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Airport in Pleiku: Pleiku Airport (PXU)
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Top cheap flights to Pleiku

The cheapest airfare to Pleiku is from US $4.21, the average price for one way trip is about US $8.47 - 31.47 and a round trip is US $16.93 - 62.89 (excluding taxes). Currently, there are 4 domestic airlines operating domestic tickets to Pleiku.


Information about air tickets to Pleiku

Cheap air tickets to Pleiku are currently operated by 4 domestic airlines with 5 flight routes. The total frequency of flights is 16 flights per day, of which, Vietnam Airlines 5 flights, Vietjet Air 4 flights, Bamboo Airways 5 flights and Pacific Airlines 2 flights.

Airfare to Pleiku for one way and round trip

At the time of checking, the cheapest flight ticket to Pleiku is only about US $4.21 (excluding tax), the average one-way fare is US $8.47 - 31.45 and round trip is US $16.93 - 62.89 (excluding tax). The price can be flexible depending on the flight route, flight stage, time of booking,...

Cheapest airfare to Pleiku:


Name of airlines

One-way fare (VND)

Round-trip fare (VND)

Hanoi - Pleiku

Vietjet Air

8.47 16.93

Ho Chi Minh - Pleiku

Vietjet Air

4.21 8.42

Danang - Pleiku

Bamboo Airways

5.06 10.12

Vinh - Pleiku

Bamboo Airways

4.21 8.42

Hai Phong - Pleiku

Vietjet Air



How to move from Pleiku airport to the city center?

Pleiku Airport (PXU)

Pleiku airport is also commonly known as Gia Lai airport, located on road 17/3, Thong Nhat ward, Pleiku city, Gia Lai province. The airport is less than 10km from Pleiku city center (Gia Lai).

Pleiku airport passenger terminal consists of 2 floors, invested with modern specialized aviation equipment to best serve flights.

Specifically, the terminal has 10 airline check-in counters; 2 aircraft exit doors; 22 flight information screens; surveillance cameras; automatic fire protection system, fire alarm, lightning protection; free wifi; security scanners, luggage; ….

The airport is capable of serving 300 passengers at the same time during peak hours. The total designed capacity of the station can accommodate up to 1 million passengers per year.

Moving from Pleiku airport to the city center

The travel time from Pleiku airport to the city center is about 20-30 minutes depending on the type of vehicle.

You can choose some popular ways to move from Pleiku airport to the city center as follows:

Means of transport

Reference prices

More information

Airport taxi

1.7 - 2.6

The reputable taxi companies in Pleiku include:

  • Huy Hoang Taxi: 059 375 7575
  • Phu Quy Taxi: 059 387 2777 VND
  • Hung Nhan Taxi: 059 371 7171
  • Mai Linh Taxi: 059 371 7979
  • Green Bamboo Taxi: 059 371 6666….

Airport shuttle

2.13 - 4.26

Contact hotline 1900 2605 car rental service with seats from 4 to 45.


~ 0.9

Catching a car outside the airport area, note that you should bargain before going

How to book and hunt for cheap flight tickets to Pleiku

To be able to hunt for cheap flight tickets to Pleiku, don't miss the useful experiences below:

  • You should buy a plane ticket to Pleiku early, about 1-3 months before the flight date to have many good price options as well as a reasonable flight time. Especially if you plan to travel to Pleiku during Tet Holiday, the peak season (March to July),…
  • "Watching" the airline's promotions is the fastest way for you to hunt for cheap flight tickets to Pleiku. If you are lucky, you can get a ticket from only US $0 (excluding taxes). Quickly register for emails on the company's website or follow the official communication channels to not miss any promotional news.
  • Flights to Pleiku departing on weekdays will be cheaper than at weekends. If you can be flexible with the departure time, you should choose to go from Monday to Thursday, both having a good fare and helping to avoid the crowded scene at tourist destinations.
  • Many times when you buy tickets online, some airlines will automatically charge additional fees such as luggage, meals, pre-selecting seats, etc. If you do not need these services, you should uncheck them to save extra costs. fees in addition to the fare, will be more economical.
  • Use BestPrice's cheap monthly flight booking function. Coming to BestPrice, you will not spend too much time searching for tickets but just need to perform a few very simple steps. When you have entered the flight route to Pleiku to search, the system will immediately display the cheapest ticket price for the month, summarizing all airlines. You will compare prices on it and choose the cheapest date and proceed to book flight tickets to Pleiku.


