Lat Resort & Spa

Suggestions for booking a hotel when traveling to Dalat

- What to eat in Da Lat? Water fern cake, Vietnamese pork meatball bread, Vietnamese pizza, chicken hotpot with basil leaves, steamed thin rice pancakes, etc., are delicious specialties of Da Lat that many tourists love.

If you do not know what to eat or where to eat when coming to Da Lat, please refer to the following suggestions:



Di Dinh Vietnamese pizza (Bánh tráng nướng Dì Đinh)

26 Hoang Dieu, Da Lat

Cay Bo Vietnamese meatball custard cake (Bánh căn xíu mại Cây Bơ)

56 Tang Bat Ho, P.1, Da Lat

Beef tail hot pot & snail stuffed with meat (Lẩu đuôi bò & Ốc nhồi thịt)

4D, 33, 41,157 Hai Ba Trung, P.6, Da Lat

List of famous delicious dishes and addresses in Da Lat

- Da Lat tourist destination: This city is not too large, but the number of tourist attractions is countless. It is especially a "virtual living paradise," which is very suitable for photography enthusiasts. Let's list the famous tourist attractions in Da Lat that attract tourists to visit:

  • Lam Vien Square: It is a very large square and is one of the symbols of Da Lat city. The square has a wide space, with a typical image of the life of the local people. In addition to the open space, Lam Vien square also attracts many people to rest, exercise, sing, etc.
  • Langbiang Plateau: Langbiang Plateau is also a beautiful destination of the modern and bustling Da Lat. This place is a peaceful scene with birds and outdoor activities. You can ride horses, camp, and freely explore its beauty. If you like, quickly purchase online tickets to Da Lat and explore this famous place.
  • Da Lat Station: Da Lat station has a mysterious beauty with solid and silent ancient architecture. If young people want to return to the previous decades, feel free to take pictures at Da Lat station to enjoy the experience together.

- Buy gifts from Dalat: Traveling to Dalat without buying gifts is a huge mistake. You can choose between a variety of items such as:

  • Famous fresh strawberries of Dalat Strawberry Farm.
  • Dried fruit, various kinds of persimmon jam, strawberry jam, pumpkin jam, kumquat jam, etc 
  • Tea, coffee, Dalat artichoke at retail stores on the street,
  • Handmade gifts, brocade, woolen, silk, embroidery, dried flowers, etc.

With BestPrice, you can not only buy cheap flight tickets to Da Lat but also book a cheap Da Lat travel combo, including tickets and hotel, guaranteed to be cheaper than booking each service individually. If you have little experience of going on your own and want to have a trip that is fully taken care of, book a Da Lat package tour at BestPrice right away. For dedicated and thoughtful advice, contact BestPrice Travel immediately at +84 904-699-428!


1. How much does an airplane ticket to Da Lat cost?

Flight tickets to Da Lat are from $4 to $80/way (the fares do not include taxes). The ticket price may vary depending on the specific class of the airline. In addition, the ticket price to Da Lat is not fixed and increases if booked closer to the flight date.

2. Which airline operates flights to Da Lat?

Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airways, and Vietravel Airlines operate flights to Da Lat with flexible frequency.

3. How often is the flight schedule to Da Lat?

Da Lat flight schedule is operated with more than 100 flights per week. There are about 15 round-trip flights to Dalat every day.

4. What are the popular flights to Da Lat?

Saigon - Da Lat, Hanoi - Da Lat, Vinh - Da Lat, and Can Tho - Da Lat are popular flight routes, attracting many passengers to book tickets.

5. When is the easiest time to buy cheap flight tickets to Da Lat? 

Airline tickets to Da Lat are the cheapest in the last three months of the year because this time is the cold, rainy season in Da Lat. Refer to flight tickets to Da Lat in October, November, and December to choose the most economical one.


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