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6 Fun Adventure Activities in Vietnam

December 20, 2023 - 6672 views

Vietnam is a perfect place for adventure travelers with captivating mountain paths, national parks – nature reserves established trails, and fascinating minority culture. Throughout the country, there is a multitude of outdoor adventure activities to get involved in. There is rock climbing, kayaking, and some outstanding trekking to be enjoyed such as the outpost of Sapa in the far north or the former colonial hill station of Dalat in the central highland. Participating in an adventure tour will give you an opportunity to visit and stay at hill tribe villages whilst also including some of the must-see attractions throughout the country.

Here is a selection of adventures that will help you to experience the best of Vietnam.

1. Kayaking around the islands of Halong Bay

Kayaking through Halong Bay - the best way to explore

Kayaking through Halong Bay is a great way to explore


Ha Long Bay is so impressive that it was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most visited areas of Vietnam.

Often included in a cruise tour in Halong Bay, kayaking means paddling among islands, taking in the views, and exploring the hidden caves as you go. Thousands of limestone islands rising out of the turquoise sea water creating one of the most beautifully atmospheric landscape scenes in Southeast Asia, and there is no better way to experience it than from the water.

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2. Cycling in Sapa

Vietnam adventure activities - biking in Sapa

Take a relaxing cycle past the rice paddies of Sapa in the North

Sapa is probably the place you think of when you imagine what Vietnam is like as someone who has never been there. When it comes to Vietnam, it is likely to be the amazing rice terraced fields of Sapa.

And the very best way to explore these landscapes? 

By bicycle of course! Rent a bike and take yourself on a trip through farmland and field, through local villages, and to small street cafes serving the most basic menu but also the most authentic and delicious examples of Vietnamese food.

3. Get to the top of Mount Fansipan 

Vietnam adventure activities - trek to Fansipan Peak

Fansipan majestically stand - a challenge to anyone who desires to conquer

Fansipan, which belongs to the Hoang Lien Son Mountain range and is under the protection of the Hoang Lien National Park, is the highest mountain in Vietnam. For young and brave people, climbing Fansipan Mount, also known as "the Roof of Indochina", is the symbol of personal struggle to achieve. The height of 3.143 meters is a big challenge to many Vietnamese generations.

If you are keen to get your blood pumping during your trip, a tour to the top of Mount Fansipan is the very best way to do, it will take you through some of the most remote areas of the mount while rewarding you with the spectacular view from the top of Indochina.

4. Drive a motorbike

Vietnam adventure activities - travel by motorbike

Motorcycling - an exciting outdoor activity in Vietnam

As anyone who has ever been to Vietnam will be able to tell you, they are big fans of motorbikes and mopeds – crossing the road in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh is an adventure in itself.

The motorcycle is the perfect way to get around Vietnam and there are a huge number of places where you can independently hire a bike or, if you would rather, pay a guide and join a group motorbike tour.

Join the busy Highway 1A, or take the scenic route past the farmlands of Phong Nha and absorb the beauty of Phong Nha - Ke Bang World Heritage National Park. Stop off in Hue and sample some local delicacies before some beach time in the coastal city of Nha Trang as well as so much more. This is the ultimate in travel freedom and adventure and the perfect way to discover a country that needs to be experienced with every one of your senses.

5. Go diving in Nha Trang

Vietnam adventure activities - diving in Nha Trang

Nha Trang Vietnam's 'diving capital'

Vietnam is still "fresh" on the scuba diving map. By engaging in a Vietnam diving tour, you will be able to appreciate the underwater gems this beautiful nation has to offer and you can be sure you will be witness to something special every time. Unlike many of the more popular diving destinations which have been partially ruined by mass tourism, the coastal waters of Vietnam are incredibly clean and breathe abundant life to a plethora of marine wildlife. 

Together with the heavenly beaches, the hot springs, diversified kinds of fish, and the colorful coral reef underwater have made Nha Trang become one of the best spots for scuba diving and snorkeling. A popular aspect of many a Vietnam diving tour, Nha Trang offers some of the best scuba diving experiences in the country. Underwater coral pyramids and pillars are feasts for the eyes and this area is often referred to as the ‘diving capital of Vietnam’.

6. Stand-up paddling in Mui Ne

Vietnam adventure activities - stand-up paddling in Vietnam

Practice your paddling skills in Mui Ne

Not too far from Ho Chi Minh, along the east coast, you will find Mui Ne Bay, one of the country's best beach resorts. Mui Ne is one of the best places in Vietnam to try your hand at paddleboarding.

A cross between surfing and kayaking, paddle boarding is a great form of exercise, but more than that – it is amazingly fun! 

Take a scooter and ride 2km East to Mui Ne harbor at 7 am. You will see the fishermen bringing in the night's catch in their fishing boats. On the shore waiting are the wives who will take the fresh seafood to the markets and local restaurants. If you are adventurous you could try paddling there, it is a great spot for photographers!


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