Useful information when traveling to Pleiku, Gia Lai

See the Pleiku, Gia Lai travel guide below to carefully prepare for your trip:

Weather in Pleiku (Gia Lai)

In Pleiku, the climate is clearly divided into the rainy season and dry season. The dry season lasts from March to July, and the rainy season from August to February next year.

The most suitable time to travel to Pleiku is the dry season, from March to July. This is the time when the weather is dry and sunny, suitable for you to visit and take pictures of "virtual living".

There are a number of tourist periods in Pleiku attracting a large number of tourists such as the coffee flower season in March every year; October nine rice season, or wild sunflower season and special traditional festivals in November - December, ...

Pleiku Hotel (Gia Lai)

Depending on the cost and needs, you can choose for yourself a suitable type of accommodation such as a homestay, hotel or resort. Here are some of the most popular Pleiku hotel suggestions you can refer to:

Level of stars

Room price/night

Recommended price

3 stars

About 16.17 - 38.29

  • Pleiku Hotel (Pleiku Hotel)
  • Mekong Gia Lai Hotel
  • Tre Xanh Hotel

4 stars

About 36.6 - 59.6

  • HAGL Hotel Gia Lai
  • Boston Hotel

What to eat in Pleiku (Gia Lai)?

Pleiku has many impressive specialities such as dry noodle soup, 1 sunny beef, vermicelli, leaf soup, sour fish, .... There are many shops selling both delicious and cheap food for you to enjoy. Immediately write down the addresses of some top-listed restaurants right here:



Dried Pho

No. 24 Nguyen Van Troi, No. 15 Nguyen Thai Hoc, No. 5 Nguyen Du or No. 36 Tran Phu

Noodles with crab sauce

87 Phan Dinh Phung, small market, Le Loi

Lam rice and grilled chicken

No. 27 Pham Ngoc Thach

Delicious hot pot restaurant

334 Hung Vuong or 10 Cu Chinh Lan


Sau restaurant on Phan Dinh Phung street, restaurant along Hai Ba Trung street


Pleiku tourist destination (Gia Lai)

Pleiku has many attractive and interesting tourist attractions that you absolutely cannot ignore. Let's find out about these places right now!

  • Bien Ho Che: Formed in the 20s of the last century, Bien Ho Che is like a fresh, green paradise in the middle of the arid Central Highlands. Coming here to admire the vast green scenery and breathe in the fresh air will help you feel very calm and relaxed.
  • Ham Rong Mountain: The mountain with an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level is likened to the roof of Pleiku. The scenery on the top of Ham Rong mountain is really vast white clouds and extremely attractive. You can also admire the panoramic view of Pleiku city.
  • Nine Floors Waterfall: Located about 30km from the city center, the way to Nine Floors Waterfall is completely a gift of nature bestowed on Gia Lai province. Like a rugged staircase, the 9 cascades are a system of different high and low cliffs. The water flowing down from the top of the high mountain when it hits the cliff creates a great sound, echoing in the middle of the vast green forest.

In addition to the tourist attractions mentioned above, when going to Pleiku (Gia Lai), you can also arrange to visit Chu Dang Ya Volcano, Gia Lai Rubber Forest, Minh Thanh Pagoda, hundreds of years old pine next to the Lake of Tea, etc. ..

Buy gifts from Pleiku (Gia Lai)

Pleiku has many specialities as gifts, so you are spoiled for choice such as weaver ant salt, wild honey, mango rice paper, coffee, cocoa, etc. You can shop for these items at stores or markets in the city. city.

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