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Cua Ong Temple Festival

February 17, 2023 - 693 views

While Halong Bay is best known for its famous natural heritage, the city still has much more to offer. In addition to its splendid natural landscapes, Ha Long also attracts tourists through its spectacular festivals celebrated all year round. One of the biggest festivals recommended for any tourist is the Cua Ong Festival, which occurs during February and March of the Lunar Calendar.

History of Cua Ong Festival

Cua Ong Temple is one of the most popular Tran dynasty relics in the Northeast. The temple has three areas including the Low temple, Middle temple, and High temple, forming a cauldron architectural complex overlooking the majestic Bai Tu Long Bay. The temple has suffered from the devastating destruction of war, yet it was restored and still remained in its original design.

Cua Ong Temple - Cua Ong temple festival

Cua Ong Temple

Cua Ong Temple worships General Tran Quoc Tang, the third son of Lord Tran Hung Dao. He gained many merits during the resistance against the Mongolian army. Along with his soldiers, Tran Quoc Tang joined the garrison at Cua Suot (the former name of Cua Ong Temple) to protect the border and the Northeastern territorial sea. Before worshiping Tran Quoc Tang, Cua Ong Temple was a shrine worshiping Hoang Can, a local who had the merit of protecting the villagers from robbery.

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Ceremonies at Cua Ong Festival

Cua Ong Festival is the only one to fully worship Tran Hung Dao’s family and his courtiers. At Cua Ong Temple, there are 34 precious statues, with high artistic value; all of which are meticulously sculpted by professional artisans. Cua Ong Festival has a sacred reputation that tourists usually come here to pray for some luck and health as well as to pay some tribute to the heroic General of Vietnam.

Traditional Ritual in Cua Ong temple festival

Traditional Ritual

During Cua Ong Festival, Cua Ong Temple is filled with either domestic or foreign tourists. Visitors can travel by land via Ha Long City, or by waterway along Ha Long Bay, through Bai Tu Long Bay to the door of Ha Temple. The spectacular ceremonies consist of the procession of Tran Quoc Tang and incense offering to commemorate the mighty General. After spectacular ceremonies, many folk arts, sports, and fun activities are taken place such as dragon dance, flagging, blindfolding, drumming, or tug of war.

It would be regrettable to leave Cua Ong Festival without stepping up to the High Temple. From here, tourists can observe the breathtaking view of Bai Tu Long Bay with countless mountains in spectacular shapes, which will surely satisfy even the most difficult guest.

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Cua Ong temple Fesstival

Cua Ong Festival

The weather during the Cua Ong Festival is pretty comfortable. At this time, the sky is clear and sunny while the temperature is quite cool and pleasant. Don't forget to bring a thin sweater in your suitcase.

If you visit Halong during February and March in the Lunar calendar, don’t forget to immerse in the excitement of the Cua Ong Festival. Let’s enjoy your Halong trip with BestPrice Travel.

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